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  1. Watched a bit of EPISODE III on the television last night, forgot how fucking awful the prequel movies are. And these new movies make the prequel movies look like classics. They somehow managed to kill Star Wars...
  2. The electric version of Neil Young and Crazy Horse song with the lyric "The king is gone but he's not forgotten Is this the story of the Johnny Rotten?" or any Neil Young and Crazy Horse song I suppose Ron Asheton on the first 2 Stooges albums
  3. Bowie's solo on sweet thing/candidate/reprise from Diamond Dogs...all the guitar on that album save one solo is Bowie himself. Robert Fripp...so many songs. Take the lead work on Bowie's "Fashion" for example.
  4. Only Broski's little virgin bosom companion could defend a paedo.
  5. Holy shit, I knew Gaynar was an inbred gypsy with severe anger issues and homosexual tendencies but now it turns out he's a paedo? The more you know!
  6. Ledger was great but that character was way more deranged psycho than Joker. I don't know how people are supposed to be identifying with "Arthur"...it's clear he is sick in the fucking head in an uncool way. The whole "clown killer as hero" element was probably the weakest part of the movie for me actually...but whatever.
  7. Just saw Joker. It's not light entertainment, that's for sure...it's harrowing following his sickness. Joaquin Phoenix does an incredible job.
  8. Jack was born to play the Joker. (I voted Jack) Cesar Romero almost got my vote though, considering he was the original Joker on the screen. Controversial, but I think Ledger's Joker is way overrated...in fact I think the Nolan movies on the whole are overrated. I didn't hate Leto's Joker as much as I thought I would but yeah he sucked. Off to see the new film this weekend- I'm pretty optimistic considering who is involved.
  9. Oh baby hey I slaughtered half the crew Cause they ate my deli tray You were roadkill baby Till I scraped you in my arms Just another wattle flapping On the old turkey farm So baby Baby quit your crying Put them clown britches on
  10. Is this what Borki and Bacardi are? We used to call em virgins.
  11. And we all know that you sit down to piss!
  12. Fuck off, nothing like a big stein or four of good cold hefe weissbier over some good food. My heavy drinking days are gone now but I still have a few beers a few times a week- I love the shit.
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