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  1. who can vouch for popcorn? if necessary i have someone other than brasky who can vouch for my own legitimacy though i'd rather not compromise the town by having them do so.
  2. the manhattan/staten shitter numbers are dwindling soon it will be like a regular mafia game only with factions among the town as well realistically it should be easy to weed out who doesn't belong if we work together
  4. the last gasp of a manhattan shitter who knows he's fucked why didn't my kill on you work last night? who's protecting you? probably some staten island cunt. who killed hotdogman? my team was investigating him and would have cleared him as town the next day. it's time for this game to get real
  5. I hope Monty Mole is here to piss off Damn Smooth for years to come
  6. Discord and its support staff can shove a piece of chernobyl graphite up their ass Cunts
  7. alright i give up discord is clearly going to let beta's barn host leaks all they want and ban anything i do for existing
  8. I appealed the ban to Discord and asked them to reinstate my account and server so I can run it as a general GNR fan server with a strict no links policy, for whatever that's worth
  9. Discord's reasoning was "selling, promoting, or distributing cheats, hacks, or cracked accounts.", which means they got me for hosting channels with links in them. Pretty stupid in hindsight since I now remember the other server making sure links were deleted shortly after posting. Oh well.
  10. new plan fuck dadud it was walker he joined the server an hour before it died even though i banned him immediately he must have gotten all he needed to report to discord support utterly insatiable cunt
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