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  1. Sorry to hear that man, i did ban someone that night though.
  2. Plz remind me to not fuckin' open Axxl's twitter mainpage again, shit can't be unseen!!!
  3. Well the gnr sub on reddit (GnR's social media guy Josh who infiltrated the sub and became a mod, see pic) decided that anyone who would open another "Fernando bashing" topic would be banned. A bit later another mod asked Fernando if he would do a Q&A topic on which he agreed and started answering questions Someone asked him if he would come back to discord to do voicechat and Fernando said no because people recorded it, while he specifically requested not to record the conversation. Few days later i asked in the Q&A topic if anyone was recording it and the rest is history
  4. I'm sorry guys but i've just learned that it's all my fault........ WTF
  5. the fact that a third party release of a single song guest performance is the most exciting thing to come out for the last decade, is the perfect example of this bands current state.
  6. http://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665693081483477014/736028041024897055/DUFFS_are_bad_hmmmkay_2.mp4
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