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  1. in case you weren't convinced wrestling is back, someone shit themself at the show
  2. fuck the ratings i just want him to rate a match five stars to see you bitch
  3. based big dimes titty master working the russo marks into a seething shitshoot when do the meltzer ratings come out
  4. when a bunch of b-leaguers from suomi come out of nowhere and shit on your nhlers iihf - international ice HORSESHIT federation
  5. "we totally toured for like two whole punkin' years after izzy left, so this lineup is totally legitimate even though we can't shit out one song with all of our combined might"
  6. imagine liking the young cucks what a waste of half an hour i like how bret hart's just awkwardly holding up the title while people fight outside the ring who booked this shit nice stiff main event match fat axl jericho going over and the ensuing smug promo >>> moxley debuting and obliterating kenny >>>>>
  7. jesus fucking christ goldust if that was flippy malnourished jobbershit then sign me up
  8. watching now so i havent read the latest posts fucking earl hebner still reffing cody's entrance was great
  9. What was the last Terminator movie that was better than a Michael Bay Transformers flick? I'm going with 2. It amazes me that people still flock to these consistently awful movies every 2-3 years.
  10. yeah i give up, they're better at this than the fucking boxing people i'll just watch it tomorrow
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