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  1. Dirty Diamonds is indeed very strong- sounds like a 70s ACG album for the most part. Of course there's a song with Xzibit at the end that just has no business being there. The Eyes Of Alice Cooper gets a lot of praise but I only like the ballad off of it. Do give The Last Temptation a spin, it's a cracker. It's worth it for the opening number alone (Sideshow) which is one of his best ever songs in my opinion.
  2. I never gave the "blackout" albums the time of day until a few years ago. I've grown to love Dada a lot...it's definitely one of his best solo albums. Shame about Zipper Catches Skin, I never get anywhere with that one. I like 1995s The Last Temptation more and more with age.
  3. Agree. I thought the "extra" stuff could have been put on an EP with the cover they did. (My favorite Bungle album is Disco Volante)
  4. Alice was and is right up there with the best of em pal. What's obnoxious about the Coop? He stays out of everything and still puts on one hell of a show!
  5. Fucking lol no way Budd Alice rules especially in the 70s!
  6. I'm woefully in the dark when it comes to Zimmerman. I bought the Rolling Thunder Revue live a month or three ago because of Mick Ronson and shame.
  7. Ron fucking up once because he put a full face helmet on didnt bother me. Ashba fucking up on the regular because the material was too demanding did...especially when he would be posturing like he was nailing it.
  8. Anybody heard the latest Mr Bungle album, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny? It's a re-recording of their 1986 demo (and a bit more), this time with Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo. No "weird" jazz or ska, no reeded instruments...It's straight up mid 80s thrash/death metal. It's fucking amazing!
  9. I watched Once Upon A Time... Pitt and Damon are great. The whole rewriting history thing irks me for some reason, same deal with Inglorious. I know it's a "what if?" scenario but it just doesn't work for me.
  10. I'm quite sure it was Matt, but I'll let someone who's rock solid on dates and locations answer.
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