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  1. Got this on my Izzy Stradlin google alert today Podcast "Guns n' Radio" analyses the song "Difference" by Izzy Stradlin Clicked on the link and found a 20-plus episodes podcast where two guys are aiming to talk about all songs from the Guns n Roses catalogue, be it an actual Guns n' Roses song or a solo song by a GN'R member "Wow... nice! Let me give it a listen" I chose to listen the "Difference" episode (the one that appeared on the alert) where they talk about the Izzy song. Then I find episode has 35 minutes "What? Fuck, what type of lunatic hardcore fan has got so much fucking info on this fucking song to talk this long about it?" Well, the answer is: the fucking lazy kind. These two fuckers actually spent 25 minutes... - Talking about themselves - Explaining that one of them has never listened to the song before and "is going cold turkey on this one" - Discovering ("live" on air) that Hollywood Rose songs Killing Time and Rocker were never recorded by GN'R - And some useless mumbling about how Team Brazil shouldn't fuck with the guy that leaked the Buckethead albums Then, 25 minutes in, they play the song Difference and they can't understand shit of what Izzy is singing One of the fuckers, who has a truly heavy fucking Midwest accent, has the fucking nerve to give ONE star out of FIVE to the song "Would i put this up when I go and get milk from the store? No!" I can't wait to see how much precious info these dudes are gonna share on the upcoming episodes http://gunsnradio.wordpress.com/2020/01/20/episode-021-difference/
  2. About the design "Beavis, you monkeyspank." Product details Each purchase directly supports the original artist. Created by fans, for fans. Printed and shipped from Toronto, Canada using premium water-based soft hand inks. Earn Punch Points with each purchase. Colors may vary by size. buy here = http://www.shirtpunch.com/sweet-butt-o-mine
  3. Since GN'R is not coming back together in the foreseeable future and it doesn't make any sense to keep on destroying their songs every other night, W. Axl Rose, owner of the Guns n' Roses name, should just tell his yes-people that he won't play GN'R covers anymore and, instead, he/they will now play 20 covers they never played before Starting with this song Axl can even dedicate this song to Guns n' Roses Think about it for a second See? Now give me the other 19 never-played-before songs that you want they to play
  4. cbgbs 1987 makes me want axl, izzy, slash, steven and that punk fuck to write, record, release and perform live an acoustic album
  5. Wouldn't that be too soft? Do you reckon China could be more effective? Or maybe Amazon? Walmart? I hear they all like to "push" their employees === Anyway, "buyer" would need to accomplish 2 things 1) An actual Guns n' Roses reunion That alone would guarantee the creation of 50-100 songs per year by Izzy, Slash and that punk as fuck guy; Axl would be allowed to come up with as many piano and synth tracks as he likes. 2) Get Axl to record vocals He would need to put vocals to something like 20 or 30 GNR songs per year (2 albums). No clean voice (Mickey) allowed. No need to write lyrics also. Izzy is way better than him at that. Plus that would save Axl the embarrassment of singing his latter-day unbelievably embarrassing self-pity / self-victimizing lyrics. Fuck that sounds like a solution Is Bezos into GN'R?
  6. MONTREAL, JAN 11TH, 2020 - Guns n' Roses Canadian superfan Avril Stone, 19, CEO of the official Axl Rose Canadian Fan Club (ARCFC) in Montreal, is worried -- "I am scared, actually!", she explains -- that the latest Slash's recording with Elton John may be seen as "evil backstabbing" by legendary Guns n' Roses owner W. Axl Rose. "Axl is Elton's biggest fan", she says. "I can't believe Slash did this to Axl. This is high betrayal! No one can do this to Axl! Slash should know it! This is as bad as if, like, you know, my boyfriend went to a Guns n' Roses concert without taking me with him, you know? I would never, ever, ever, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever, forgive that! I am afraid Axl won't too! Not on this lifetime!". Avril believes that the next 72 hours will be "crucial" for Slash's career in Guns n' Roses. "Axl can fire Slash at any moment now", she says. "I don't think that, as the owner and indisputable leader and mastermind of Guns n' Roses, he will tolerate this kind of erratic behaviour by an employee!" Avril says ARCFC's official website will cover this story "in real time" as it develops. She says that Axl Rose fans can check for official updates at http://www.arcfc.com/axlcucked.html
  7. GNR needs to get back together first and THEN it can break up again
  8. you mean bill and his hired fucks? has gnr ever "existed" after jeff left?
  9. vehicular blues is at least 1800x times better than any of the axl rose solo songs in circulation including the entire CD album and all the known leaks from CD era does anyone have the lyrics to it?
  10. BRAUNSCHWEIG, Oct 27, 2019: German scientists have discovered that the Buckethead & Bootsy Collins' cover of "Monster Mash" is superior to all W. Axl Rose solo songs ever written. “We have been actively searching for a song that can be considered "worse" than an Axl Rose solo song", explains Professor Ulrich Joger of the State Musical Museum in Braunschweig, Germany. "Last month we got word that Bucket Collins and Bootsy Head had recorded a cover of "Monster Mash" and we got really excited. We thought we finally had found it”. "But this song is actually far superior to all the Axl Rose songs that we know, including the unreleased leaks", says the Professor. "We actually have run several tests on "Monster Mash" and came up with an astonishing find. Contrary to all our expectations, the song rocks and grooves more than any solo song ever written, recorded and/or performed by W. Axl Rose". So, will the search resume? "Yes, of course!", says the Professor. "We are not quitters. We have to find this song".
  11. Axl Rose band has just performed an atrocious version of the Guns n' Roses song Dead Horse live somewhere in USA Do NOT waste your time on youtube listening to it I already did that for you you can thank me later
  12. ludurigan

    Disc 4

    someone link me please Edit- thanks so much!
  13. American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AXL) Consensus EPS Outlook Analyst Journal AXL rose 9.87%, climbed 3.79% and sank -11.67% in the week, one month and six months, respectively. The most recent short interest data show ... LINK = http://thewellesleysnews.com/2019/04/05/american-axle-manufacturing-holdings-inc-axl-consensus-eps-outlook/
  14. "Possibly the biggest single influence on the character of Becky was Axl Rose – and, on her professional trajectory, Guns N’ Roses.” “Axl Rose supposedly came back from some time spent in the desert with a woman who functioned as his spiritual in-between. You had to go through her. And the band obviously viewed this as something of an annoyance. I was very intrigued by that, not because it’s funny or it’s foolish, but because it speaks to a deep sense of actual belief on behalf of the person". "If you don’t cast judgement on it, that this character has this ‘person’ next to them at all times, then the question is, ‘What does that say about Becky?’ She’s determined that this is necessary for her (...) I just liked the idea that Becky had to believe in something, she couldn’t be an empty vessel of personality traits and manias (...) She’s not just a crazy maniac who yells and screams.” Screenwriter and Movie Director Alex Ross Perry, on the inspiration for Becky, the main character in his new movie "Her Smell" SOURCE = http://beatroute.ca/2019/04/04/elisabeth-moss-meditates-on-chaos-of-fame-in-alex-ross-perrys-her-smell/
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