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  1. I love those ones, the ones that give you pins and needles in your feet
  2. Very true. Most faults these days are electrical, and you naturally don’t have a diagnostic machine to determine what that fault is. Bunch of fucking cunts.
  3. Cars are a pain in the fucking ass. I never want to hear of Adblue ever again. “Buy a large container and fill the tank.” No fucker said you need a special hose thingy which didn’t come with the container, then because the fucking tank is in the trunk, the fucking thing wouldn’t wedge in far enough to fill it so I had to go and buy a smaller container of the shit. Fuck me.
  4. At this point it’s most likely gonna be a Bernie moo moo
  5. Geraldine and her merry bunch of bootlicking pussies.
  6. You’re Crazy version 68 You’re Crazy version 126
  7. Name another band who would appoint the frontman’s toilet scrubbing maid and her self entitled leech family as the band’s management.... it’s really insane.
  8. I cannot begin to fathom how anyone can listen to this band On YouTube since the sham reunion bullshit and then go and buy a fucking ticket.... I’m also stunned how desperate South American cretinous airhead women still see Alex Ross as an attractive human being.
  9. Nothin’ but a fucking pussy.
  10. Miser, I don’t really know you so let’s start off on an even keel... there’s one vital question I have to ask anyone I meet before I decide if they are ok or a cunt... Salami, yay or nay?
  11. I was hoping to see the word “retirement “ in this thread.
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