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  1. Just remember boytoy remove from your mouth so when I kick you in the chin you do not bite off you treasure you love to nibble on
  2. Huge huge shot in the dark but @evader have you ever seen this show and any at all shot in hell you could jump start the shit audio?
  3. Full show with shit audio axl sings with them at the 37 min mark for 4 songs audio is garbage in this one though
  4. Careful you do not bite his cock of trying to talk shit, may wana take it out of your mouth and at least shove it up your ass before you speak as well 👍
  5. El shit stain youtube removes fast keep your man pleaser in check received_232389028550168.mp4
  6. I know a high quality audio version of this video exist in full found a full video with shit audio but I'm looking for the video with the higher quality audio example in snippet bellow received_773369566892181.mp4
  7. @John Bonham and anyone of you that want the audio separated in tracks here you go! http://we.tl/t-5kVx7pz8kC
  8. I do not care what anyone looks like I just listen and enjoy 🤘
  9. @John Bonham If you ever get an audio rip of this please send it my way also
  10. If anyone by chance snatches up an audio version of this please send it my way! I would have done it myself but everytime I tried to convert it, it failed.
  11. That's the stupidest reasoning I have heard and proves your original arguement as worthless 🤣
  12. You could argue that same point with gnr covering so many tracks so your arguement is invalid
  13. Never thought I would listen to this guy but the live stream he did of the Nirvana covers was fucking awesome. Sadly I could not convert it to mp3 so I keep this show for myself 😡 Anyone else give this a listen? I think they were dresses to pay tribute to nirvana.
  14. That is the dumbest excuse! If the band dropped it now everyone would listen to it, no one else is doing shit else. What a bullshit statement!
  15. I still play this album from time to time I personally love it!
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