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  1. @bacardimayne what’s with the extra bad mood?
  2. Deadstar

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    I guess Ashba misses it
  3. Deadstar

    Guns N' Roses — Seven — Release Date Pool

    September 1-7
  4. Deadstar

    Gn’R Buenos Aires ‘93

    1993 the last time they were great
  5. Fake son, lol husband. Bollocks nothing but bollocks. Creepy too
  6. Fuck off Beta, he is not your son 🤥
  7. Deadstar

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    Sante d' orazio. He's the photographer* who took the naked Axl/skull photo *or Axl's boyfriend? #bumchum
  8. Deadstar

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    Geraldine was always waiting to be here
  9. Deadstar

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    This one @John Bonham
  10. Deadstar

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    That one @John Bonham?
  11. Deadstar

    Locked & Loaded. Arrived

    Never seen carpet before?
  12. Deadstar

    Locled n' Loaded Box down to $499......50% off

    like the guys that bought this could have a wife
  13. Deadstar


    Not a guy. This was my first thread and I don’t intend to spam the forum with multiple threads on a daily basis