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  1. Star wars well you gotta give them credit that whole brand name has made a ahit ton of money. They could put out a gay x rated film called rise of the light saber and fans would go nuts for it! I will admit I have seen them all and I will see this one as well hopefully it is better than the last pile of shit! Kylo Ren is an emo cry baby bitch no other way to describe him! Now on marvel well it all has sucked the only thing great from the marvel universe was netflix daredevil and the punisher!
  2. I cant get myself to watch it!
  3. I'm digging Rebel with vocals real southern vibe!
  4. But what about the Secret Secret subforum of the secret subforum!
  5. So SoulMonster Zodiac and Oklahoma with vocals???
  6. So I've been in hibernation a bit aka 12 hour shifts have not been on here in awhile did soul monster and zodiac with vocals leak out?
  7. Hmm anyone wanna help me out I still stand with sog being my fav but we shall see.
  8. I'm still stuck on Zodiac. It's just a matter of taste till we hear vocals they are all a toss up..
  9. It does go over how and why Robin and Bucket quite. It also tells how much Ron hated being in the band.
  10. Anybody else go through all these docs? I do not have time to read it all.
  11. Interesting 105 page of shit I just read through whole lotta info to sift through
  12. So Peaky Blinders once again is phenomenal with season 5. Then El Camino hits this Friday. The Irishman also in a couple of weeks 😁
  13. Can you write in normal english? A lot of us really can not take any offense with your ghetto fag rap! It's like watching a toddler ramble on and on. @Lebowski this is what we all see when you post!
  14. The thread will go on for awhile with gibberish ghetto post. Until something happens. Like watching mental midgets play with chemicals till they build a bomb or blow themselves up! @Lebowski
  15. Not sure will watch the new one Sunday then I will vote.
  16. I remember this band! 😁 Didnt they do last years superbowl halftimeshow? Hell he could replace James In Metallica while he is in rehab!
  17. If they make music videos.. The Gorilliaz had amazing music videos for their songs I would not mind seeing something in that realm. But on a side note MTV and VH1 are utter SHIT!
  18. Could be fake we will see when the chairman drops disc 2
  19. My bad but no it was not let loose by the chairman. This was someone else.
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