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  1. Was he stiffed of his songwriting credits and publishing too?
  2. I dunno about Reese but I have it on good authority that the new album heavily features Frank Richards in both the songwriting and guitaring departments. He's literally all over the new album.
  3. A lot of wanking. Just like an average 16 year old I guess...
  4. I'm ashamed to say I've never really given the "modern" Stones albums the thorough listening they probably deserve.
  5. Was the original movie design for Sonic all that bad? Looked OK to me, not a disaster like the Michael Bay Ninja Turtles or Transformers...that shit was horrid.
  6. My driver's door has recently started to refuse to unlock, making me clamber through the passenger door. I cleared the car out of all goodies and leave it unlocked now.
  7. Because he's a self aggrandizing, delusional, obsessed, cock-chugging piece of shit. Stick around long enough and you'll see for yourself.
  8. Any weather is decent ice cream weather...especially with sprinkles!
  9. He has tons of stuff in his vault. Between No More Tears and Ozzmosis (so say 93-94) there was an album or at least a bunch of "demos" done with Mark Hudson and Steve Dudas for a supposed Beatle-esque album that I believe was to be called "OZZYLAND" or something. Max Cavalera spoke of Ozzy playing it for him in the late 90s. Anyway, a handful of tracks (that might be from said album) leaked a few years ago and they are really cool. Oh No The Bitch Won't Go My New Rock and Roll Feels So Good To Be Bad Say Yeah Yeah Frustrated Yes I'm Hated Too Far Gone Dream For Tomorrow Denial Ghost Behind My Eyes Those last two tracks ended up on Ozzmosis in different forms. A lot of this new album seems to be in the same vein from what I've heard so far There is also the shelved album called "X RAY" from the same timeline that was allegedly going to be a band and not Ozzy solo album...Ozzy, Steve Vai, Bob Daisley and Deen Castronovo. The song "My Little Man" from Ozzmosis is a rerecorded version from X RAY. Vai and Sharon fell out over $$$...Ozzy said at the time it fell apart because it was going to cost too much to have the x ray of the band on the cover and the label were worried that people wouldn't know who the album was by. There's also a proper, 4/4 Black Sabbath album from the early 2000s that never came out- but the track "Scary Dreams" was played live.
  10. Yeah, I ate a LOT of acid back in the day and sponging up that album while tripping is like being the Pink character in the movie. I remember one time after dumping these tabs with sunflowers on them my buddies and I went somewhere else listening to the 200 Motels soundtrack. I always found the horrid/confronting/bad trips to be the most memorable though.
  11. Yep. And then Scarlett stabbed Storm Shadow when she recovered... That suicide mission he went on (and Major Bludd was the baddy) was I think the last good story before it turned all ninjas and then Transformers.
  12. I loved the original Marvel comic by Larry Hama (and the toyline) as a kid. Snake Eyes loose in the Cobra Consulate was awesome.
  13. We all want more Exegol, oh yes. It was such a gripping and interesting part of such an enthralling installment of the beloved Skywalker saga (cough cough) I just can't wait to find out more about it. I'd prefer a movie about Gungans, seriously.
  14. You Could Be Mine is about as good as mean, hard rock gets. Locomotive is a high point for sure. I'm not about to deny November Rain and Estranged either- I know we've all heard them a thousand times too often but they are classic, epic songs.
  15. I've never been able to really enjoy the album. It's boring, and every original I was/am familiar with is a lot better than the GNR version. Ain't It Fun is great though.
  16. Miser, when are you going to weigh in on the big cheese's hair? We actually want to hear your thoughts on that.
  17. Inca Roads by FZ and the Mothers of Invention The Four Horsemen by Aphrodite's Child
  18. It's a Turd. Drug Raid at 4AM by LARD.
  19. Our very own Alex Ross wears the blue rose! Gary Moore was a legend.
  20. $haron wants you to buy vegetable's new album, he's just been diagnosed (in 2003) with a form of Parkinson's. The end is near, so make sure you buy up as much OZZY product as you can to save his life. Be sure to buy two copies each of the rerecorded Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman albums so they don't have to give Daisley and Kerslake any royalties!
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