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  1. If i played it'd turn into a bitchfest. I can't be arsed with wankers like him ⬇️
  2. This one for next month?
  3. If you want to talk to her message her yourself
  4. I did it a different colour because it's not my post
  5. PART 2 You're all out here and on discords, calling someone a fag, someone an e-girl, but wasn't it you who told me the gayest shit ever? I quote: "With Magisme leaving, I feel like Axl after Izzy left in 91 and now I just don't care- I'll replace him with a Gilby and become a shadow of my former self", jokes or not, I lol'd, "You guys stole mags from me" and you went as far as to wish Deadstar to get 'breast cancer' because Mags committed this horrible sin of joining a server he barely ever posted on. You know, the same Mags who's very first posts on the mentioned server were but favorable t
  6. A MESSAGE FROM JINX. @El Brasky @bacardimayne Brasky, let's do it like this. My introduction to you guys was that first GNR discord server(BB), about year ago, right? Between then and now, what have I done to you, personally? Nothing. You were made fun of by everyone and their dog, you had your shitfeuds I ,personally, never gave a damn about, you were doxed(and the pics of your wife were shared, too)- and though I didn't know you that well, I sort of stuck up for you, as I would've for anyone who get's doxed. Remember, back when you were all anti-dox and all that jazz? Guess not, give
  7. Deadstar

    The Next Game

    There are exceptions to every rule 😉
  8. Deadstar

    The Next Game

    @GnRLiars you hosted the best game ever, therefore, i think you should host. I'm off on my holiday so have an awesome game 😄
  9. You want milk? or are you just sleepy?
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