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  1. Trump Trump, do the Trumpty Trump. Trump 2020 motha fuckas! (Sir Mix-A-Lot) remix
  2. Lmao! This is not a competition, however, Cornell is certainly a better songwriter, even in death. Axl needs the band to help. Cornell didn’t need a band.
  3. I saw Cornell live a few times. Saw Audioslave and Soundgarden twice. Always killer. The best show was his acoustic show for the Higher Truth tour imo. He had the ability to make covers his own songs, but his songwriting level was elite. I did see Soundgarden almost exactly a month before he died. Definitely one of the best rock singers and songwriters of all time. It is a travesty that he is dead.
  4. Didn’t have these visuals at any show I’ve been to, but proper for the sound.
  5. Cool dude. I saw Buckethead with Primus at Ozzfest in 99. Been a Bucket fan ever since. I was stoked when he joined GNR. Then I was disappointed in the GNR 2002 tour cancellation that I had tickets for. I have not seen Buckethead without him playing to prerecorded tracks other than with Primus, but it’s still a kick ass show.
  6. Haha! Brain was told to learn Freese’s drum parts note for note on CD. I don’t know why. Only Axl does.
  7. Too many to decide on, but for the uninitiated, and for good hangover music, I would start listening to the Colma album. Brain plays drums on it. I believe Brain is the best drummer GNR has ever had. Not dissing Adler, Sorum, Freese, or Ferrer. But talent wise, Brain.
  8. Right? I’ve contributed a bunch of my money to GNR, but leaks used to be easy. I believe I got banned from “the truth” for trying to download shit that they set up as fake, apparently. Found the link from here to another site. Uptown terry bullshit from that site was password protected. Supposed to be a rehearsal or some shit from 2014. I didn’t even have an account on that site. That’s seriously psycho level when I clicked a link to download and they found my IP address to ban me from their bullshit “truth” site for trying it. The truth is “The Truth” hurts. 😂
  9. http://youtube.com/watch?v=/0DAnJVZBu3Q I recorded this vid at the High Dive in Gainesville, FL 2 years ago, but tonight was basically the same kick ass show as before. A few new pikes. Dude writes more songs than anyone on the planet. I hope that one day we will hear more of the genius that Buckethead contributed to in that chicken coop for CD II.
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