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  1. trump never actually stops shit like this from happening so what good is he anyway i bet he's "monitoring the situation"
  2. Isnt the 1 mil a month only for Amazon Prime subs
  3. the left candidate being anti-fracking is controversial?
  4. idk i thought it handled the "choices" you could make to alter the story a lot better than gta 5 did in gta 5 it's basically two shit endings and the proper one, whereas both paths in gta 4 have solid conclusions at least
  5. Anyway, for my money GTA 4 is the best GTA as far as gunplay and driving are concerned, but it definitely had the worst soundtrack by far.
  6. @auad pointed out that Tony Lewis (The Outfield) died today. He sings "Your Love" from Vice City.
  7. halo 4 is shit but crossplay will revive MCC on pc i hope
  8. i'm still mad that my xbox character (level 200+) didn't transfer over to pc and i have to start all over with no cars
  9. this is what all that chris pratt shit was about, the fact that he didnt go to this thing
  10. I'm surprised they haven't integrated Spotify into the game to replace the radio stations yet. That said, there really isn't a bad radio station in the game. They outdid themselves with the soundtrack.
  11. "all GNR females are madisons" -an anonymous south american prophet
  12. He looks like a normal 50-something year old with no botox could easily pass for 40s
  13. when you're minding your own business and start randomly getting henpecked by some mentally ill loon on discord who thinks the world revolves around her

    1. bacardimayne


      i mean, she may or may not be fat enough to have an orbit, but that's not the point.

    2. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      Warstar or Deadchild?

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