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  1. and axl can't even be bothered to sing his own parts
  2. this trump entrance with proud to be an american blaring and repeated shots of mt rushmore is the most patriotic thing i have ever seen
  3. this unironically needs to happen who the fuck opposes mt rushmore? honestly? it's insane. TDS is the real pandemic.
  4. there was only one 2020 show and it was truly awful so fine was played the worst gnr song ever for the last gnr show ever very fitting
  5. I only use my toaster oven for reheating Subway. Even for that single use it's been a worthy investment.
  6. its a fucking towel troll thread, stop taking it seriously
  7. the only notable burger on the wendys menu is the baconator and that's mainly because it's a meme, not because it's good as i said, nothing they have comes close to a big mac their equivalent to a mcdouble is a cold, depressing heap of shit and they somehow have the audacity to charge more for it
  8. wendys is fucking awful nothing on their menu is as good as a big mac their fries are cardboard
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