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  1. And it's been misery for us all ever since! I'll show myself out.
  2. I'm glad someone else sees through his bullshit. auad is an autistic faggot.
  3. You know GNR are well and truly dead when a cemetery discussion is in full swing.
  4. "He remembers back to childhood when he first picked up a guitar and is humbled by his achievements, crediting his unwillingness "to take no for an answer from that day forward" Slash: "I can get away without signing the band over to you, right?" Axl: "No." Slash: "Sweet, bro." Slash: "So, uh, how's about a pre-nup?" Perla: "No." Slash: "Awesome. Sounds cool." Slash: "Hey Axl, wanna record some new shit?" Axl: "No." Slash: "Very good, sir."
  5. 5. Don't be auad. He still won't get it. This I guarantee.
  6. ...or releasing a song in the past 10 years. And no, Shadow of Your Anus doesn't count.
  7. Axl looks trim next to Beta. Who needs hot models when you have an obese Brazilian slopbucket?
  8. As someone who originally hails from Australia, I feel it's only reasonable that I apologize for the existence of Baz Luhrmann's films.
  9. Anal* Clooney awarded "Global Citizen of the Year" by the United Nations. Bullshit award goes to bullshit individual; checks out. She also looks like Paul Stanley (only more masculine). I feel George is covered under the "Other Retards" clause of this thread. *not a typo
  10. Don't mind auad. He's Brazilian and hence cannot be reasoned with.
  11. Does anyone outside of Guantanamo listen to solo GNR material?
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