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  1. Axl Cornell Staley Gaye John fucking fogarty John lennon Liam gallagher Blood on the tracks era Dylan (1974-1975) Cobain (1993) Steve perry Hendrix (not a great singer but instantly recognisable) Robbie plant Ian gillan All four members of abba Rod stewart
  2. So in light of Crues The Dirt finally dropping, i started thinking about how a gnr bio pic could be done, but done not shit. Title : Guns N Roses Structure it in 5 chapters ala Tarantino Chapter one: Welcome to the jungle Axl arriving l.a, same shot as the video, this chapter covers the bands early days and incarnations, ending as they form and start their club days Chapter 2: appetitite for destruction This chapter shows the recording of the album, slash getting his les paul copy, and the following tour as the albu, builds up momentum. This chapter will breifly cover the lies period and focus on the drug aspect from all band members side, ending on stevens last gig at farm aid. Chapter 3: the perils of rock n roll decadence The use your rillusion tour. Chapter opens with the heart beats sounds of coma playing over newscast footage of lines of people outside towers records on the eve of the albums release, a montage of crowds running into huge stadiums where we see the giant uyi stage empty, then bam we are in the middle of the band playing perfect crime in st. Lious. Cover the riot, behind the scenes drama over the tour, and the general madness of it all. End chapter on the final brazil gig in 93 Chapter 4: a failure to communicate The 1995/6 sessions, axl no showing, snakepit, the one by one leaving of band members and then focus this whole chapter to axl trying to make CD, ala brian wilson pet sounds, alot of time flash forward, news arcticles throughout the years can be used as a device for this and plug in velvet revolver, the album is released and briefly cover the 09/10 tour Chapter 5: there was a time The band reunites, well 3/5 anyway, cards on the table talking their shit over, the rehearsals and finding the old magic, end on the troubadour gig, the intro to it's so easy blares as they take the stage behind the drum risers in the giant gnr logo, cut to credits. The end. Thats about 5 mins work. Thoughts?
  3. Just curious what everyones brutally honest thoughts are about MYGNR forum? Like what are its main problems as a forum?
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