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  1. He's running a competent and professional touring operation for the first time...lets face it, ever, and actually seems happy. Again, for perhaps the first time ever. I don't think he has too many complaints right now.
  2. I think it would be tough to market. Smaller venues for sure.
  3. They will tour arenas for the rest of their days so long as it's still Axl, Slash and Duff. 2 years from now, 10 years from now. It won't matter. The fanbase is built in and not going anywhere. The NITL tour was in 2016. I find the contention that another tour even as late as 2026 has trouble filling arenas to be a flawed premise.
  4. I disagree. Stadiums were likely a one shot deal, attributed solely to the layoff. But if they announce a tour in 2021, with absolutely nothing new (which is what I expect) they will still fill basketball/hockey arenas on the name alone. It's a night out. Far lesser bands mine that same path on the regular.
  5. Slash, and to a lesser extent Duff, restored credibility to the whole operation. The setlists aren't a hell of a lot different than what they were towards the end of the Island Of Misfit toys era. It was still obviously all the singles. The old GNR tunes like 'Yesterdays', 'Civi War' and 'Used To Love Her' that worked theri way back in were still present. The thinking that the return of Slash meant they would just pretend the CD era never happened didn't pan out. Those songs are still there. So why have things going from "Up Close And Personal" (a total embarrassment to a band with their legacy) to stadiums in this country? It's Slash. To say otherwise is foolishness.
  6. Buckethead's stuff is some of the best stuff on that album. So he's not wrong.
  7. Agree with all of this. Frankly, I was for re-doing the cross for the UYI line-up too.
  8. She's still getting a nice payout, but obviously is missing out of the real bonanza. No pre-nup...how stupid can you be?
  9. Agreed. I'd also leave it open, just as a cautionary tale, more than anything. What can happen when you get too high on your own supply.
  10. I would say this is true. It's just talk at this point. And the track record to get Axl's ass moving ain't a pretty tale. The silver lining, if you want to see it, is that he didn't dismiss it outright. To say how the tour was fun, but that's all he was doing. He's at least open to it.
  11. What already limited comedic potential this whole schtick had is well exhausted by this point. When you reach the point that you are on message boards talking not about the board's stated topic...but *other message boards*, you have lost the thread of the plot, ace. You are so deep in the weeds on this thing it's become impossible to even feign interest. You bring nothing to the table. Much like Vietnam, declare your victory and just go home.
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