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  1. Got to wonder how the hell things like this get started?
  2. Just watching him use the walker going into court, looks so fake and false. Although he look's like he's gonna drop dead any moment.
  3. Can we include Slash's waistline in proceedings? His chin is almost buried in his double chin. Why can't Slash get his teeth sorted out? Has Perla cleaned him out?
  4. How can they find him guilty on some cases but not in others? Guy's a fucking creep.
  5. Love the 'YCBM' drum intro. As much as I love Adler on GNR songs, Sorum is top notch on that track.
  6. 😂 Man...GNR can literally do no wrong in the eyes of Jarmo. He defends the band on a daily basis on his board, its astonishing to read.
  7. I was making a mere suggestion. I like it on here. And don't call me Shirley...
  8. Come on guys, enough's enough. Why don't you post a pic of your washboard abs. Seriously its time to stop being a hater & be happy and embrace Axl as he is & savour the moment. Big old tour is coming & Axl will be ready and in tip top shape!
  9. Axl Rose Replaces Band Members with Clones of Himself For Guns n Roses Tour Guns N’ Roses announced North American dates as part of their epic 2020 worldwide stadium tour this summer. Axl Rose then announced that he fired the entire band because he didn’t want to hear their crap. “Now I can do whatever I want and not have to listen to Duff and Slash bitching at me” said Rose. “The entire band now shows up 4 hours late and no one complains. I love this. I wish we had this technology 30 years ago.” Axl had 4 clones of himself made at ‘Clones R Us’ on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The price was $25K each. Barbra Streisand told Axl about the cloning process. Babs had her dogs and James Brolin cloned at the same Cloning center. Axl with Axl Slash Clone “I had the clones made 7 years ago” said Axl. “They have been tucked away practicing their instruments 12 hours per day. They are finally ready. Now I never have to deal with an annoying opinionated musician again. It will be 24/7 Axl and nothing but Axl. Plus I get to keep all the money. The clones get a small stipend. And the best part is that after every show, they get packed away with the instruments.” The colossal Guns N’ Roses 2020 Clones Tour will steamroll through Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, Prague and East Rutherford, NJ. Axl texted the other members of Guns n Roses to tell them their services are no longer needed. The text said “You Are Obsolete. Go Home and Die!” http://madhousemagazine.com/axl-rose-replaces-band-members-with-clones-of-himself-for-guns-n-roses-tour/?fbclid=IwAR22SZuWyMLkBPWBAvOevZVVMUItxT9rJPuLYTQGTXWcJEf2qtXogVn7mFw
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