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  1. add this at your earliest convenience i've already submitted it to the unicode institution for consideration for inclusion in the 2021 base emoji set
  2. Apparently one of Jetboy's songs is the Philadelphia Flyers' current goal song, for whatever that's worth.
  3. just seems a bit overbearing for bosses to be tagging their employee's cars with gps so they can bitch at them for stopping at mcdonalds to take a piss
  4. if you think what was released on the box set is an untouched track from the 80s that's just been sitting around for 30 years i have a bridge to sell you
  5. but only the 2018 version is good, so who cares? while shadow is an extreme case that's been released like 7 times at this point, i do like it when bands revisit a song that they didn't get right the first time. examples include "Help Me Rhonda" by The Beach Boys (originally a shit filler track on Today, re-released on the next album with a much better sound) and Lords of Summer by Metallica (originally released as a shit demo, rerecorded later and included as a bonus track on Hardwired with much better production)
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ncgphp2hblkyrin/Among_Us_V.2020.9.9_fg.rar/file link to the latest pirated version, no installation or purchase required, everything is free and unlocked
  7. yup, all the rage on twitch right now a game called "town of salem" did the mafia party video game hype thing first, but this one seems to have a LOT more traction, EVERYONE is playing it. the main difference from mafia is that you spend the day running around doing "tasks" for the town, and while doing these tasks you can be killed by mafia. as town you have to work with the others to determine whos lying about where they last were, which tasks they were doing, etc if town of salem was the day-z of mafia games, among us is the fortnite i look forward to the
  8. as shit as the box set and greatest hits are, the tuned up shadow of your love is the best thing the band has done since releasing cd
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