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  1. neurotic outsiders has the best songs because steve jones is a much superior songwriter the izzy albums are great
  2. yeah, my estimates are even worse, i guess he must have spent about 90 to 150 days tops on that album
  3. the only podcaster in the planet who has access to axel wont interview axel
  4. oh fuck i am gonna have to add podcaster to the never ending qualifications of new york times best selling author, martial arts enthusiast, financial expert, blonde king of yoga, punk as fuck duff rose mckagan
  5. this must have been the show that was half empty and the lead singer of the brazilian band who opened for them was shocked at how axel was not selling tickets
  6. 1985 ' great 1986 ' brilliant 1987 ' 1991 - best ever 1992 ' what happened 1993 ' what the fuck is wrong with you 1994 - 2000 - what the fuck are you into, dude 2001 - 2002 - oh no 2006 - 2010 - oh no please stop this shit 2011 - 2014 - no no no please stop this shit now 2016 - 2020 - where the fuck is izzy
  7. your list has only 2 GNR shows they are both great but Rio 1991 second night is the best, specially if someone can find the lost footage with bad apples and rocket queen etc obvious picks that are not on your list would be cathouse 1989 and the three 1991 warm up gigs that were SHOT ON FILM add SBD audio to that and you have gnr movies like no one has ever seen if axel had any consideration for his fans he would pay 50.000 dollars for whoever edited Ritz 1988 to work on said footage during the social isolation times
  8. hey frans i watched some of your videos on a crazy japanese or chinese youtube type of site why don't you post this one there?
  9. axcuse #198 "he is emottionally damaged"
  10. axel is so fucking dumb and blind and self-centered that he didn't even notice that he had 4 people by his side in guns n' roses
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