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  1. I WO N’t stand for this 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Tell your wife I’ll be round later Tardnaldo you fag, cum eating, cock sucking fucker!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  2. This is my favorite defense mode of the mygina cucks. They still cannot offer an explanation as to why he sounded great on YouTube with ac/dc..... I remember MSL blowing a quad with the strain of his anger when I put this to the fat cunt on discord.
  3. Do the Tool members shave their public hair?
  4. I honestly don't think i've ever heard a song of theirs...
  5. He can say whatever he likes about anyone, I only highlighted it was interesting that it was the only thing he didn’t staunchly defend himself from....
  6. I will only buy them if they introduce a “salami a day for life” prize.
  7. I hear that the first hour of rehearsal is Axl’s belly button and Richard’s nose.
  8. I’ve listened to it once, as I did with all of the instrumentals and can honestly say that i cannot remember anything about it or any of them for that fact. I also will never listen to them again unless they have vocals and become real songs rather than instrumental sketches.
  9. When someone first called him a gypsy he should have just laughed about it. Instead he gets all riled up at half a dozen strangers on the internet and tries to staunchly defend his honor... I really couldn’t care either way to be honest, it’s just amusing that someone would get triggered over such a trivial, unimportant barb. Gypsies must really be despised where he comes from for the mere mention of them to ignite such an inferno of rage and defense.
  10. He's basically Stiffler.... Ragler if you will. This is his new name.
  11. No screaming girls this time... Maybe i'm hearing things but is he using recorded vocals as a double up in the chorus this time? I can hear a deep voice accompanying him at the same time and it certainly doesn't sound like melissa or dizzy....
  12. I cannot believe he didn't try to distance himself from the fucking a 7 year old thing. Especially when he gets so wound up and butthurt at being called a stinking gypsy. I love how he still uses "insults" that usually don't extend beyond a school yard due to the person maturing and becoming more intelligent... Georgia must be different to everywhere else in the world because everywhere I have been, people don't usually throw the "I fucked your mother/sister blah blah" stuff out any time after being about 12 years old. He's building quite the image of himself here.
  13. You know it is funny that Slick is mocking TB and making them look like fucking idiots but he’s still paying them... I mean, he already had tickets before the shit went down but how fucking much of a cuck to the band is he that he still buys the merch and lines their pockets? I’m guessing this whole thing is like when a lover leaves you on bad terms, you go on a big ass smear campaign and attempt to tarnish them and claim you are over it, whilst checking their every move and social media accounts obsessively.. in all actuality all you really want is for them to come back and resume normality. Poor Ricky misses his lover.
  14. I haven't watched them in the longest time but i do love em
  15. She has a striking resemblance to that Geraldine Bailey lady.
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