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  1. Admitting your mistakes...that’s how to be a man
  2. I remember an interview on Nikki Sixx show where I noticed Slash kept itching his nose. Does anyone know what type of drug(s) makes your 👃 itchy? It’s not blow....Not trying to make an accusation, just making an observation.
  3. Of all things to leak, but hey at least it’s a leak
  4. Towel Waver, why are you so defensive? Have you always tried to deflect when being attacked? It’s ok if so, we can find you someone to talk to.
  5. No way too entertaining especially when he says he’s gonna fight someone, then says sorry when threatened with banishment
  6. Is there not an Axl hanger on that isn’t up for the ole power grab? All they’d need to do is tell Axl the whole truth about what’s been going on and poof, they might be the new manager of gnr
  7. Me when I see pro towel waver posted something
  8. Big ups to Mr Bill Brasky for dropping jewels on us 💎
  9. Since TB and Universal are watching....you need to put me on the payroll ASAP! I am a personality like no other and may hoard leaks for the right amount
  10. Reading all the posts from the past few pages is some quality entertainment Thanks for talking shit then being a bitch boy towel waver. Your my favorite kind of person
  11. Tell Tom, Dick, and/or Harry I’ll swap a set of used golf clubs for a few tracks
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