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  1. American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AXL) Consensus EPS Outlook Analyst Journal AXL rose 9.87%, climbed 3.79% and sank -11.67% in the week, one month and six months, respectively. The most recent short interest data show ... LINK = http://thewellesleysnews.com/2019/04/05/american-axle-manufacturing-holdings-inc-axl-consensus-eps-outlook/
  2. "Possibly the biggest single influence on the character of Becky was Axl Rose – and, on her professional trajectory, Guns N’ Roses.” “Axl Rose supposedly came back from some time spent in the desert with a woman who functioned as his spiritual in-between. You had to go through her. And the band obviously viewed this as something of an annoyance. I was very intrigued by that, not because it’s funny or it’s foolish, but because it speaks to a deep sense of actual belief on behalf of the person". "If you don’t cast judgement on it, that this character has this ‘person’ next to them at all times, then the question is, ‘What does that say about Becky?’ She’s determined that this is necessary for her (...) I just liked the idea that Becky had to believe in something, she couldn’t be an empty vessel of personality traits and manias (...) She’s not just a crazy maniac who yells and screams.” Screenwriter and Movie Director Alex Ross Perry, on the inspiration for Becky, the main character in his new movie "Her Smell" SOURCE = http://beatroute.ca/2019/04/04/elisabeth-moss-meditates-on-chaos-of-fame-in-alex-ross-perrys-her-smell/
  3. What is Team Brazil? Is it the people responsible for the fake reunion tour?
  4. yeah that's the typical stuff that everyone that listened to three izzy solo songs like to say on the forums
  5. yeah izzy didn't do anything except ten nice albums
  6. After the fake-reunion, loot-tour nonsense I suppose these three guys couldn't care less about "blowing the mystique" -- cause that's precisely what they did night after night by playing with Axl's employees instead of Izzy and Adler But i guess i can see what you mean... In a live setting people are there just for those few hours, the suond is never perfect, people drunk etc, so it is pretty much a forgettable thing... Having a CD or some mp3 files of new studio music with you is a completely different story because it will always be there and you can listen to it anytime and if it is no good you will know that everytime you click play... Do you think Axl was "telling the GNR story over" on CD? How so? You reckon the lyrics are about the band and its members?
  7. an acoustic version of Killing Time with just Axl, Izzy and Slash would pretty much save the fake reunion fiasco and redeem mankind
  8. oh sorry, you said i said i thought it was "for the better" then i got lost in your picasso/warhol thing
  9. - Everybody thinks Guns N’ Roses were this really dangerous band, but Guns N’ Roses actually had a moral fiber and a moral center to them. Of all the bands I worked with, Mötley Crüe were literally willing to push anything to the breaking point…I think that they were willing to push anything as deep and dark as it could possibly go, to the limits of the human psyche. If you use your imagination and understanding of that, there's a certain terror and exhilaration in a group of people that are willing to push the boundaries to the absolute limit. - Tom Zutaut, asked if he would like to "add something about Motley Crue or The Dirt", Billboard interview, April 2019 http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8505680/tom-zutaut-interview-the-dirt Urban Dictionary: moral fiber Moral fiber is the capacity to do what is right, no matter what the circumstance. A business person with strong moral fiber, for example, would decline a bribe, and ...
  10. hopefully so wonder what is it 1 - interview? 2 - new song? 3 - new album? 4 - gnr reunion? i think it is likely 1, 2 and 3
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