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  1. I was hoping Cardi was gonna save the day like he did for me for Breaking Bad (giving me the live stream lol) oh well, still saw the ending. The leaks were right.
  2. Does anyone know where I can live stream the final episode?
  3. I loved Grumpy Cat. Sad to hear she died. I still have a stuffed Grumpy Cat plushie and Book someone gave me haha
  4. You've made it this far, might as well lol If you see Jigsaw, you will understand how they were able to bring it back (not that it's a good reason why). 🤷‍♀️ Just an FYI, It really is the worst at of all of them and that includes Saw 5 (the traps are forgettable, and the dialog 🙄) But I still had fun watching it. After Jigsaw, I can see how they can add more to it.. but it shouldn't lol
  5. I can shamefully admit that I love the Saw Series. I have seen every one of them in theaters (yea, I am part of the problem lol) I never thought Chris Rock of all people would be interested in the series. Wonder if it will be an all black cast now just like Death at Funeral lol 😂
  6. Congrats on 9 years! 😊
  7. I recently started eating these: They taste really good and are only about 120 calories. They are my favorite chips now
  8. This trailer was disappointing . But I love Guillermo Del Toro and I don't think he will disappoint
  9. YES! Super Excited !
  10. I love honey ham Sandwiches and ham and cheese. Yes, I likve ham lol
  11. He is right though. If they have no involvement , they don't have a right to sell this beer. Looks like flavored Mike's Ice Lemonade.
  12. You should, they are a lot of fun and I bet you would be great at them! Each Room has a theme. Then they put you in a room with other people. (2 Minimum) and you have to solve puzzles to find the key to open the door etc. (Reminds me of Resident Evil) For Example: Our room had a Cannibal killer.In the first part, we were put in a jail cell with a key lock, a generator and a blanket. There was a UV Blacklight outside the cell and we had to use the blanket to get the Blacklight. Then we looked around with the light and checked the bars and realized that they had numbers on them. With those numbers we were able to figure out the Key lock code and get the Key. (The generator was of no use, it was just to distract you) Then we went to the second section, etc. If you are interested try Groupon. They have the better ticket deals. We ended up paying 20 bucks a person (not bad in my opinion)
  13. GNR444

    TV Party

    I am finally going to watch Game of Thrones (Season 1). FINALLY lol
  14. Wish you and your family the best. I'm not sure what your family unit is like but I hope you have a support system (not Gnr related forums ) but people who are going to help you/help each other. Sending my love
  15. Went to an Escape Room yesterday. We managed to get out with 27 seconds left. It was so much fun We chose the Cabin one which had a Cannibal Killer ready to kill us if we don't Escape in a n hour. I'm planning on doing more lol
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