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  1. My cock is thicker than his arm
  2. Salami.  Then, Now, Always.

    1. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove


    2. auad
    3. maynard


      I am a salami gobbling fag. Also enjoy take it in the bun. /g

  3. How long has this Gypsy thing actually been going on? 😯
  4. When I was a boy I realised that if I touched my salami, I’d get a boner
  5. @maynard who is that woman in your pic?
  6. How about including genuine excerpts from Slick Rick’s diary entries about his journey to pick up Buckethead tune up 5 and Brain warm up 4?
  7. I heard from Slick Rick and his Care Bear that the new album will consist of drum track samples and will be coming out on the 32nd of January 2020.
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