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  1. Can someone fucking send me a fucking link to the goddamn fucking leaks? Fucking please
  2. One of you motherfuckers PM me a link. Oh ugh...yeah...please/now/immediately?
  3. If only Perfect Crime, the UYI doc could be found in a storage locker. I'd bid atleast a tenner for it like
  4. http://images.app.goo.gl/2rqoyV8Jexmsj5fb6 Fatcon 1: 3000 bc Promotors of the Garden Of Eden concert are agast to discover one of Slashes snakes has escaped from the guitarists trailer and is reported to have directly caused the refusal of entry to a pair of Fans named only Adam and Eve for the consumption of forbidden material. Meanwhile, Axl Rose is stewing in his trailers as he has been informed the Band are forbidden fom playing the song Garden Of Eden, which was an alternate on the set, along with The Garden. As a result the band goes on 2 hours late, plays nighttrain, Brownstown, after which Axl has a 20 Minute rant about being oppressed by concert officials and any type of religious deity that dictates how he should express himself as an artist. 'I Dont need that shit. YOU dont need that shit'. Axl dedicates Double Talking Jive to god and runs off for a quick costume change.
  5. Goddamn that stage must be constructed with high grade sturdy material. Didnt even crack
  6. I see your sister eats a sundae best She looks so pleased but i eat the rest Im out to gorge no need to try To take it away Its so easy easy When everybodies trying to feed me Baybah Its so easy easy When everybodies tryin to feed me Cars are crashing every night I ate their tires and their headlights Cos suddenly i ran out of fries It happens almost every night (Chorus) So easy...but nothing seems to fill me But it feels so right, with mcdonalds in my sight See me que up you close down I see you standing there You say you've no food Why dont you just COOK MORE (Solo) I get burgers for nothing And nice menus too Turn about beta i got a recipe for you Besides you aint got nothing better than food For my gorge (Chorus) So easy...but nothing seems to fill me After every shite, i reach for another bite Come dine with me But Dont ask me where your food goes Ill try to sneak food Into my mouth TIL I FUCKING BLOW Its so easy So fucking easy Its so greasy! Yeah so fucking cheesy! Its so meaty! Yeah Obesity!
  7. You can actually see the autism running down his cheeks
  8. Shoot it my way, would do with a good laugh
  9. Axl Cornell Staley Gaye John fucking fogarty John lennon Liam gallagher Blood on the tracks era Dylan (1974-1975) Cobain (1993) Steve perry Hendrix (not a great singer but instantly recognisable) Robbie plant Ian gillan All four members of abba Rod stewart
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