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  1. Am I the only who despises Ozzy? His voice and looks are awful. His fans (at least in Brazil) are mostly old braindead idiots.
  2. MillerGNR

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    Same reason they decided to remove it from Lies nowadays. It's the "cool" thing to do.
  3. Truth is the truth hurts, Slash pls save me
  4. I stopeed whining about Axl's lack of new albums in 2010. Nowadays I'd enjoy listening to the rest of Chinese but I honestly couldn't care less if it gets released or not.
  5. Oh yeah, Axl does not give a shit about anybody. He's simply not insecure about anything or anybody. True badass. That's why he releases all the music he creates. Does not care about critics, haters, at all.
  6. "Sorry" is not a good song by any means. The nursery rhyme lyrics, the beyond-self-indulgent-to-the-point-it's-unlistenable outro, the overprocessed/artificial guitar tones, etc. The song in its bones is pure Buckethead: the atmospheric intro, the solo, the notes and progressions in general. This is the good part. Axl took all these good things and turned them into a pathetic generic song with hilarious lyrics and god knows what was he thinking when he decided to put that outro in the song. Slash managed to make the song even worse. But I wouldn't put much effort if I were playing a childish hate song about myself either. In the end, Axl had to just shut up and sing (After begging making Fernando beg to Slash to return).
  7. MillerGNR

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    Please auad, keep those pics to yourself
  8. It's weird how people care about things that happen in another continent. Reminds me of an old story... Ah well. Guess it's the only thing left to talk about that generates any discussion. Their live shows are all the same, there's no new music. All that's left is good old controversy. It's fun most of the time.
  9. MillerGNR

    Clickbait a GNFNR

  10. MillerGNR

    A dentist please

    Please do Chinese democracy.
  11. MillerGNR

    GNR playing Woodstock 2019 Festival

    I wish Axl had bad teeth so he wouldn't eat so much. His fake fangs destroy taco after taco.
  12. MillerGNR

    Locked & Loaded. Arrived

    How's your wife doing? What about her boyfriend?
  13. MillerGNR

    GNR playing Woodstock 2019 Festival

    Yeah but when/where was it mentioned? Did the "band" or Fernando say something about a january announcement? Just asking cause I'm completely out of the loop. My guess is new GNAir merch anyway.
  14. MillerGNR

    GNR playing Woodstock 2019 Festival

    What is this january announcement?