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  1. My cock is thicker than his arm
  2. Salami.  Then, Now, Always.

  3. How long has this Gypsy thing actually been going on? 😯
  4. When I was a boy I realised that if I touched my salami, I’d get a boner
  5. @maynard who is that woman in your pic?
  6. How about including genuine excerpts from Slick Rick’s diary entries about his journey to pick up Buckethead tune up 5 and Brain warm up 4?
  7. I heard from Slick Rick and his Care Bear that the new album will consist of drum track samples and will be coming out on the 32nd of January 2020.
  8. You mean you aren’t female? Oops. My bad. I’m 0/2 on the Ragnar facts.
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