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  1. beware the evils of the masturbandose
  2. nami's tits have the best character development in the series but yeah, it's almost at 1000 chapters now and showing no signs of stopping any time soon i love the humor more than anything. Oda is a master of funny reaction faces.
  3. canadian media going after the conservative party leader for being caught at an airport not wearing a mask, meanwhile they never said a thing about trudeau taking part in the protests last month
  4. imagine being >40 and still posting about your tits online literally redhead74 tier only thing missing is the avatar of your haggard ass face
  5. now that you got what you wanted can you fuck off and take your jester with you? salsh seems to have gotten the memo and fucked off, not sure why you two persist after making your point
  6. inner city high school english teacher magisme acting like he's some kind of academic scholar, lol, i always laugh when he gets into this mode. you're no more qualified to talk about this shit than anyone else here but carry on with trying to subtly insult anyone who doesn't subscribe to your theory of sucking corporate cock over providing for your people like every other civilized country on the planet oh but nooo usa is this extra special country that has the weight of the whole world on its shoulders and you see we CAN'T help so they should just be thankful for what they get because BOOTSTRAPS and AUSTERITY
  7. bro if we don't pump $5 trillion into the stock market to keep all the jews from having to dig into their savings then the WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO DIE TRUST ME BRO i guess all of those starving people with no stimulus can rest easy knowing the economy is still running and their government is taking care of what matters
  8. lol at entitled stockcucks thinking their hobby (read: addiction) going down means the end of the world for anyone but other stockcucks nuke wall street
  9. its funny how everyone is on trump like they know for a fact he personally planned out this entire kanye thing as a way to siphon votes from joe, meanwhile joe is literally being HIDDEN from the public and no one gives a shit
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