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  1. "Guns N' Roses" to the general public = Axl & Slash Right or wrong. So long as those 2 are there, regardless of who else is involved, the public buys it as "Guns N' Roses". Which is why Duff is smart. And why Izzy is a moron.
  2. I could take or leave Bumblefoot. But I could 100% relate to a guy that got there, took a look around, and said "hey, this is all fucked up...why do you all accept this?"
  3. I'd buy anything they put out. And will go see them in concert if, god willing, we are ever allowed to congregate in public again.
  4. They will forever be my favorite band of all time. I listen to their stuff very frequently. The guy may be a lunatic, but he helped make some of my favorite rock music ever recorded.
  5. 'Coma' from 'Live Era' is super solid. Pretty amazing for a song they hadn't played in almost a year to the day (4.09.92 to 4.8.93).
  6. If you threw an album out now, we could all get used to it. We are all stuck in our fucking houses. Where are we going? A new album now, means if there is a tour in 2022 or whenever, you can play the new songs and we will know them. Of course, that's WAY to logical for this crackerjack squad.
  7. In person - 7/14/16, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia. My first time seeing Axl, Slash and Duff on stage together. 100% sold out, and the fans were so into it. Overall - 12/13/91, Madison Square Garden, NYC. My favorite era of the bootlegs and highlighted by a solid performance of 'Breakdown' and an absolutely flawless 'Locomotive'.
  8. One of the only boots from the Island Of Misfit Toys Era that I listen to. That show is excellent.
  9. Just the past weekend. Not the leaks in total, but I have a playlist that has a few on there. There were the standouts to me : Atlas Shruged Perhaps Hard School I also prefer the early versions of these guys, that I felt got worse the longer they were tinkered with : Chinese Democracy The Blues Rhiad N' The Bedouins I honestly don't give much of a listen to the instrumentals. However, the standouts for me : Quick Song The Rebel The 'Quick Song' with the scat type nonsense at least gives you an
  10. Just release something catchy. Something with a hook. 'Hard School' fits that bill. I happen to really like both 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'Perhaps'. But both seem like album cuts to me. And we are also only working off a handful of songs that we recently got, but were done 20 years ago, but a totally different band. If we are going to actually entertain the prospect of a new album, there are other songs to pick from we have no knowledge of.
  11. I'm in the same spot. I'm a "greatest hits" AC/DC fan. Basically the stuff you hear on the radio. I only saw them to see Axl. And I knew enouhg tunes to enjoy the show. But it's the disparity in the voice that kills me. How come the guy that is belting out 'Back In Black' and 'Thunderstruck' exactly how it's supposed to sound...can't nail that last verse of 'You Could Be Mine' if his life depended on it?
  12. Actually if you look at the setlist from that tour, Axl got more Bon stuff added then they were doing with Brian. Because that's what he grew up on. They weren't doing 'Rock N Roll Damnation', 'If You Want Blood (You Got It)', or 'Riff Raff' when Brian was singing.
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