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  1. And in this corner, weighing in at 850 Pounds!!
  2. This video was made to show how great the legacy of Guns N' Roses is and how Team Brazil is destroying that legacy by removing all videos from the web. With this action they completely erase the history and prevent present and future fans to be able to see what the greatest rock n' roll band in the world looks like. I know this video isnt gonna magically stop Team Brazil from making incompetend decisions and it probably won't do shit anyways but for what it's worth. Please SHARE THE FUCK OUT OF IT if ya can. Download link in the description GET IN THE RING!!!
  3. No sign of Wanker yet, also didnt attend a preparty last night while anounced he was coming. Anyone has his adres or knows which pizza hut he works?
  4. Imagine Wanker getting his shit pushed in on a dailey base in jail
  5. Dude, dafuck is your problem? Calling out peoples names, what are you trying to reach with that? Even if these people would hoard we can thank you, because thanks to posts like this they will hoard even harder. Demanding and un thankfull people like yourself are definitely the reason to hoard stuff. You don't know jack shit what they might have and it seems you don't even realize what was released in the past. Do you even know how much money it costs to buy the right equipment for vhs transfers and how much time you have to invest to get a great capture. Have you ever tried to get a low gen videotape from a filmer yourself? Finding the right sources in a time there was no internet, placing ads in certain magazines and send videotapes around the world by snail mail hoping to obtain a master or first gen casette author it and put it on dvd. Maybe you should try it once and find out it's a fucking pain in the ass to create a proper release, only for people to complain and demand more free stuff or even worse, people selling the dvds you create from hard obtained low gen sources. Would that make you hoard? Instead show some respect for the stuff that was released by certain people. Tell me, what is your contribution to the gnr bootleg community? Or are you one of them lazy cunts sitting on their ass all day long demanding stuff?
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