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  1. Yes there are several similarities to today's Guns N Roses, KISS and Van Halen.
  2. Exactly what I expect. The NITL live album/DVD and a compilation album with the 2 "new" songs. X GNFNR X
  3. They also have Kanye West above David Bowie in their greatest albums.
  4. Put it this way, I'm not expecting him to do anything but GNR greatest hits tours until it's curtains for his performing career.
  5. Bought 5 Type O Negative albums for a pittance. I both loved and hated them back in the day, they lost me with October Rust. Hadn't heard them for like 20 years, such a great and fucking awful band.
  6. I just don't get why they brought back the original characters just to fuck them in the ass and toss them aside. That's really how it ended up for Luke and Han and Leia? Fuck off. TFA and especially the Last Jedi finally killed my excitement about Star Wars, I just don't care anymore. That trailer features an actual shark jump, haha. Dumber than a rock.
  7. Are you fucking kidding me? Every single bit of space that existed in IRS is clogged with Ron Thal's directionless noodling. That song got fucked in the ass.
  8. The Golden Gods thing with the ultimate SCOM rendition, or Timmy Stuson openly mocking #thedementedone onstage, whichever one of those happened last.
  9. The Shepperton 1980 concert by The Blizzard of Ozz. Two songs from it were on the Mr Crowley EP, but the whole show was recorded and has never seen the light of day thanks to the toxic situation between Sharon Osbourne and Bob Daisley. It's the only high quality recording of the Osbourne/Rhoads/Daisley/Kerslake lineup live.
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