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  1. complete garbage, save for that one decent verse (i think?) melody just above my world-tier
  2. i'd have fox too if i didnt have to pay another $5 a month for the news 3 package the tucker show is hilarious
  3. i sure as fuck didnt up until listen 20 or so, seeing the words "state of grace" made me think of the hook from the taylor swift song
  4. just flushed out my ears with water so i can listen to state of grace clearer feels good man
  5. if you guys were watching rudy giuliani and chris cuomo right now you'd understand why i keep CNN cannot stop laughing it's complete shit but it's fantastic tv
  6. where's your big confident shit personality now huh? faggot, get bent
  7. @D.. already got what i needed for the nuke
  8. you were collateral damage, sorry
  9. this post has been endorsed by gnrliars, confirming that i am right popcorn is against brooklyn brooklyn is confirmed town popcorn is manhattan shitter confirmed
  10. my picture was on here? idr that (aside from the time i posted it myself or when matt's wife had a skype screenshot in her sig) and idc if anyone knows my name i'm much more engrossed with the discord drama than i am with this game and tbh i dont even know if i'm mafia or not, i'm going after manhattan and staten because i'm not them and they appear to be the smaller team, so i assume they're mafia and we're the good guys i wasn't teaming with val though
  11. lol half the retards in the game still think brooklyn is mafia i cant deal with this
  12. the barn is dead don't fuck with bacardimayne
  13. who can vouch for popcorn? if necessary i have someone other than brasky who can vouch for my own legitimacy though i'd rather not compromise the town by having them do so.
  14. the manhattan/staten shitter numbers are dwindling soon it will be like a regular mafia game only with factions among the town as well realistically it should be easy to weed out who doesn't belong if we work together
  16. the last gasp of a manhattan shitter who knows he's fucked why didn't my kill on you work last night? who's protecting you? probably some staten island cunt. who killed hotdogman? my team was investigating him and would have cleared him as town the next day. it's time for this game to get real
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