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  1. Irma's low self esteem means I could exploit her ass even betterer.
  2. Don't cartoon sex shame me, you fascist bastard!
  3. I heard the Strays album a lot of times when it came out. Amusingly I can't recall any of the songs now though...like nothing at all.
  4. Goldie Hawn in Overboard when she's on the boat before getting knocked overboard used to get my little pee pee hard. I used to carry around a picture of Jerry Hall in my school port in first grade, sick little fucker I was/am.
  5. Indeed. I know this is nitpicking and like complaining about having to travel to Mars, but Jason's drumming fucking irks me to no end. My partner always makes mixed cds and she quite likes LZ- but she's not into knowing the names of songs or members ofbands etc like us and she always picks something off of Celebration Day by blind luck. Anyway, we'll be in the car and fucking "Ramble On" from that concert comes on and I can't fucking stand it.
  6. Jason Bonham's drumming drives me nuts...severely reduces my enjoyment of that concert. The 3 of them are in fine form though.
  7. Irma from the TMNT The figure/toy of Teela/EvilnLyn from He Man Nanny from Duckula
  8. Perry Farrel's voice sounds like a cheap kazoo. I remember liking Porno For Pyros "Pets" a fair bit. Im also one of the score of people who really liked One Hot Minute.
  9. Never got right into them but a friend of mine was a big fan. I bought the first album but the guy at the record store put "Live and Rare" in the case instead. Had A Dad is a fucking great song. I also really enjoyed Hard Charger, in fact the soundtrack to Howard Sterns Private Parts movie was/Is great.
  10. I'd give my opinion on the Chinese Government and mention they are like the Nazis only 100 times worse but I'm too afraid as this is a Huawei phone
  11. The British one is amazing. The American one is retarded.
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