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  1. Probably The Stones as they have been around almost 60 years & really never had an extended hiatus in public eye and releasing albums.
  2. Possibly watching this later. Recommended if you never watched.
  3. There comes a time, where we heed a certain call...
  4. Carrying way to much weight for his height, I'm thinking 5'8 - 5'9 and any additional pounds will stick to his gut like glue. It would be interesting to know if he's on medication because that would affect his weight, If I found out TB feeding him meds like a conveyor belt I would be pissed. How many musicians, actors & entertainers have we lost in the last decade or so due to drugs & prescription drugs? Prescription drugs can be fatal if mixed with other drugs at the same time, I avoid prescription stuff as much as possible...I just don't feel safe taking it.
  5. Sounds good I guess but the only thing that worries me is the 129 thing, Bruce Lee was 145 pounds in his prime and even though he was muscular he was very skinny, so 145-160 may be the way to go.
  6. I was overweight when I turned 30 five years ago, managed to get back in shape in just over six months. Now I'm currently trying lose weight again and let me tell ya its harder at 35 then at 30, and the weight takes longer to drop off, Its 20 years since I left High School next year...Father Time is a motherfucker.
  7. Avoid alcohol, cut down on needless carbs (junkfood) eat a calorie deficit diet, cardio (half hour per day), eat more protein but don't go overload, stock up on greens & carrots, drink more water Typically 2-3 pints better if its ice-cold water, your body raises your metabolism due to it warming up that water in your body. I typically eat dinner between 4:30 -5:30pm on a week day, then I don't eat nothing till I eat breakfast (Porridge Oats) the next day.
  8. What would be an ideal weight for Axl at his height & age?
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