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  1. Like Skeeter between a pair of spread women’s legs, I still have no idea what this is about.
  2. One is a mythical creature who has hoardes of brainless disciples following around, pandering to him. The other is Jesus.
  3. I heard that Skeeter hijacked it to sleep with all of the hot supermodel cabin crew.
  4. Dear Doctor Bill.... I have a problem with a white by-product that seems to excrete from my salami when i'm polishing them. What is this?
  5. Those vocals would terrify anyone. Jesus wept...
  6. Drop by my store today (it's 2 for 1 Saturday again!!!) and i'll hook you up.
  7. 2 for 1 Saturday folks!  Don't miss out!!  Just tell em Salsh sent ya!

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    2. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Yeah we had a mad morning and then I put out all of the 12 inch wide boy, back door salamis and no sooner than I did that, Skeeter turned up to take his lengths.  Sorry folks!

    3. Bill Brasky
    4. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      He loves the big un's

  8. His popeye the sailor man was fantastic recently!
  9. I’m third in line... behind the Ferrari driving supermodel and terry the goat.
  10. Dr Bill, I’d rather have a sleepover at Skeeter Ranch than eat that tomato.
  11. Thank you for your professional opinion, doctor.
  12. Dr Bill, I suffer from acute Skeetitus, it’s acondition which makes me compulsively lie and be attracted to farm animals. Is there any cure?
  13. Tooth puller, pain is duller, gotta get fuller!
  14. Wrestlemania is this weekend right? I have been trying to account for the number of wrestling t-shirt wearing customers i've been seeing out and about and in my store this past week.
  15. Anything punk from Duff's punky upbringing in the land of punk. Punk as Fuck!
  16. Unfortunately, online orders are down at the moment so it's entries in person only i'm afraid. Our tech guy is in some high school gym somewhere rubbing against Skeeter.
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