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  1. This really is silly.... If it wasn’t for mafia here I wouldn’t have even downloaded discord again. The fact that I bailed the last time was testament to the fact that it’s not my kind of thing. As for allegiance or whatever other term people throw around, I have none, zilch. I don’t care if one side hates the other, I don’t care if both sides hate each other I don’t care about any of it. I check in sporadically and if I see someone on either server who is a boring cunt I just log straight out. I won’t say discord is shit because obviously a lot of you enjoy it for various reasons, but
  2. I had to self quarantine due to the global threat of Coragnar Virus. Stay safe!
  3. I’ll have to keep an eye out for when she hurls pork fat sandwiches to Alex
  4. I wonder how many Fender Basses fit in Duff’s vagina?
  5. You and me both. That talentless emo faggot killed GnR for me
  6. The Axl sandwich would give you strep throat
  7. He will do nothing, they’ll continue to half ass it and make that moolah
  8. The Duff- Spineless baby chicken, pork butt with lipstick marks on it, avocados to look all hip and annoyingly squeaky cheese (just like his music), all on some gay ass artisan bread full of woke seeds and grain.
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