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  1. The vocals are nothing short of horrific. Someone should kidnap Duff's mic and burn it, toot sweet.
  2. Salsh Borski


    I don’t currently have pets. Unless you include the cats and dogs I eat every time I order Chinese food.
  3. Or substitute! OK back to picking on Skeeter now.
  4. I hang salami from my bedroom ceiling. The late night hunger is cured just as well as my product. Remember tomorrow is 2for 1 Saturday!
  5. HOW DARE YOU??? Well now that you have insulted my livelihood and life’s work, I’m going to point out your typo in the thread title. Take that! #Dorito’sRULE
  6. He is me, I am he.  The number of the beast.   #Salami

  7. I can’t be the only pervert here surely? No other fan forums in the world are like GnR forums... you talk to one of these crazy dish washing, floor scrubbers for 10 mins and they send you tit pics.
  8. I’m feeling ashamed that my attempt at sarcasm has fallen flat. 😓 I just wanted Skeeter to kiss my ass like he did to JB, just to see how it feels. I’ll just get back to playing with my length of Salami.
  9. He gets a lot of shit does our Skeet... I think the universe needs to be balanced out. Skeeter, you da man.
  10. That place is filled with absolute nutcases.
  11. It doesn’t matter anyway, Axy Waxy will be adding another 476 layers of mush on top of the existing 463 layers each song has. Also Duff will be adding genuine punk to them, Brain won’t recognise the final mixes.
  12. He was probably just stunned at how fat Axl is and how absolutely terrible he sounds. Also seeing a hipster chick in the band and Fortus pomping around camp as Christmas couldn’t have helped. Not even Duff’s genuine punk aura can balance that out.
  13. I cannot go there, the mere mention of my name gets people banned. They are Salamist.
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