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  1. GNR need to sit down and look through all the best tracks that Axl has & any riffs Slash has put to one side for Guns, see what could fit best on a 14 track album, complete it and just drop it to the masses, they can sit down as a band for a more collaborative effort in the follow up album, maybe try & get Izzy to sit in the sessions. The longer the wait goes for new music the fans will eventually get bored of the same 4-5 year tour with the same set list & nothing to promote (Appetite boxset is two year old by now)
  2. Having lot's of green vegetables at the moment which makes passing a stool a glorious time! Some genuine great curlers what I call a U-Bend Special, sometimes actual short tree trunks or sometimes a flock of sparrows.
  3. Doubt any sort of announcement won't happen until the fall of this year. Any positivity from this band in terms of 'new' music passed me by years ago. Some people view that as negative, then so be it. I didn't create the negativity.
  4. Absolutely. I need to think of this when that nagging feeling of midnight snack starts calling me, its the only thing letting me down right now.
  5. Let's fast forward to 31/1/20, do you think Axl will manage to shred a few pounds compared to what he looked like on the last NITL leg?
  6. Rick will get crucified legally. Who's he blaming for leaking?
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