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  1. Getting prepared for 2 for 1 Saturday.  The best Salami day of the week.

  2. You shouldn't have said those nasty wasty things to him. He's a sensitive cunt soul.
  3. Where is the Skeetster anyway? Chatting up supermodels? Drinking with top political figures? Hunting bears with his bare hands? Or all three in a continuous loop?
  4. Are his handsome ashes being scattered in a Warhammer store?
  5. Also, you actually mean to tell me that someone actually left because he didn't win a game? Jesus H Christ....
  6. It certainly sounds interesting and right up my street but I am too busy to dedicate enough time to it.
  7. No one has yet explained to me what this thing is, how it works and what it's all about...
  8. I’d rather eat a Pepperami than listen to Miles Kennedy
  9. Both cats and dogs taste good from your local Chinese takeout.
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