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  1. write a post about Axl guilty of beating women, If he's here he won't be able to hold back from protecting his prince
  2. Yes but he settled out of court so he wouldn't face a trial. Only @GUNNER will say otherwise.
  3. Yes you are, would you like to share your story with the others? It may help others overcome their own traumas Is this the right one?
  4. 😂😂 Congratulations on becoming a Daddy
  5. I'm a relatively new poster (female) and i like it here and if nobody minds i'll stick around. You have a cool site @John Bonham and the rest of you guys are pretty awesome too. A few cunts too. I have a top 5 favorite posters so far which i'm sure will change in time, anyways thanks for not saying fuck off when i first joined xxx
  6. Where did you say that EXACTLY?
  7. BREAKING NEWS....intellectual discussion on Gnfnr forum...no fat, no shit...this is amazing folks...it’s live now..
  8. I've always liked Duff, he seems sweet 😍
  9. what percentage do you think is fat Axl?
  10. I said it's been remastered. What's your problem with that?
  11. I don't believe it's new vocals. Just remastered to sound better. Shame we can't get Axl remastered live
  12. What? I don't expect an album from Axl. If he does release something and it's anything remotely like CD it'll be shit. I don't think they care about an album, they're mega rich and have other outlets for their creativity. The way I see it is, the balls in Axl's court and he doesn't exactly believe in rushing things.
  13. He's sulking because he got killed in the Mafia game⚰️
  14. I don't think we're doing that either, purely out of respect for Gunner (RIP)😉
  15. It was fucking gross. I think he got a 12 month ban.
  16. So we know that at least once he went to rehearsal, obviously didn't rehearse though.
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