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  1. @sixes I got this shit in for you, it goes against every single thing I stand for.
  2. Not only that but any attractive, busty, buxom wench is offered the chance to polish my salami personally, I show them the best way to get a good shine on my length of sausage before I slip it in their goody bag.
  3. I need not add anything to this. A 5 Salami post.
  4. Let’s face it, they have enough idiotic, dedicated fanboys and girls to ensure they can do the bare minimum and still sell the tickets... that’s what they’ve been doing since the sham reunion. They literally could put tickets up for sale in Brazil for a 2 hour “stare at a shit log Axl squeezed out this morning” show and they’d sell out in minutes.
  5. I wouldn’t pay a fucking dime for anything GnR related anymore, be it official or shady. Fuck that.
  6. The traditional Salami stuffed turkey went down a treat
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