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  1. Seems Ozzy touring in 2020 is going to be about as likely as that new Guns N Roses album coming out in 2020...
  2. England/UK in the 60s and 70s (probably 80s too) trumps everybody everywhere.
  3. I think I could get longtime Gunners Frank Richards and Dizzy Reese to come on your pod show. I have it on good authority that Frank Richards is all over the new album like flies on shit.
  4. Albert's album is called Incantation. Their last album was "Curse Of The Hidden Mirror" from 2001- it's the only album of theirs I don't own and haven't heard- it's out of print and always at dumb prices online. "Heaven Forbid" from 1998 sounds like what you're talking about to me. There's an awesome Buck fronted song called Harvest Moon on it, and Bobby Rondinelli plays drums on it and Bloom is in fine voice. Apparently Albert was super pissed when Pearlman took the Imaginos thing off him and had every man and his dog on it and that ended their relationship.
  5. He's fucking terrible. I'm sick of him being in fucking everything as well 🙆‍♂️
  6. Hey there, you seem to have forgotten Duane "The Rock" Johnson!?
  7. ON YOUR FEET OR ON YOUR KNEES...BLUE OYSTER CULT!!! Buck Dharma's solo album (Flat Out) is glorious, packed full of great tunes. Albert Bouchard did an album a few years ago called "Incantation"...have you heard it? He plays everything himself. You're probably the one who put me onto it in the first place, but anyway it's really bloody good. I got a friend of mine hooked on Imaginos, have you heard the "original" version by Albert Bouchard? It's on YouTube. They really are terribly underrated and overlooked. Their names should be as well known as Iommi and all those guys.
  8. The idea that they (GNR) are "building momentum" or in any way gearing up for anything other than more stale touring and embarrassing tatty merchandise that is based off of AFD is ridiculous. What was that word JB posted the definition of?
  9. Most of my posts here are done from the shitter. It's my temple of solitude.
  10. Oh wow. Thought you would have checked them out at least because of Buick Mackaine being one of the covers on The Spaghetti Incident? As an aside, I've always thought Don't Cry borrowed a lot from T Rex's Ballrooms of Mars...
  11. I love how in TROS especially, they just arrive at where they need to be immediately. They find the needle in the haystack straight away, then the roof shakes and the baddies are there, and then they zip off to find the next needle. At least they had to go through a bit of shit to get where they had to go in the original movies...but in these ones they just waltz in and out of these super heavily fortified locations without much hassle at all. How easy was it for them to blow up the death err starkiller base in TFA? What the fuck goes on when Finn and Rose are about to be executed in TLJ? What about most of everything that happened in TROS? As I said earlier, it's all like it's written by six year olds playing Star Wars dollies.
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