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  1. Is being a cunt a disease? I think Axl has it.
  2. I see Mrs Fortus is posting again
  3. I only like ice cream that's been melted in the microwave. Vanilla.
  4. I see it as a term of endearment from you 🥰
  5. I voted DS. I don't mind if he calls me a retard, who the fuck cares what you get called? It's part of the game.
  6. Good game, very intense. Well played @Damn_Smooth and @popcorn's snare I'm well proud to have made it to the last day before i got lynched I'm not shit at maths 100%
  7. Fuck. This is so hard to decide. vote Damn smooth
  8. Axl has produced absolutely fuck all of any worth since '94
  9. I'm returning to KFC for my vote, reason? that whole voting for himself then back-peddling at the first chance. I don't think Red Hook has given any mafia vibes Damn Smooth is always hard to suss out because of the grumpy issue, VOTE: KFC
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