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  1. Good to see him holding up those stubby fingers which can't handle the Sweet Child O' Mine intro. Stupid fingers!
  2. Terence Trent D'Arby is way more talented. Lenny has talent but he's aped so much shit from other musicians who came before him. Terence has recorded some really cool and unique albums. Lenny gives me Oprah appearance shit-chills.
  3. Thank you, sir. My experience with all other GNR forums are uniform. They're all gay and shit. That GNR Truth forum had some of the most pathetic individuals I've ever bore online witness to.
  4. The only song on hell's jukebox is American Woman by Lenny Kravitz. He's like the Foo Fighters. Rock music for people who hate rock.
  5. Popped in to see what this "mafia" shit is all about. Seems to be a bunch of gay arguments and finger-pointing. That's disappointing.
  6. I'm officially jealous. Did you see any of the '02 shows?
  7. Classic bitch Axl. The guy had the world by the balls. Money, fame, power over weak bandmates, and all the booze, drugs and top-shelf pussy a man could ever need. But he still had to be a temperamental bitch.
  8. Guns N' Roses are clearly the most retarded and uncreative band in the universe. Why am I still a fan of these useless dickheads? They are repulsively shit, yet I cannot look away.
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