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  1. Just had a satisfying deposit. Quite a long, single log.
  2. If town being patient and “are going to win” includes collectively having no real inclination of who is dirty and lynching their own so far then, I suppose you are on to something.
  3. It is a mess, it’s all a load of guess work and stabs in the dark. The mafia members must be loving it.
  4. I love cats. They taste great in Chinese takeout
  5. I literally got asked to join by JB. When I got my role it is the exact same thing as last time. No powers, no nothing. I could sit inactive or post all the time and it wouldn’t make much difference because I’m not reading this game at all if I’m honest. The Arnold vote is purely a bandwagon vote to get some movement here because no one is agreeing with my Popcorn hunch...
  6. No lynch ain’t a good idea, hopefully we can catch a scumbag. @magisme you are right, I’m under the radar. I can only offer you my word that I’m town. If you think about it, why would McDaddy lose complete interest in the game unless he had some power or purpose? He was a powerless townie, as I now am.... again.
  7. I just gave birth to a true beauty. It was the titanic of logs.
  8. My vote on poppy seems to be in vain here, I’ll take it off for now and keep it until later unvote: Popcorn.
  9. I remember one drunken night as a teen, sleeping over at my girlfriend’s friend’s house. I awoke at 4am desperate for a shit and it was as swampy as can be. My wiping added to the clay I left in the bowl blocked the toilet and the water rose up to the seat after I flushed. After destroying the toilet brush trying to unblock it I had to go in with my bare arm and hand. Not my finest hour.
  10. Kfc has made a decent post, it doesn’t mean he’s right but he’s at least highlighted some kind of pattern, which is lacking so far in the game.
  11. I think we need to get rid of one of the accused and hope we score lucky so we can gauge things after their allegiance is revealed. At the moment we have a few people going back and forth and all we can assume is one side of the argument are dirty...
  12. It’s both the best and shittest thread at the same time
  13. This day is gonna last longer than the day before @sixesturns vegan.
  14. I’m awake and realised I forgot to update about my shit I took before bed. Felt very non-descript as it exited my hoop. Wasn’t much of it. When I started wiping it was The consistency of a jellyfish... took a double flush and a hell of a lot of toilet paper.
  15. I took a little salami break and the thread exploded... I’m sticking with popcorn.
  16. I love auad’s dancing girl posts! I’m gonna refer to this phenomenon as Auadtism.
  17. Trying to not make a rash vote, it would be really beneficial to us town folk to get rid of a mafia member this time. Popcorn isn’t getting as many votes as mags, is that because people don’t suspect him? They could both be mafia for all we know. If someone can shed some light to me as to why mags is more guilty looking than popcorn I’d gladly change my vote... I’m not afraid to say that I’m finding it hard to pick up much from anyone to be honest, hoping the next day is clearer due to the lynch on day 2. Things are very cagey.
  18. I’m not changing from popcorn to mags because I’m not convinced either.
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