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  1. Spending time with family. Playing tennis. Playing music. Reading. Listening to music. Drinking beers at the bar. And last but not least.... Salami.
  2. My good friend @sixes is the King of Chinese food. I, personally have never tried it before.
  3. I’d replace him like for like, for another wussy, fake punk, fake tough guy gal from the punkiest part of town
  4. I don’t read any Posts around here, I just click on the last page and add my salamiriffic goodness.
  5. He was sent a copy of Tenderness by King of Punk, Duff Punk McPunkgan, listened to 47 seconds of it and decided that death was a better proposition than listening to the rest of it.
  6. Loose Axel.... The wheels are coming off.
  7. If you add Salami to this, get rid of the chicken, the cheese and the bacon, you have something wonderful!
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