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  1. Where's the Pete Best megathread?
  2. Honestly don't mind it and I listen to it occassionally. I agree the mixing is kinda quirky at some points, I'd be interested if it got the full remastered approach that some bands put into place all the time, but this is GNR.
  3. I'm going to start watching this, maybe next week. Doesn't look to bad.
  4. Seriously think its a toss up between Cornell & Staley, the other three don't come near. Honestly when Scott said that shit about Axl, it seemed a bit out of the blue and it was probably based on fake news anyway. Why come out with the statement Scott did when your bandmate drove up to Axl's house? Seems bizarre.
  5. Well yeah...anything is better than nothing I guess. GNR could have released the box sets in the wilderness years, few years after touring has ended and there are retired, nice trickle of money coming in and Axl can give Fernando some extra allowence to cut the brushes near the pool to stop those pesky leaves dropping on the water.
  6. Do you not think another cover album at this point would explode fans heads? We are already at boiling point due to lack of new original music.
  7. @Bill Brasky Hey...brother bill have your sources any updated info on whether a release is imminent?
  8. Hopefully new music was brought up in the three hour meeting, it was scheduled for the final 10 seconds of the meeting. Five years ago...
  9. They may have used it on an earlier NITL select video but Civil War from London 2017 is't half bad and Axl sound pretty decent.
  10. All the best for Thanksgiving from Drebin accross the pond.
  11. Thing is one of the major grinds of CD and the amount of shit thrown at CD was because of how long it took for it to come out. Now we have reached year twelve in waiting and response to the follow up album. Although not an original album 'The Spaghetti Incident' was released in 1993, CD came out November 23rd 2008 (15 year gap)...although the last original studio albums 'Use Your Illusion I & II' came out in 1991, 29 years ago. You all know that. What I'm asking is how GNR expect people shell out hundreds of dollars for live tickets, constantly milking the old material & $100 Christmas
  12. Honestly quite liked it and still do. 'Wah-Wah there's no Slash on it'...
  13. I think this track is the one that Axl refered to when he said Richard Nosetus plays a Stevie Ray Vaughn type solo.
  14. I've heard a few Foo Fighters songs but I can't say I like them. Actually I kinda hate them for being so dull, I can't pinpoint it but I never cared for them.
  15. First time I've ever heard about Pat Smear.
  16. I eat carrots all the time. It really helps solidify your stool as well, really good for healthy bowels, eyes, skin etc.
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