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  1. That's my thinking too. If we don't hear from Mags soon i'll vote Mags. Ragner concerns me though
  2. Do we know that Mags is Slash? I'm not sure, could he be an indy (Fernando) I'm doing my head in with all this thinking.
  3. Val isn't mafia. Anyone of us could of done the final vote, everyone who voted before Val is equally to blame, including me
  4. I'm waiting on him and Mags. Are we 100% on JB being a good guy?
  5. what about an avenger, he could be one of them? If he doesn't respond soon i'll vote him
  6. @magisme what's your response to these votes? Who are you if you're not Slash?
  7. I'm doubtful of JB, Ragner seems iffy. I'm not trusting my instincts too much as i was certain PS was Mafia. I'm leaning towards a vote for JB.
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