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  1. Buckethead's stuff is some of the best stuff on that album. So he's not wrong.
  2. D-GenerationX

    Stradlin and Adler are losing their place ...

    Agree with all of this. Frankly, I was for re-doing the cross for the UYI line-up too.
  3. She's still getting a nice payout, but obviously is missing out of the real bonanza. No pre-nup...how stupid can you be?
  4. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Agreed. I'd also leave it open, just as a cautionary tale, more than anything. What can happen when you get too high on your own supply.
  5. D-GenerationX

    Salsh Discusses Working on Axl Rose’s Material

    I would say this is true. It's just talk at this point. And the track record to get Axl's ass moving ain't a pretty tale. The silver lining, if you want to see it, is that he didn't dismiss it outright. To say how the tour was fun, but that's all he was doing. He's at least open to it.
  6. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    What already limited comedic potential this whole schtick had is well exhausted by this point. When you reach the point that you are on message boards talking not about the board's stated topic...but *other message boards*, you have lost the thread of the plot, ace. You are so deep in the weeds on this thing it's become impossible to even feign interest. You bring nothing to the table. Much like Vietnam, declare your victory and just go home.
  7. D-GenerationX

    Do you think Axl will ever come back to reality? What will it take?

    Axl will never be normal. That shit sailed some time ago. But to say he hasn't mellowed WAY the hell out and is literally 100% more professional than he has ever been these past few years is just false. I know, I know, "LOLZ fat shit cuck Axl" and that whole routine you all hold so dear. But compare his demeanor and arproach to things in 2016-2018 versus just about any other time in his career. It's a marked improvement. No, his vocals don't sound like 1992 anymore. That was the case in 2001 though. If you are still on that, you are mad just because you want to be.
  8. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Even if this clown was sitting on some major scoop, who the hell could follow the way he tries to present his findings? It's a incoherent nightmare.
  9. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I guess he was trying to launch himself as a new MSL of sorts? Perhaps the thinking was that people would flock here for all his inside scoops and on the money insights. Instead, people were mocking him before this thread got to a page 2. That's gotta sting.
  10. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Nothing you do matters, ace. You do not matter. Let's not lose the thread of the plot here. Good for a few chuckles though you may be, if one is in the right mood.
  11. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I don't know. As satire of a douchebag, it's spot on. As a real person, it's a cry for help. And one lonely cat.
  12. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Yeah, I never "got it" either, I guess you'd say. I found him pretty sad and annoying. As for this guy, I do have to cop to hate reading these meandering diatribes that you know he thinks are just the height of clever. I just can't believe this is a real person. If in 2-3 weeks we find out that "From Hell" is just a regular around here winding us up, it will make so much more sense. And I will tip my cap.
  13. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    He just a guy that's pretty far up his own ass. This thread is largely to promote and celebrate the wonder that is him.
  14. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I'd put something here to mock this, normally. But, honestly, am I going to do any better on the mockery front than just letting it stand on it's own, untouched?