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  1. His lyrics have always been overrated... as for post original guns, his bitching and moaning obsession with slash and enemies caused him to write spiteful, shit lyrics, a lot of the time. Ay oh .
  2. I think you already know the answer
  3. Courtesy of their gang of merry little ass licking cucks.
  4. It’ll have been layered another 50 times since this demo, and pitman’s Boob slapping and salt shaker solo will be prominent
  5. Fuck that, I’m working on nothing with Duff.
  6. It’s on YouTube, get on and rip it!
  7. It’s hilarious how many songs are clearly about Slash. This one most definitely is. All those years people would say that Slash was obsessed with Axl and mentioning him in interviews.... and all those people moaning that Slash wasn’t on “new” material, he kinda is... 🤣🤣
  8. The problem with this and any other leftover making any future release is the impending shitfest of Axl trying to sing them live.... fuck me 🤣
  9. Jesus, i take it back, start posting Duff again...
  10. I've heard the same. It may be sooner rather than later.
  11. Does that mean Slick Rick deserves an apology?
  12. I wish Duff would hit the bottle again, maybe that would cure him of his overbearing pomposity.
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