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  1. This is interesting. First he threatens us (best way to get people not to vote for you lol 😂) but he says to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES" Why has Uruguns continued to go after Popcorn Snare? He's actually the only vote for him now. Doesn't seem like he's changing his mind either.... why is he so hell bent on lynching Popcorn Snare?
  2. oh yay! Another girl It's too much of a sausage factory in here 😂(Sausage, hotdog etc lol)
  3. The missing votes: @KFCBucket @hotdogman @magisme @Damn_Smooth
  4. 3 people still need to vote Where is KFCBucket? Damn_Smooth are you going to vote or distract us by fighting Popcorn Snare? Even Deadstar tried to lynch the host... but at least he's trying 😂😂
  5. The game can last years and it's like Jumanji... once you start..... YOU HAVE TO FINISH !
  6. How am I even on the list? I've been defending you lol 😂
  7. Lol I remember attitude It was always volcano, brainsaber and someone else vs nosajthing rustycage damnsmooth and someone else I forgot.... It was pretty funny lol
  8. Bill is awfully quiet. Besides posting Steve Harvey (I hate his face lol)
  9. You did and at least you gave a reason why. But Uruguns was quick to vote for PS with no explanation.
  10. This was Popcorn Snares first vote. Then Uruguns quickly voted for him (without reasoning, just voted for him)
  11. I don't think Popcorn Snare is Mafia, but everyone seems to be heading that direction But if we end up lynching Popcorn Snare and he's town, I would be more inclined to vote Ragnar or Uruguns since they were the ones to initiate the votes against him (Not JB)
  12. This doesn't sit well with me at all Official Vote: Uruguns
  13. I'm not sure if I considered one of the silent... I just haven't seen anything that would make me cast a vote yet. Uruguns's voting for Popcorn Snare after Ragnar did has caught my attention. He didn't even give a reasoning, he just voted. Then Bill says Hotdogman said he was going to go on a trip, gets mad that Bill voted for him and just votes for Bill. Hotdogman also making those wierd statements makes me think he has another agenda. Too obvious for Mafia Finally JB. Like GNRLiars says, he's usually not Mafia but his playing is inconsistent lol. I'm just curious why he voted for Bill. Damn_Smooth hasn't even voted for Bill and he's more suspicious of him. Those are my suspects right now. I do want to see what others think but I will cast a vote today based on what I see
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