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  1. Easily the β€œPost of the Year”
  2. We have a better shot of getting The Towel Era than a new Live Era
  3. Every single f’ing time I take a week off from the forums, new exciting horse sh*t news or info comes in!!!! Ole Rick needs to inform me of when he plans on dropping turds into the GnR world ie Axls outhouse
  4. Matt Sorum is by far my favorite GnR member now. He dropped the biggest bag of shit all over the place
  5. You’re definitely in the top 3 of the all time great Gnr posters after this one
  6. This thread has brought out all members of the GunsnfnRoses.com Hall of Fame. We have legends posting with us tonight.
  7. Wasn’t Billy B saying hoarders were moving in the shadows a few weeks ago?
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