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  1. We Fight For Love.

    Somewhere. Somehow. Someone.

    1. Bill brasky

      Bill brasky

      General Kirby ?

    2. philip k. DickhEAD

      philip k. DickhEAD

      I'm not gonna shoot you between the eyes...I'm gonna shoot you between the BALLS!

  2. Why does the Sun come up? Or are the Stars just pin holes in the curtain of night? Who knows!

  3. I know a secret down at Uncle Toms cabin. 

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    2. Frank Drebin

      Frank Drebin

      I know a secret that I just can't tell


    3. Bill brasky

      Bill brasky

      Do ya do ya really 

    4. EstrangedTWAT


      Come hear Uncle John's Band?  By the riverside....

  4. RIP Benny Mardones 

  5. Look into my eyes, you will see, what you mean to me...

  6. A Peach? I could eat a peach for hours.

  7. How long is MetalHeadZone thinking of taking pictures of Susan Mckagan & her daughters?

  8. What ever happened to Maxi Priest?

  9. Talk about love, talk about trust
    Talkin' 'bout forever baby
    When I'm talkin' 'bout us
    I give you my word, stick to my guns...
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