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  1. Serum would be singing a different tune if the big three would have included him on the NITL trek. You can tell he's more than slightly niffed that he has not been chosen to replace Frank full time. Yes I do think Axl has shown loyalty to Frank but it does make me think if a better drummer could give the current lineup a better overall sound.
  2. When Slush produces some demos and demands that only his demos will feature on the soundtrack and no one elses material will be considered or he will quit the project, and feed the masses it was somebody elses fault.
  3. Jesus...Sorum trying to climb up Weilands ass tongue first on Howard Stern. Funny thing is when the shit hit the fan with VR I bet Slash, Duff & Sorum were throwing Weiland under the bus all the time. Sounded like a circus towards the end and they lasted a year after Libertad came out, which was worse than CD.
  4. Look if your gonna sit in one spot between tour hiatus of more than 6 months & do nothing physical activity wise your gonna look like a sack of shit, when you get rolled from sofa to stage. I'd also question the chef who's hellbent on feeding him a conveyor belt of unhealthy food. If your losing weight you need to be on a calorie deficit not a surplus, eating high levels of protein helps & being well hydrated with cold water.
  5. Connery is the better Bond. Roger Moore is a close second though as second best Bond ever. Moore has charm, wit & is entertaining. I think when he went with a more dramatic & serious approach to the role it usually served a better movie. The box office numbers don't lie when it comes to Moore, he even managed to beat Connery as both Bonds both went at it in 1983, Octopussy Vs Never Say Never Again. In 1983, Roger Moore and Sean Connery Squared Off in ‘The Battle of the Bonds’ 37 years ago today, Octopussy and Never Say Never Again were in the theaters at once. Only one
  6. I haven't watched it all the way through and what I saw of it made me feel drunk but I was sober. I'll give it a full watch soon.
  7. One of favourite pastimes on YouTube is watching Diamond Dave trying to sing Van Halen songs from the 2015 line-up and from the past couple of years. Sebastian & Axl are not as bad as that...yet. Dave is on Bon Jovi & Vince Neil levels. 😂
  8. I think they made a independant type video for Catcher In The Rye that was on YouTube for some time until it vanished no doubt due to Team Brazil & whatshisface deleting everything fans had put on YouTube.
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