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  1. fat axl should fire duff and replace him with john myung he has a spine and would bring the intensity needed for hard school
  2. They're all good musicians except the singer, but like Tool they're more interested in recording math equations and formulas than music.
  3. that band sucks enormous dicks lol right up there with tool in insufferableness but better musicians at least
  4. even i know that photo is of a junction point where a lot of travelers stop, might as well be taking a picture of times square and claiming it's an average american intersection and besides, it's colorful and looks inviting. here's some real depressing architecture
  5. hey you caught me with coronaaaaa and i dont think i'm gonnnaaaa ever play another show agaaaaaaaaaain kinda like it with corona cuz no ones ever gonnaaaaaaa OOOOH MAKE ME PERFORM FOR THOSE CUNTS AGAAAAAAAIN now i feel as if i'm floating away i can eat all i want and i like it this way hey my cod is cold yeah my cod is cold won't you fry me up some fish agaaaaaaaain suspended deep in a sea of grease it's got the golden batter, it's deboned by the staff it's so delicious oh sooo delicious i can eat so eeeeasily my friends are callin back to me i said this fish n chips is all for me no you don't need no charity just someone to tell you to get the FUCK OFF OF MY LAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOD DAMN IT
  6. i do think there might be something to this idea that ghislaine tipped someone off about this wayfair shit though some of the details are fucky but the media's immediate shutdown and wayfair's actions have made it interesting
  7. apparently it's not actually a lady but some trailer park shitter in Florida named Joel or something "Maribeth" was framed and falsely accused of being Warchild for years, allegedly
  8. shitrock legends Great White played a concert in North Dakota with no masks or social distancing Hard School 2020 is still alive
  9. Trump needs to tweet about this shit already
  10. The few threads on it that I can find on Reddit are just blaming the fiance and calling him a liar because he went to a right wing site.
  11. Imagine the screeching if Trump released MAGA masks you just know he'd make some ridiculous claim like they're better than n95s or something too
  12. dude, minnesota is lost move to a state that isn't completely cucked yet like north dakota or montana
  13. I'm fine with most of the ESB changes. Replacing Granny Sheev with Ian McDiarmid for example, or changing the hue of Cloud City to be more orange.
  14. Empire Strikes Back is currently #1 at the box office
  15. shitlibs are blaming her fiance because he pulled his gun during the argument (the black also pulled his, it doesn't say who drew first) and saying he's lying about the BLM stuff this is Joe Biden's America
  16. @arnold layne imagine if this was your wife
  17. http://www.ntd.com/indianapolis-woman-shot-and-killed-after-blm-argument_484098.html blacks shot and killed a young mother after a "racially charged argument" in which it's alleged she committed the hate crime of saying "all lives matter" absolute minimum media coverage shooters still at large
  18. Funny because last I checked Kurt pathetically killed himself 25 years ago over some junkie whore while Axl is still making millions and rehearsing new songs.
  19. What, was I supposed to take your posts at face value and assume you actually think singing about storms and snake dancing makes Axl a better musician? This thread is nothing more than a spot for you and maynard to flex your taste muscles and make ironic shitposts about how ridiculous it is to compare Axl to the Overkurt when no one even does so anymore. Have your fun, just don't be mad that I called you out on it. inb4deadstar
  20. How's the Nirvana reunion tour doing?
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