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  1. I feel sorry for Ragnar. He didn't know how old Skeeter's daughter was when he said that, did he? Because of Skeeters age he maybe thought his kids were grown ups. If he was aware of the kid's age then he's a cunt and i don't feel sorry for him On topic. I have my bush waxed TB style
  2. There was that one day in 2016 when he was ok...
  3. Don't be grouchy, one of these guys could be the new Gunner. Or someone nice.
  4. Stop flirting guys, just decide who's the bottom and fuck. @Skeeter and @Ragnar
  5. seems the same
  6. Did you read what i changed in the quote?
  7. I don't think that's balls, it's stupidity. He had the email telling him not to go and he posts his pics on FB. He's a fucking idiot
  8. Axl has had no 'big guns' since '92.
  9. I believe his name is W, no other letters just W. W.Axl Rose W for wanker i believe
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