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  1. 2 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

    The difference is I like Guns N' Roses' original work. 

    That's the stupidest reasoning I have heard and proves your original arguement as worthless 🤣

  2. 1 minute ago, arnold layne said:

    I won't listen to it. If an artist has to use other artists work, are they really an artist?


    All of Post Malone's original work is trash.

    You could argue that same point with gnr covering so many tracks so your arguement is invalid

  3. Never thought I would listen to this guy but the live stream he did of the Nirvana covers was fucking awesome.


    Sadly I could not convert it to mp3 so I keep this show for myself 😡


    Anyone else give this a listen?

    I think they were dresses to pay tribute to nirvana.


  4. Star wars well you gotta give them credit that whole brand name has made a ahit ton of money. They could put out a gay x rated film called rise of the light saber and fans would go nuts for it! 


    I will admit I have seen them all and I will see this one as well hopefully it is better than the last pile of shit! Kylo Ren is an emo cry baby bitch no other way to describe him!


    Now on marvel well it all has sucked the only thing great from the marvel universe was netflix daredevil and the punisher!

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