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    The Next Game

    @Alex Trebek is a great host. (First game I played was his game) Just mad he didn't play mine lol
  2. I'm on season 7 of GOT already. I want to find something new to watch soon. Deadwood is a show that has caught my interest. I forgot to put Oz in my list.
  3. Exactly, he already has an account here. If he wants to post, he will post as Miser. So why bring them up? @AxlisOld decides this is a Miser thread and starts pulling shit out of his ass lol That guy is seriously obsessed with Miser. I don't know what's more annoying, them or the British douchbags at Mygnr. I'm sure they're all friends.
  4. I forgot about Unsolved mysteries haha My brother was obsessed with that show. I can still hear the host's voice in my head lol.
  5. You guys still think about TM and Miser. How sweet ❤️. I'm sure that will make them very happy 😂
  6. 🙄 Here comes @Estrangedtwat to wobble his ass onto a thread and complain. Of course the list is subjective! You're grown men, I shouldn't have to write a disclaimer. Good lord I've watched a lot of shows recently and thought it would be fun idea. At least I try to make the forum interesting instead of just waiting on stanby until a Miser conversation comes to bitch at. I can't imagine being that obsessed. It is very simple. Write your top 5. If you disagree... Why? Did I simplify it enough for you?
  7. I disagree. A lot of shows greatness comes from WHEN they are being aired. The Golden Girls is an example. 4 old women discussing topics like sex and other issues would not have the same impact now as it did years ago. They discussed isssues that were not discussed as openly as they are now (Homosexuality, AIDS for example). They did it with humor but also respectfully. This added to the greatness of the show
  8. I love Curb your enthusiasm but I could never get into Seinfeld. Breaking Bad while an amazing show has a very low reply value for me. I'm not interested in watching it again. At least not for a long time. But it is still one of the best shows of all time.
  9. What are the top 5 greatest shows of all time? List in Order with greatest being number 1 Mine: 1. Sopranos 2. Breaking Bad 3. The Shield 4. Sex and the City 5. Game of Thrones
  10. Sure thing 😁 It had been so long since I had played that when I decided to be a moderator I didn't realize how misinformed I was about the game lol. I went to Mafiascum website which helped tremendously. The two roles that really stuck out to me were the traitor and the serial killer and I wanted to use at least 1. Once I had eleven players I went ahead with both. Unfortunately since the SK has a night kill this cut the games time. But I thought it would make for an interesting scenario (Inwhich case it did) Mafia killed Magisme on the first night and SK killed Wasted. I think Hotdogman killing Wasted (the Mafia traitor) was the best move as it really confused everyone. Wasted was not allowed to talk to the other mafia members but he had the ability to roleblock. He would have saved himself if he had chosen hotdogman. Bill tried to investigate Magisme but he was killed by Mafia. So he basically lost a night. Gnrliars tried to save Bill the first night but was not needed. Killing popcorn snare was kinda an odd move for the lynch. He wasn't playing a lot but he gave no indication that he was Mafia. I think the frustration of the first long day was the reasoning. Wasted's playing had me laughing so hard. He would go on these long tangent s about a player and then would vote Bill LOL. How he survived the lynch was impressive. The second night was a mess lol. Bill went after JB hard and this made it even harder for town since Bill was the most active player. I think everyone just followed his lead and lynched JB which was a bad move. Both Mafia and SK targeted Bill that night so GNRliars could not protect him. Finally Arnold spazed out on this fellow town. I wasn't really mad I thought it was funny. Especially when his first move was to vote GNRliars for no reason lol. This is wherw Mafia and the SK fumbled the ball. Hotdogman aimed for Ragnar because he was sure he was town which hurt Mafia and Mafia aimed for Hotdogman which also helped town. I was shocked and yet pleased with that result because it meant a showdown with GNRliars and KFCbucket lol. Poor GNS having to make that decision. I was shocked even more that he chose to kill GNRliars. Saws always have twists in the movie and this was a great twist. I was already typing up town win lol I chose KFCbucket and Ragnar as Mafia becauae they tend to go under the radar (after seeing them in previous games) KFCbucket played well. He kept quiet for a long time and when the showdown came he really was convincing. Great job ! GNRliars almost had it haha (also him voting for Hotdogman after he died was hilarious ) Again, thanks eceryone for playing this was a lot of fun. It was so hard not to join in sometimes but Im glad I moderated. As JB said its good to try at least once. Some of my favorite comments were Arnold saying GNrliars was Bills henchman, GNrliars noticeably annoyed at Arnold. JB' EF AY TEE and telling everyone to lynch BIll. And of course the Vlad Val confusion. Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks for making the game fun Bill!
  12. Thank you KFCbucket was without a doubt the MVP here. He played great. Gnrliars was a close second. Wasted had me laughing at his fight against bill lol
  13. Sorry GNRliars, you played well but town was off. Even bill made some bad choices
  14. I think you meant to quote GNS lol
  15. I thought for sure town was gonna win. I was shocked GNS chose GNR
  16. Mafia killed Magisme You both chose Bill and they killed you
  17. Town still had a good chance of winning though. @GnRLiars I guess you can figure out why your power was useless that night. Both Mafia and the SK targeted Bill and your protection was for only one
  18. I gave the two best players the roles of Cop and Doctor, but yes town was very divided
  19. Yea, the game was pretty short on account of Arnold complaining and the fact that I added a serial killer to the game. I wanted to try something new and I think it worked out well
  20. I don't know about you guys but I had a blast. I literally laughed so hard sometimes Thanks everyone for playing!!! And thanks for being patient with me and my vote counts lol
  21. Mafia wins lol You guys can post now
  22. I'm on my phone now so I can't post fun gifs so bare with me lol As both GNRliars and GNS both tried desperately to fill the bottle with blood... KFCbucket walked slowly towards the door. Both had not noticed. "Why haven't we filled the bottle with blood yet?!" Both said as they began to go in and out of consciousness. "I can't! I'm dying...." KFCbucket began smiling. You guys played the game well... You should be happy.... " "What?!" Yelled GNS as he turned around and saw KFCbucket. He noticed he had managed to open the door. "Wait! You?!" GNS said as his vision was becomming blurry. "You guys never noticed me before.... But you notice me now.... I came here to teach you guys a lesson on respecting the band. A band I still love." "Stop!"... GNRliars tried to run to stop him but fell as soon as he tried. He had lost too much blood. GNS was now on the floor dying "NOOOOOOOOO!!" Yelled GNRliars GNRliars was Some people are so ungrateful to be alive.... But not you....NOT ANYMORE! GAME OVER
  23. Listen to the song guys it makes this even more tense lol
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