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  1. Top 3 from album : There Was A Time I.R.S. Prostitute Top 3 from leak locker : The Blues Atlas Shrugged Perhaps
  2. Just release something catchy. Something with a hook. 'Hard School' fits that bill. I happen to really like both 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'Perhaps'. But both seem like album cuts to me. And we are also only working off a handful of songs that we recently got, but were done 20 years ago, but a totally different band. If we are going to actually entertain the prospect of a new album, there are other songs to pick from we have no knowledge of.
  3. I'm in the same spot. I'm a "greatest hits" AC/DC fan. Basically the stuff you hear on the radio. I only saw them to see Axl. And I knew enouhg tunes to enjoy the show. But it's the disparity in the voice that kills me. How come the guy that is belting out 'Back In Black' and 'Thunderstruck' exactly how it's supposed to sound...can't nail that last verse of 'You Could Be Mine' if his life depended on it?
  4. Actually if you look at the setlist from that tour, Axl got more Bon stuff added then they were doing with Brian. Because that's what he grew up on. They weren't doing 'Rock N Roll Damnation', 'If You Want Blood (You Got It)', or 'Riff Raff' when Brian was singing.
  5. This is hard to dispute. Axl was in legitimately the best shape of his life in 2006. I don't know if dude was actually working out, but it sort of looked it. And it's far and away the best he has sounded on any tour since 1993. But you are right. Did anyone care? You could argue part of that was not having an album out, and that played a role. But that band just did not inspire. Here is something I have long thought. Axl, for all his faults, is a star. He is not just a guy. He has "it". And he needs a lead guitarist that also has "it". While Buckethead was a super bizarre fit for the this band, he also has "it". He can obviously play his ass off, and he is not just a guy. Robin Finck - just a guy. DJ Ashba - just a guy. It just didn't work.
  6. 2012 And the 'Appetite For Democracy' DVD is my thesis statement.
  7. They can fill arenas in the US and stadiums everywhere else if they never release another song. Wasn't the case until Slash and Duff came back. And why showed they could actually do a grown up, professional tour.
  8. Summer 2016 Axl may have been in better voice in 2010, but it was still the Island Of Misfit Toys line-up.
  9. Still looking for some assistance if anyone can help. Pushing 3,500 posts here. #NotANarc
  10. Would appreciate a PM if someone can oblige.
  11. Would greatly appreciate a link of whatever is going around if anyone could oblige.
  12. Petitions are for losers. Topped only by boycotts.
  13. 'I'll Be Damned' Multi-purpose meaning : Record label : They actually turned in something commercially viable. Well, I'll be damned. GNR fandom : I knew the tour was just about money. But they actually put something new creatively into this enterprise. I'll be damned. Axl's persecution complex : If anyone doesn't like it, I'm not surprised. Because, as always, I'll be damned no matter what.
  14. The old Axl would have stopped the show and called out the roadie to fire him on the spot. This is progress.
  15. I dug this tune. Good lyrics. Mick is underrated on that regard.
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