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  1. Does Cardi even want to go back to the WR?
  2. I know you didn't say it, he did. If you check on Reddit, there are screenshots from TM to a minor, posted by the kid he sent them to.
  3. I'm not a lesbian and i've never asked any kids to join.
  4. No relapse. London's band has a song Relapse which Slash features on.
  5. It's my personal favourite track along with Dandelion. Brian Jones era is the best.
  6. I find Miser's posts/thoughts very disturbing, a great study for anyone doing their psychology dissertation though.
  7. @arnold layneWhat's the stuff between the eggs and bacon?
  8. Get over it. I hate nobody, Are you really that bothered about TM getting banned from WR? He's banned everywhere else
  9. You make too many threads. Tell them to make their own
  10. Alright grumpy. Queen are shit.
  11. Dookie was good then they went downhill fast
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