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  1. *stands up* Nobody talks about Angus Young like that pal!
  2. This is the honest truth, from that first concert with Ashba (Taipei?) and on until Slash and Duff came back I found no enjoyment in Axel's GNR other than taking the rightfully deserved piss out of it. I bought tickets to the 06/07 tour and still sort of bought into the idea of a nugnr but once Ashba was in GUNS N ROSES I was out. Fuck that shit.
  3. Doctor Dom


    I was 20, and I had this younger girlfriend that looked like a slightly heavier Neve Campbell with that short haircut. All she ever wanted to do was fuck, and she was up for everything. She lived a couple of streets away from where me and some friends were living, and despite her mother and 3 siblings we fucked everywhere all the time at her house too...got walked in on all the time. We eventually broke up because I was a big drinker/smoker and more than a bit of an asshole because I sang in a kick ass band and had a big head. I really should have pulled my head in and kept her because she was fucking awesome. Anyway, I didn't care/believe in all that doomsday crap, and I didn't have a computer so I didn't care.
  4. In the words of Reverand Lovejoy: "that's just super" 😑
  5. Make an exception for Ghandi ❤
  6. Is Lando still in this? How will they assassinate his character and then cheaply bump him off in this one I wonder? Does anybody care about any of the characters from this new trilogy? They could all get fed feet first through a wood chipper for all I care.
  7. He looks bizarre and grotesque enough to play an alien without any makeup or fx. What the fuck. Fuck these people. #notmystarwars
  8. The Last Jedi was on tv the other night, and I gave it a second viewing (saw it at the cinema first time around). It's even worse than I remembered. Holy fucking shit, what a disgrace of a Star Wars film.
  9. I like it more than Under The Graveyard but it's a bit childish and derivative in the lyrics and vocal effects/delivery. I don't hate it.
  10. That diner scene makes my back sweat. Blue Velvet is a lovely film, you fuck. I think TP series 3 might be his best work.
  11. I have no fucking idea what any of this is about
  12. I saw the second sweater pictured in an actual shop window the other day. How the mighty have fallen.
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