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  1. A supposed “insider”/possible hoarder was lurking on my gnr yesterday. They way he/she talked sounded eerily similar to our resident glutton hoarder wrestler 🤼‍♀️. Sweesra or some shit like that was the username
  2. Wasn’t Billy B saying hoarders were moving in the shadows a few weeks ago?
  3. Is Cuban Skies called something else? Or did I miss something? You never know with hoarders and poser hoarders
  4. I literally laughed for a good 10 minutes when I saw this
  5. The discord gets shut down and we lose our minds!!!!!
  6. The most important thing in the pdf is the Paul Huge info We now know he is not homeless and may or may not have a working telephone ☎️
  7. I never really followed the alt covers much. Is this full liner and cover a known thing? Like the entire album credits etc? I’ve obviously seen “red hand” cover before, but how about the rest? Or have I just never paid attention to this crap too well? for being a super fan, I sure do feel dumb not knowing this
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