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  1. Doctor Dom

    Greta Van Fleet

    These guys have a lot of gall to just rip LZ so blatantly. Cue Gary Moore (and Ozzy) - Led Clones
  2. Doctor Dom

    Do you use tobacco products?

    I hate it when people who are "quitting" can't tolerate others smoking. If you cant handle someone's second hand smoke you aren't serious about quitting.
  3. Doctor Dom

    Do you use tobacco products?

    I smoked tobacco for 17 years, pack a day. Haven't smoked now for 18 months, cold turkey.
  4. Doctor Dom

    In defence of Chinese Democracy

    I dunno man, that song with honey in the title (honestly forget what its called) would be good if it wasn't for James's vocals. Actually the album would have been a lot better if Metallica weren't on it.
  5. If it weren't for your hang up on Asian women I'd say you had great taste.
  6. Doctor Dom

    Exclusive GNFNR Merchandise For Sale

    Best thread ever. Would buy all of this stuff.
  7. Doctor Dom


    Best part of this thread is where Borki is fagging out on Robin Finck. Haha, I used to wind him up about being a gay for Robin and Trent but lols it turns out he really is.
  8. Doctor Dom

    Guns N’ Roses Announce Axl Rose Is ‘Severely Fat’

    Just saw a current pic of Vince Neil. Fucking hell!
  9. Doctor Dom

    What Are You Listening II

    I'm still digesting Bowie's Blackstar album. I find it rather distressing in places...hard to swallow.
  10. Doctor Dom

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    That bit raised my eyebrows too. Best wishes Bobbo
  11. You should watch Twin Peaks The Return. That will fuck you.
  12. Doctor Dom

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    I've never gone much on Nirvana or Ffs but I can't help but Them Crooked Vultures is pretty sick and I like him as a drummer.
  13. Doctor Dom

    In defence of Chinese Democracy

    You leave my Axel alone fuck get in the ring pussy I'll fuck your ass punk. I see you standing there you think you're so cool why don't you just fuck off?