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  1. No way, he had DJ Ashba in his sham Guns N Roses band- Ashba is a Tranny and so is his wife.
  2. The Eternal Idol and Cross Purposes are as far as I go with the Martin era. Iommi's riffage is always great but I've never been able to love Headless Cross, TYR or Forbidden. Cozy Powell was a fantastic drummer but wasn't a fit in Black Sabbath IMO. Rondinelli kicked ass on Cross Purposes.
  3. I grew up in (what still might be?) the "pooftah bashing" capital of Australia. At the primary school I went to, socks filled with sand was the weapon of choice 😀
  4. His songwriting on Pet Sounds inspired the Beatles too
  5. Does anybody here like The Rolling Stones and in particular, the late Brian Jones?
  6. Wilco, which Rolling Stone is your favorite? Tell us who and why
  7. Fuck, of course it is. Thanks
  8. Forgive my ignorance, but is that for real?
  9. So while reading about gamergate (passed me by) I just now discovered that there is (was?) a mod that lets you make the rape on people in GTA online. Sounds fucking hilarious!
  10. I loved the show since it exploded in 1990 but without exaggerating I think I stopped watching over 12 years ago. I caught a new one a year or so ago and was shocked at how dumb/blatantly rude it was.
  11. Well I guess I am a "boomer fan of the original films" but I don't see how that negates me thinking Yoda shouldn't be widdle diddling everywhere with a lightsaber.
  12. Yoda fighting with a lightsaber is, was and always will be retarded.
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