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  1. All of Fortus stuff was rerecorded by FRANK RICHARDS who plays and writes rings around old Gonzo the Great.
  2. Saw #StayoutforSharon in response to this hahaha.
  3. I dont think Contraband was much better either. That one really made me think Axl was the one with the songs.
  4. Wasted mentioned NIN, don't they have 20 remixes/"versions" of every song?
  5. Good god it's horrid. I would also like to dispute "Fall To Pieces" being anything like a good song. Out of the 4 albums listed by OP I guess I vote for the Snakepit album but I've never properly liked it either. Edit: I've never heard the Neurotic Outsiders. The Duran Duran connection and the way it was marketed made me give it a wide berth.
  6. There's a fuck ton of Metallica stuff, isn't there? All those b sides and what have you from the Load and Reload singles alone would make a poor GNR fan shit in his skintight jeans. I'm guessing The Grateful Dead would be up there.
  7. I always liked it...until the horrid album version.
  8. The new one is a steaming turd.
  9. I collect and grow plants. My main interest is the Nepenthes or Asian Pitcher Plant. Every viable window in my house has them hanging in and around them, and the house is full of plants in general. I have a large collection of Sarracenias (trumpet pitcher plants from North America) Dioneas (Venus Fly Traps) and Drosera (Sundews) outside as well as tons of orchids and cactus, including some exciting ones like Echinopsis pachinoides (San Pedro). I also have a bunch of Amorphophallus, including the notorious Amorphophallus titanum (latin for giant mis-shapen penis) or "Rotting Corpse Plant" that is the world's largest unsupported infloressence when it eventually flowers. But the main interest/collecting thing for me is the Nepenthes- I'm always hunting for them and shuffling them around in efforts to make room or trading them or giving them away as an excuse to get more.
  10. Had to Google a few of these (I ain't done too much of that book learnin) but this is gold.
  11. Can I get some Fatoush and baba dips to go with? PS I love you Falafel Man
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