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  1. Let Slash break it down for you...
  2. I'm going to put it out there right now...none of the recent leaks will end up on the next record.
  3. Guns could achieve this but they are shooting themselves in the foot by delaying a release...yes we know they were apart for a number of years but that honeymoon has passed.
  4. Being honest its probably one of the better leaks. Although it belongs in 1999.
  5. Can anybody help me out with this please?
  6. Take me home tonight...☹️
  7. Can't wait for the 'Baker Street' cover.
  8. Dry County & Runaway. Quite liked that 'Because We Can' a couple of years back.
  9. Weird both Vince & Axl in 1990 weighed what...140-160 pounds? Wonder what they weigh now...Axl is significantly slimmer than Vince. 😂
  10. Death Magnetic & Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. Return to form after the Lars tin can fest on St Anger.
  11. You have to wonder what was really going in with Prince's death, dude used Fentanyl as a recreation drug almost. Same with MJ with Propofol...wtf is it with these guys and the high strength painkillers/anesthetic?
  12. Tell you what make it 15" and a side order of fries, bottle of coke & a tub of Magnum ice cream please, how much is that?
  13. Might as well put the predictions forward a year. Anything being released this year is a big ask. Trying to keep the faith though.
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