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  1. I'd love to hear another GNR record with Izzy involded.
  2. 'He Has Guns!' Hear The Explosive 911 Call After Tommy Lee Was Beat By Son 'Brandon punched him in the face & he went flying backwards,” his fiancée cried. http://radaronline.com/videos/tommy-lee-911-call-brandon-knocked-out-fight-pamela-anderson/ Tommy Lee got bitch slapped by Kid Rock also. And what in the blue hell was that pimp stage that Tommy Lee went through in the early to mid 00's? Dude thought he was a gangsta rapper about 7-8 years after 2Pac & Biggie had died.
  3. I used to think he was quoting the movie 'Highlander'. Its strange to think how he must have felt when the whole world was pointing there cameras at him back then, come to think of it imagine nowdayz with everybody having a camera in there pockets with mobile phones, would have been unbearable. Would Kurt still be here if he hadn't have met Courtney? and if he hadn't of been famous? I'm not sure, maybe. I do think Courtney fucked about with his suicide note, for publicity means. The press hounded them although she did feed into it for years, the press had there Sid & Nancy again.
  4. Did not know that. I like quite like a few Nirvana songs, same with Soundgarden, couple of Pearl Jam songs, I've never really ventured in PJ back catalog. I've always admired AIC most out of the grunge era, I think they managed to capture the sound just right with blending hard rock & metal into it, underated team was Cantrell & Staley.
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that the original Nirveiner drummer was considered better than Grohl.
  6. I just hope its not the last album they release when it eventually does come out. 15 year for CD to drop & then a dozen or so years later for the follow up, its been torture. People drooling for a UYI boxset, if that takes priority over the next album release, its total Bullshit.
  7. Just checking... Why would people be offended that straight men don't want to date a trans women? I don't date women who have dicks. I don't stand next to a woman in a public toilet that has a dick, its fucking gross. Don't be offended...I'm just into real women, born with a womans anatomy. Imagine a conversation with your buddy... Buddy: "Man...your girls hot dude" You "Thanks, but there's one problem..." Buddy: "Whats that?" You: "Shes got a dick" Buddy: "WTF" Buddy runs away, throws up...tells all your social circle & s
  8. Is there an OnlyFans that I can pose on for women to look at and throw money at me? I'll allow GNFNR to look too.
  9. Metallica's Twitch Concert Audio Was Apparently Replaced With 8-Bit Music To Avoid Copyright Issues (uproxx.com) My my...how the tables have turned...
  10. Its been a bit of a dull day here in Lockdown: Day 365...just trying to cheer up myself up. Watching this entertains me while keeping my head out the fridge. Peace, Wasted.
  11. Another whos aside Groul as Rock/Metals most overated pretentious doucebags.
  12. Last Action Hero Predator 2 Marked For Death Short Circuit 2
  13. I agree. One of the best films I've watched in the last few years.
  14. I agree, I think CGI has jumped the gun. Practical effects on older movies look better than lot's of modern era CGI. The Thing, Escape From New York, Alien, Predator, Blade Runner, almost look pitch perfect.
  15. Jesus. Just wondering what Vince & Axl will look like at the opening shows...after 12 months of hanging round the house.
  16. Obviously love Predator. Always thought Predator 2 was underrated.
  17. Terminator 3, 4, 5 & Dark Woke All The Marvel Movies JJ Shitbrams Star Wars The Dee Snider Cut Justice League (I can just tell its going to be shit)
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