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  1. I love christmas, i spend too much, eat and drink too much and i love it. Buying gifts is good as long as i know what to get for everyone. I don't do any of the church and jesus shit though. Santa gets the credit for filling the stocking, that's all. The kids knew from a young age that Mum and Dad buy the good stuff under the tree. Merry christmas ya filthy animals x
  2. I think @magisme played the best game. I played my worst game ever. I'm looking forward to the next game, I'm gonna be awesome
  3. Warchild now reports links to Invision.
  4. Meerkats are smart and cute, what more could you ask for?
  5. I have always thought of you as a one of a kind, a fluid binary lesbian meerkat
  6. Yeah but you wasn't a real mafia, you are part town. You lost a bit too
  7. edited now 😀 I can't believe i did that!!
  8. I doubt it'll be at christmas , too much housework
  9. I doubt it, I don't. I like you but not to eat
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