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  1. Willie has some of my favorite lines: Grease me up woman! You just made an enemy for life Ya used me skinner...YA USED ME! I also love when Edna Krabapple showed the bunny tape about sex and she tell the class "She's faking it" lol
  2. Just to keep the game moving forward I'm just gonna vote for myself and give it 6 votes for a lynch. Sorry if I talked too much, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I got a lot going on right now... I'm gonna be traveling on Thursday so I'll be pretty busy... And with the Holidays and birthday coming up.... Lawwwwd 😫. Thanks for the game GNRliars! ❤ Toodles VOTE VAL
  3. I think everyone is caught up with the leak stuff?
  4. Thank you ! Gonna go steam me a Salami now lol
  5. It was awkward as hell. I wasn't there long. I had fun in the trip though but yea... Never doing a meet up again lol
  6. Also you need 5 votes to lynch me and you only got 4 😜
  7. Can I just squash some rumors right now before it escalates? Lol A few years ago I made a thread that I was a man posing as a woman. This must have happened with other people before because I got a lot of angry messages lol. I have gone to the Las Vegas residency shows. I also went to the Mygnr meet up. I met a lot of people there that can confirm that I am a indeed a woman. Off the top of my head they are Downzy, Kasanova King, Powerage, Black Sabbath, SLAA, SOB just to nane a few. I even met MSL lol. i am not a guy who is confused or thinks they are a girl. I am 100 percent woman. In fact... I even met Hotdog man lol. The second rumor is that I fucked TM. This is also not true. As we all know, TM is not shy about his sexual escapades lol. If had, you guys wouldn't just know that we fucked...but you would details as well. He would not hold back on my account. We were both staying in the Excalibur, we were both by ourselves so we hung out by the poo and walked the strip. He ended up hanging out with SOB and that was it. I wasn't even drinking since I was working on my sobriety at the time. Final rumor was when I went to MSL's site for some reason and during my drunken haze I ended up arguing with Warchild (yea bad Idea) She went on long rant against me which I don't really remember all of it.. Just that I was drunk and I harrassed Axl to get a picture lol. I was not drunk when I met Axl... even at my worst I never drank during concerts because I wanted to enjoy the show. I know I have a rep for being a slut or whatever but the truth is that when I joined the forum I was incredibly depressed and all I really did was work and drink by myself. The forum was really the only people I would talk to since I shut down from everyone else. Right now I am over three years sober, I have started my own family (which I don't get into specifics because my family is OFF LIMITS) and I am just in a better place in my life. So there it is lol
  9. I know 😂 My feelings aren't hurt. I got nothing against anyone lol
  10. You need another vote for be BECAUSE FUCK YOU ALL!!!
  11. How are his balls? Salty I imagine?
  12. you win Deadbeat... I'm sure you can be happy with this success in life lol
  13. Fine I guess the back and fourth isn't bothering anyone lol Damn "the princess" smooth and his kiss asses are so worried about voting for him. Sheesh. Isn't that what the game is about? Making votes based on instincts? Well I guess his ball suckers are gonna vote me VOTE VAL @Dr. Strangelove just vote for me so I can leave this game at this point.
  14. Sorry @GnRLiars, as you can see I am trying to move on so we can play but I don't think Warchild here is gonna let me lol
  15. Yea, I get him voting for me since my actions lol but he just popped in to vote and left. Not bringing attention to himself
  16. Seriously Dam_Smooth... I think people here are bored of our back and fourth. Stop responding to me. I've been joking up until now but if you're gonna keep just attacking me, I'm just gonna leave so that the game can continue
  17. Retard, Faggot, Cunt.... those are the only words in your vocabulary it seems. Finally a woman is giving you attention and you don't know how to act. That's even sadder
  18. Why is he allowed to call me outside my name? Imagine being so hurt by a game that you take things this personal Pathetic.
  19. @Dr. Strangelove after all this I am curious who you're aiming at...thoughts?
  20. Honestly though JB has been in out of the game more than usual I am more tempted to vote for JB at this point. UNVOTE DAMN_SMOOTH
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