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  1. Doxxing the guy will likely bring trouble to the site. I'll PM you.
  2. So why bring her name up then? A lot of people have been threatened by this guy over the years, and he got away with it for the most part because people wrongly assumed it to be someone else.
  3. Lol, are you joking?? After all the digging (and subsequent unmasking of Warchild/Mojo/Jim) during the takedowns and threats, you still think it's fucking Maribeth?? Hi 2012!!
  4. No offense, but the fact you still think Warchild was a "her" shows just how far you are off the mark here.
  5. I think I understand what this guy is saying. Most people think Axl dictates terms, however he has uncovered the real power lies with Slash and Duff Money. He has ascertained that Axl was desperate for money and was foprced to reach out to Slash to make the reunion a reality, thus losing his power handing victory to Slash. He points out that Universal own the 'Chinese Democracy 2' recordings and will dictate if and when they are released. Universal forced the release of Chinese Democracy when it became evident Rose wasn't confident enough to let go, to recoup what they could of their $13m investment. Slash is his own boss and doesn't conform to the demands of Rose and his family. Same with Duff Money.
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