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  1. i played a tool song in guitar hero once. probably the most boring 10 minutes of my life. vowed never to listen to them again that day. lmao
  2. walt rises from the grave, edgier than ever entire show consists of him grunting out one-liners with a shriveled up face @magisme immediately deems it the greatest thing since the golden age of cinema
  3. last year it was said it would take place right after breaking bad i'm assuming it focuses on jesse's story after he escapes the neo-nazi compound i think that's him driving the car from the last episode on the poster
  4. excited probably gonna be shit
  5. nothing is won until we get the shit 99 afd the need for it consumes me
  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA *heave* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH btw the entire plot leaked and it's shit but full of fan service so the soy legion will love it and claim star wars is back
  7. i hope the fat fuck tries to sing this live, will be an absolute riot
  8. >thinks I don't already have the F.A.T. Mafiatic Universe planned out from beginning to endgame
  9. the first verse is on key at least second verse is completely tone deaf
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