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  1. ElectricWizard

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

  2. ElectricWizard

    *Possibly* Scraped, terrible quality recording

    The worst intro in the history of music. EVER. in the album, only loses to if the world.
  3. ElectricWizard

    Backstage robin finck story

    for someone that kills a moth with a shotgun, that's a normal day.
  4. ElectricWizard

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    Silk, OMG and Going Down were sent to him, as well as atlas. Three of four are leaked. I seriously think that atlas is out there.
  5. ElectricWizard

    The General (Evader version)

    "My hopes, my dreams have died Now I rest my head...." only thing i could understand.
  6. ElectricWizard

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    One of the best quotes i've seen so far.
  7. buckethead is better than slash.
  8. ElectricWizard

    Better - Studio Version of 2016 arrangement

    This song would've been "better" if this was the released one.
  9. ElectricWizard

    What Are You Listening II

    The best song to have sex.
  10. ElectricWizard

    Revisiting and remembering Chinese Democracy

    Simply the best.
  11. ElectricWizard

    Salsh N’ Ashba: The Similarities

    He's better than the old one. Serious now. He does some solos that sounds somewhat like slash, I don't know about you, but i can see slash doing something in the shape of "mi amor" or "ballad of death"
  12. ElectricWizard

    Revisiting and Remembering Appetite For Destruction

    The energy on this album is amazing. It makes me feel like working out, or driving above 150mph Out ta get me is one of my favorite.
  13. ElectricWizard


    better than the old one.
  14. So there'll be more hoarding in the next years. Thank you, fat ass.
  15. ElectricWizard

    I Don't Care About You (1994 Unreleased Video)

    possibly the best WTJ in years.