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  1. You can call me Jim while your choking on my dick magisme, hell call me what ever you want when your mumbling, trying to speak it tickles my balls! But my name is actually Josh that way you know who your masters name is!
  2. Always been on high and mygnr also newgnr back the day. The. I came across this site some seam hinged some off hinged....
  3. Actually never been on here till recently not trolling but if someone acts like a cocksucker I'll use them as one.
  4. Previously nothing magisme imagines all kinds of shit. Like reenacting said incident from above. That is etched in that poor fuckers mind forever!
  5. I have an open mind and I will give it a shot.
  6. Greatest super hero series is on it's way!
  7. I tried 2 do better for you Mr twat! My spellign stll ah little off? RRREEEE!!!!! Or you could keep your mouth shut till I'm ready to dump a load in your belly! About the only thing that cock pleaser of a mouth is good for. On a side note, Magisme is just angry he had his ass raped by a brazilian tranny while EstrangedTWAT jerked off in the corner eating his own man juice!
  8. Well I'm not from Brazil so your a fucking moron, this is your brain in retard mode, don't do retard!
  9. Well one is a figment of simple minded peoples imagination like Santa or the tooth fairy. The other is a real person so I'll go with Axl!
  10. Of I could ever find it 100 snatch it right then and there 😁
  11. Yeh the locked n loaded was a bit much, then they made it even cheaper with a turntable and that had me bitching for awhile. The Live Era on vinyl is the last piece I'm wanting to add but they are to expensive for me at this time in my life. Baby on the way and I can't justify pissing away money like that at the moment. I amdigging the new lies anniversary shirts they have out I have most of them.
  12. Will do buddy! I know you will be dreaming of me in your mouth. Just remember it will never happen but you can dream all you want!
  13. Well it was fun estrangedTWAT made me laugh for the night I gotta get more sleep home updates to do tomorrow next time I will try to spell right for you so I do not get mobbed attacked by the gay grammar police! Have a good night evil shit head!
  14. Yeh I hate commas evil little bastards they are!
  15. It will be ok buddy I forgive you for hostility!
  16. Yeh I know all about Walker I met Rick in Chicago at the house of blues and in Vegas. Rick is hell of a nice guy! A few people on here have issues but where ever you go you run into a few that are half cocked and bilgerent!
  17. Is that the best you have buddy? I feel pretty sad for you now, you have a lot of pinned up self loathing! I think you're reflecting all you see within yourself and who you are towards everyone else. Does not matter how long you where anywhere you will still be exactly everything you are a bitter racist human being. I do not need shit from you I'm good on all my rare items. So have fun describing yourself your life out in the open. At least you give insight for everyone to see what a dumbass you truly are! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. 😂😂 Son? I'm pronly older than you or him, he and everyone else can bark all they want that's all it is, some little pup barking away.
  19. I love my locked and loaded I was a little bitter when they dropped the price because I purchased mine as soon as it was up on their site. Life is to short to not be proud and enjoy the things that make you happy!
  20. Thank you I have rough copies of them and I have the vegas show Rick sent me I have met many interesting people from many shows Vegas Chicago Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland and even Axl with ACDC thank you Barry! I get if the post was out of line I just do not understand fellow fans bashing other fans because of their countey, languages or miss spellings.
  21. Well I'm from Indiana but it does not matter where any of us are from your just a racist cocksucker! You do realize the people you are bashing are huge fans you should never bash any of them just because they do not speak fluent english GNR has fans from all over the world and they are great people.
  22. So you talk to new member like an asshole I guess you truly are your name an estrangedTWAT literally! "nothing but a fucking pussy" sometimes auto correct fucks up do not have to be a jackass!
  23. I am new to this forum been on htgth mygnr lately I spend most of my time on gnr communities on fb. Figured I'd share some of what I have collected over the years and was curious if anyone has a favorite piece they consider their holy grail item. Mine is live like a suicide sealed I purchased from Alan Niven years back and my locked n loaded. http://m.facebook.com/joshua.fleener1/albums/10216315001008392/
  24. Why do all all the sites get so twisted over fan made remixes??? But to each their own.
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