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  1. I wish Duff would hit the bottle again, maybe that would cure him of his overbearing pomposity.
  2. Saying as the songs are all fucking 20 years old, I’d say they worked better when they were written... they’ll go down like a lead balloon if and when they come out, just like his over produced, messy, 4000 layered mess of an album did in 2008.
  3. Brain Cowbell test 42. I hear Slick Rick has that one on repeat all day.
  4. Slick Rick is missing a trick here, he should be on here every day acting like a pompous ass jockey, bragging and winding everyone up. Instead of hiding, snuggling into his carebear’s with ol’ greaseball.
  5. My cock is thicker than his arm
  6. Salami.  Then, Now, Always.

    1. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove


    2. auad
    3. maynard


      I am a salami gobbling fag. Also enjoy take it in the bun. /g

  7. How long has this Gypsy thing actually been going on? 😯
  8. When I was a boy I realised that if I touched my salami, I’d get a boner
  9. @maynard who is that woman in your pic?
  10. How about including genuine excerpts from Slick Rick’s diary entries about his journey to pick up Buckethead tune up 5 and Brain warm up 4?
  11. I heard from Slick Rick and his Care Bear that the new album will consist of drum track samples and will be coming out on the 32nd of January 2020.
  12. You mean you aren’t female? Oops. My bad. I’m 0/2 on the Ragnar facts.
  13. Nah she’s a good girl is Ragnar. We shouldn’t hurt her with our words.
  14. I have no issue with you to be honest, I just thought it was funny to call you a gypsy based solely on your defensive reactions. Do I care if you are a gypsy? Nah. You can’t help what you are or aren’t! Your problem has been getting offended by total strangers on an Internet forum, just run with it! I’ll show you how... Yours sincerely, Grandpa. Geddit? 😉. But seriously, I’m off now, I only started goading you because I was goaded into it by the thread. Will I do it tomorrow? Maybe. See ya! 👍
  15. Well Raggy, I’m off out now. Thanks for giving me my daily dose of internet humor. Toodlepip.
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