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  1. i use "john madden" as a placeholder for any loudmouth football knowitall who talks on espn over triumphant fanfare noises as he "breaks down the play"
  2. The November Rain situation has been fully analyzed. The rain contributed, but it was not the sole reason. Axl was unable to play the song without looking at the keys, and unable to sing the November Rain lyrics without reading the teleprompter. Because the rain made the teleprompter harder to see and made the keys more slippery, FATCON 2 was reached and Axl stomped on his hat backstage.
  3. when he flipped out on oprah she was probably assaulting his mind with oscillating lizard brain waves
  4. i'd say this would probably help his sales, but idk my pillow does a lot of advertising on CNN, fox news and (i imagine) other boomer-popular tv stations now that he's been unpersoned he won't have that anymore will the maga wave make up for the loss of the cnn boomer wave? i doubt it i wonder how long it'll be before they try to villify UFC because dana white spoke at the RNC and a few trump rallies
  5. more shining axl gifs please @creed@MacDaddyRose
  6. zoot's interview will contain a hidden message advertising new leaks for sale
  7. i hope they cancel the pro bowl this year having to wait two weeks for the supper bowl is so shit two weeks of john madden on tv talking about DEFENSE and moving the ball fucking shoot me where i lie
  8. 2016 axl slash reunion negotiations.mp4
  9. the wicked witch of the west wing has gone too far this time
  10. you may not like it, but this is what peak male aesthetics look like
  11. i dont believe for a second that liars pulled a miser and betrayed his teammate so brasky is town imo three of us voted liars and winston didn't it's either him or comstock imo
  12. Those AEW jobbers need someone to shoot on them a bit anyway. Bunch of overprotected pansies.
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