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  1. Petitions are for losers. Topped only by boycotts.
  2. Gotta be some other stuff with vocals out there. I never believed either Axl or Baz's count of completed songs. But it surely has to be more than the 4 we just got.
  3. 'I'll Be Damned' Multi-purpose meaning : Record label : They actually turned in something commercially viable. Well, I'll be damned. GNR fandom : I knew the tour was just about money. But they actually put something new creatively into this enterprise. I'll be damned. Axl's persecution complex : If anyone doesn't like it, I'm not surprised. Because, as always, I'll be damned no matter what.
  4. I appreciate what you bring to the party too, solider. I haven't gone back and calculated your hit rate (which you should probably hope no one ever does, frankly) but you certainly keep things lively. The album actually drops in March, you will live in infamy. It doesn't, I imagine it will be because of, you know...reasons.
  5. I got a bunch of songs I didn't have before. I listen to 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'Perhaps' pretty regularly. As well as the version of 'Quick Song' with the fugazi "vocals". Now, who gets the credit? Who deserves the credit? Who's super concerned over who is tying to claim credit? Don't have a dog in any of those fights. I am thankful for what I got. That's all I know.
  6. The AC/DC shows were hard to rationalize as a GNR fan. I saw GNR in July 2016 and then the last AXL/DC show in September 2016. I took my brother to AXL/DC with me. 3 songs into it, he says "Wow, Axl sounds incredible. I should have gone with you to see GNR in July." So how do you explain to him that you don't get *that* Axl when he performs with his own band?
  7. The old Axl would have stopped the show and called out the roadie to fire him on the spot. This is progress.
  8. I dug this tune. Good lyrics. Mick is underrated on that regard.
  9. I'm with you. I think 'Hard School', 'Atlas' and 'Perhaps' are all solid songs. At least 2 of these suckers should have made the album. Try though I might, however, I can't really warm to 'State Of Grace'.
  10. I have to agree here. I would be all about that. You could even plausibly do it. Jungle SCOM PC YCBM NR You guarantee those 5 every night. Along with a few others we know damn well aren't going anywhere (ISE, Brownstone, LALD, KOHD) but then throw in randoms from the albums. That would be pretty cool. Do like a half random show.
  11. I actually agree with this. My 2016 show was Philly and Axl sounded pretty good. No, he wasn't 1992 Axl, but only a fool expects that. I'd be down for a professionally released show from that summer.
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