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  1. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I'd put something here to mock this, normally. But, honestly, am I going to do any better on the mockery front than just letting it stand on it's own, untouched?
  2. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Does kind of sound like him though. That same air of both self importance and total lack of self awareness, as well as talking about things in concrete terms that are done deals and then asks you, the home reader, to prove him wrong. If it's not him, its a misguided homage.
  3. D-GenerationX

    Confirmed Leaked GNR Lyrics (Official Discussion?)

    This was great. And tell me you can't see Axl in the yellow.
  4. D-GenerationX

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    'Going Down' is a an interesting jam. I was never covinced 'Blood In The Water' was real, and not fanmade from existing material.
  5. D-GenerationX

    *Possibly* Scraped, terrible quality recording

    The intro is dumb. But I like the song. I prefer the live version that opens with drums.
  6. D-GenerationX

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Pretty much. Some rando showing up and puffing out his chest like that is going to struggle to be taken seriously.
  7. D-GenerationX

    Lets praise the justice

    Yes, I assumed it was an urban legend.
  8. D-GenerationX

    Sales figures for AFD box set

    Dunno. Got great reviews everywhere though. And it does sound good.
  9. D-GenerationX

    Lets praise the justice

    Sued a magazine? That's not a real story. Can't be.
  10. D-GenerationX

    Lets praise the justice

    How do you not? Only superfans collect concert bootlegs. On just this last tour, I saw GNR on 7/14/16 and 10/8/17. Starting on 7/15/16 and 10/9/17, I was looking for bootlegs of the shows. Now, I paid $150 for my ticket in July 2016, and $300 for my ticket in October 2017. And then I looked for a commemorative thing from both shows that was not made available by the band, nor ever would be. The boot I found of 2016 is pretty decent, the one I found for 2017 is basically unlistenable. In what universe am I ripping them off?
  11. D-GenerationX

    Lets praise the justice

    This would be a dubious premise for any band, but since we are talking about THIS band, it's downright comical. Come on, man. Your other points about concert bootlegs are of course true, in a vacuum. But I'd more willing to hear out a band like Pearl Jam who releases MANY official bootlegs. They want to take a dim view of concert bootlegs, they can. They have earned that right. They make plenty of bootlegs available officially and, therefore, illegal bootlegs are a way to get around paying. That's not cool. But returning to our ridiculous trainwreck of a band...can we get serious? They now have the 4th highest grossing tour of alltime here that has received near universal acclaim. There is a not a hint of a whisper of an allegation of a rumor about any sort of official live release. And "you never know, there might be...sometime" is not a serious position argued by any serious person. Not when it comes to this ramshackle operation.
  12. D-GenerationX

    Lets praise the justice

    No you aren't. Downloading a concert bootleg is not the same as downloading an album. You download an album as a work around having to buy an official product. The concert you are downloading is not out there for sale. Besides that fact, it likely of questionable quality. But you do it because you love the band, or were at that show. The guy downloading a concert is going the extra mile because he is an uberfan of yours. He's already bought all your official shit and wants more. More you aren't offering him.
  13. I rather assumed we have all been operating under this premise for some time, no?
  14. I was at the literal last AXL/DC show here in Philly and Axl sounded great.
  15. D-GenerationX

    House of Blues 2001