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  1. I'm still none the wiser why one of these two or Brain ain't sitting on Franks stool. It would instantly improve the sound. It might even sync Slash into tune. What do you think of Franks performance?
  2. The last great GNR rocker? It still holds up today.
  3. Well, thanks Gilby. That's the 4,768th time you have updated us on how you left GNR. Why do a couple of these hired hands, Clarke & Sorum never stfu cry wanking how they left GNR, obviously still pissed they are not on the gravy train anymore. The other hired hands don't whine like these two.
  4. I'd love to buy a three new album deal, GNR topping UYI and going all out...dropping 40+ tracks all at once.
  5. CD seems to be hated, although those than pined for Slash not being on the album, got a better deal with Bucketheads work on that album, not every track features him but its still better than what any of the other GNR members managed to come up with working on there own projects. CD while not consistent, is a still a good album, it could have been better, I still enjoy listening to it, bar a couple of tracks.
  6. Has kind of a look of a young Jan-Michael Vincent.
  7. Have we got the official figures of the infection rate/death rate in Mexico on March 14th? I've had a look on a couple of websites and they had like over two dozen cases on that date, they didn't record a death until March 19th. Maybe that festival was a super spreader event or maybe it wasn't. So its either... Or
  8. I do in a way. I got to live a good 10-14 years before the Internet fully kicked in, life wasn't ruled by social media & people with heads buried in mobile phones, I was 5 when 1990 began...I witnessed the birth of TMNT, me & my friends would go out & walk, and just hang out & chase tail and have fun.
  9. I do, mostly for new music. Feel bummed out due to the lack of it, not many bands got as big as GNR with such a small back catalogue. I still think it could have gone the other way for GNR, with regards to AFD not re-entering the charts a year after release.
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