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  1. Axl is so fat, it’s actually sad.
  2. All it needed was a Fortus nose flute solo to take it to that next level.
  3. Doof- being a sissy, snowflake faux punk cunt.
  4. The gods of hearing and good taste gave us all Coronavirus to spare us from the out of breath wheezefest. Thank you oh Mighty ones!
  5. Chuck Berry was one of the early pioneers of rock guitar, Angus Young has his style in spades, melded in with his own. Songs like High Voltage follow the same principles that all those early song’s did. Rock and Roll Damnation, Let There Be Rock... All the bass lines and Drums are all Rock and Roll, all simple 8 bar rock and Roll. Malcolm Young added space to the songs, space is the real genius of a riff, knowing what gaps to leave and what notes not to play. Angus added the flash. All like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Scotty Moore to name me a few... Very simply rhythm patters, time and time again with simple bass chugs, Rock and roll rhythm and flashy lead playing. Certainly more evident in the Bon era but still there in the Brian era too... Just because a band is heavier sounding doesn't mean they don't have a rock and roll sound... Motorhead had it in spades (pardon the pun).
  6. I love the VR version but it always made me wonder if Weiland couldn’t whistle.
  7. Saying that AC/DC “rock but don’t roll” completely invalidates anything else you have said, are saying, or will say. Powerage has so many songs with so much bounce that you can feel it before you roll off of that bounce and are rolled onto the next track to start over again. They have mood and tension on Back in Black... no one can convince me that Hell’s Bells sounds like The Jack, that Have a Drink on me sounds like Touch Too Much, That You Shook Me All Night Long sounds like Sin City. There is variety there for anyone to see. As for why they have so many similar types of “rock” songs? Why wouldn’t you when you do it better than anyone else? Malcolm Young’s right hand had more Rock and Roll in it than most guitarists will achieve in a partnership. Later albums had a lot of filler but when you get to a gem, none of that matters. To suggest That Guns N’ Roses are anywhere near their level to me is ludicrous. They have released a great debut, a bloated double album that should have been one good album, a lazy EP which was great in part, a horrific covers album and a laughing stock Axl rose solo album.... The shit show they now are is due to Axl but all of them deserve what it is for the greed and egos, they can fuck off. Laughing at their shitness is all that is worth a dime these days.
  8. Axl is so fat, Miser doesn’t care about his hair anymore
  9. I read the first paragraph and gave up. AC/DC are a lower tier band than GnR? 🤣
  10. The most memorable thing Doof ever did was explode his pancreas.
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