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  1. You might fuck it up and end up a conscious vegetable, trapped in a useless, wheelchair-bound body. And your neckbearded carer might take to sexually abusing you, just to top it off.
  2. Don't enjoy the taste of your own dick medicine? Life isn't fair champ.
  3. I am also proud to say I did nothing but mock him from our first interaction. It's pretty hilarious that a lot of that stuff ended up actually being true, like being a fat little virgin and actually being a gay over Robert Finch and haircut rock. Never saw or have seen or understood why he was tolerated here or there. I'm glad he's dead.
  4. That's right. Dr FeelGood is cheese in spray can.
  5. Never appreciated the Blue Oyster Cult as a teen, when I lived and breathed Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Purple, Floyd, Alice Cooper and all their ilk. They are right up there for me nowadays...it was cool to have another one of those love affairs in my thirties♥️
  6. Well at least two...Too Fast For Love and Shout At the Devil are a given, right? Theatre of Pain and Girls Girls Girls are patchy at best...a couple of good numbers in there. Dr FeelGood is a great hair metal album but not a great album, if you dig. The self titled and Quarternary EP aren't all that great either. I actually like Generation Swine quite a lot. It's what Chinese Democracy should have been. They got it out of their system and moved on. Brandon may be the worst song I've ever heard but it's got some great stuff on it. New Tattoo is a mediocre album, very disappointing. Never heard the #Ashba one.
  7. I stopped smoking tobacco a few years ago (and weed years before that) and I sometimes dream I have been smoking/broken the streak and feel awfully guilty as I wake And then realise I dreamt it. Sometimes I can smell the smoke too.
  8. That's my little virgin ♥️
  9. You mean I rubbed one out over a picture of Robert Finch in vein? Fuck you guys.
  10. Lay off Axel's hair you fucking psycho!
  11. Heineken?!? Fuck that shit! Tonight we're drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon!
  12. I jerked off over a picture of Robin Finck's haircut in his honour. Bullshit he is dead though, can I get a witness/source?
  13. Saw this on the news, piss funny. Bet you she spewed like a madwoman after that.
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