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  1. I prefer Star Wars and always will. My only real problem with the whole trilogy is the Ewoks in ROTJ and they're not quite as bad as the Asian kid in Temple of Doom. Raiders is great, but it's no Empire. The original SW is an amazing achievement in film editing and sparked an entire cultural movement. While ROTJ is flawed, it still has a kickass intro with Luke and co busting Han out of Jabba's, and the throne room scene with Luke, Palpatine and Vader may be the best scene in the franchise.
  2. i love riad kickass buckethead riff and screaming axl, what's not to like? his lyrics have literally never been good. this thread on the otherhand has been made at least a dozen times terrible
  3. if this guy was a TPB character the fans would hate him for being too unbelievable
  4. Axl is so fat, when he arrives in Japan for a show, the Godzilla alarm goes off
  5. It's rare that an album (Contraband) can be so contrasting in the songs that are good (Slither, Fall to Pieces) and the songs that are shit (pretty much everything else). They don't even sound like the same bands. The singles sound like legit GNR while the album tracks sound like industrial shit versions of the garbage in the OP of this thread. Were Slither and Fall to Pieces ghostwritten?
  6. so glad none of these shit songs were released by gnr
  7. and yet somehow only you manage to make the same threads every year
  8. as shit as miser's theories generally are, these posts are a good addition to the hardschool mythos
  9. neurotic outsiders vs autistic insiders who wins?
  10. axl had a side career as a comic book writer, but was only able to get one story published by marvel
  11. big show squashes shitberg and claims the wwe championship as the rest of wwe dies of chink virus just as booked
  12. Be sure to rat out any shitters you see outside, not fattening the curve. I saw three immigrants huddled in a bus stop and called the cops. Take no chances. For Hard School.
  13. Remember, Vince is isolating too. His expansion is all but guaranteed. We will see a lot of FAT celebrities after this is all said and done.
  14. he's going to be sitting in his house eating burritos for at least 8 months how FUCKING fat will he be when he emerges for the tour
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