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  1. guys im doing my best i have literally hundreds of pms to sift through and my links keep getting taken down by the towel rest assured you'll all get the leak soon
  2. James won the tournament of champions, defeating the librarian girl who beat him in the process. Now we have this to look forward to:
  3. If you're working on a budget, fret not, for Team Brazil have also made these stylish Christmas sweaters available for a low price. $75.00 GnR Holiday Knit Sweater featuring the band members, and guns and roses printed on the torso and sleeves. Will ship week of December 2nd. $60.00 Classic GnR Holiday Knit Sweater featuring knitted guns and roses with holiday garnish all around. Please note that sizes run small for this item. Thank you Fat Santa Axl for providing us with this great merch to buy
  4. GnR Cross Ornament is a 3D model of the classic Guns n' Roses cross artwork from their debut album Appetite for Destruction. This ornament is hand-crafted in small, artisanal Polish factories with the timeless talent and unique passion that has made Christopher Radko a treasured part of so many annual traditions. Exquisite artisanship, carefully hand-painted details, and impeccable design all come together to create this GnR Cross Logo ornament. only $100, purchase now while supplies last!
  5. fuck off towel you'd get a link if you weren't a toxic youtube reporting autistic faggot
  6. based on the voice i'm guessing this was recorded around the same time the sorry vox were
  7. this one might take a while i hear something about the storm and being left alone in the cold but that's about all i can make out, the rest is complete nonsense
  8. sent out another dozen pms ill try to get to everyone tonight
  9. punkie voting for me hurt mags voting for me really hurt damn smooth voting for me is like being shot in the heart with a thousand icy needles just get it over with
  10. ban this towel waving cunt, got my youtube video of ashba playing scom taken down no one give him the link
  11. getting lots of pms for soul monster ill try to respond to them all but they're coming in by the dozens
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