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  1. everyone talks about trump derangement syndrome but trudeau derangement syndrome runs rampant in these parts
  2. Unvote/Vote: Matir98 @matir98 you are officially on shitnotice
  3. His performance as Thanos was pretty subdued. No one ever really suspected a thing.
  4. arnold gives a shit and is invested, must to be mafia!
  5. clearly, which is why you got fuckshit wasted and forgot you were meeting someone at the gnr show
  6. and i think you're town and want you to be replaced by someone who isnt a whiny cunt
  7. i wasn't aware that the point of mafia was to stimulate some alcoholic boomer's faulty attention span
  8. then go look at another fucking thread
  9. then fuck off you've contributed no more to the game than any other player all you've done is bitch about everyone else after being absent for a week and provide fuck all
  10. lol feel free to join them you crusty old faggot
  11. is liars' meltdown fake? is he trying to convince us he's a frustrated townie when he's actually a deshiticon? 🤔
  12. btw, this is absolutely the most fun mafia game i've ever played it's amazing what simply knowing the setup in advance does for the game discourse talk about raising the bar
  13. Anyone want to form a partnership? I call it "the Cult of Day 2". We'll be dedicated to extending the day indefinitely until a mafia shits the bed.
  14. $2 here, but yep, cheapest thing on the menu
  15. about time this was revived
  16. the crowds at AEW shows must be among the smelliest gatherings of human beings in one building, up there with warcraft conventions and furry parties
  17. lol 12.5k likes for a 2 second clip of an old man gesturing towards a chair
  18. keith lee is fantastic but i hate that woop woop chant they do for him
  19. @magisme why do you believe we're on the wrong track with deadstar? i'm making note of possible alliances/partnerships taking part in this and it's starting to rub me the wrong way
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