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  1. "The whole "the label rejected an album in 2010" shit is totally unbelieveable to me. But to play along, let's say it hapenned." Regarding the label rejecting an album, I've been Googling to find some reference to this on a news site to no avail. Was this an assertion Axl made during an interview? If so, was anyone able to corroborate this? I'm not saying anyone's lying, what the hell do I know about the behind the scenes goings on, I'm just curious as to what (if any) material wasn't released. If it was the proposed Remix album, I hate to say it, but after hearing the Brain remixes, yeahhhhh, I could see a label passing on that. The remixes are interesting, but I'm not sure who the target audience is?
  2. Well come on, you can't expect them to put a demo of every obscure, deep cut from their catalog. Oh wait, SCOM... Shit. Nevermind... Lol
  3. I won't argue that point. However, the original poster asked why this band is so reluctant to release new material. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they can more than comfortably rest on their past laurels and seemingly tour forever off of past albums. Until people stop going to shows, I'm not sure there will ever be any perceived "pressure" on this band to release new material. To be clear, I hate this situation. The leaks keep me engaged and have me hoping for new material: songs and albums I'd happily hand over money to buy, but they're never released. I imagine the leaks are discouraging to the band, but why not release them? I've spent an obscene amount of $ back in the day of the 3 track CD import single with an album track and perhaps a couple of b-sides (live tracks, etc). They could've done this with Shadow of Your Love... Throw in a live performance of the song and "Going Down," yeah I'd shell out $12 for it.
  4. As a long time GnR fan, the first "record" I bought was Appetite for Destruction I've resigned myself to whatever comes, comes. I'm not thrilled about this mindset, but it's pragmatic. As to the why: I couldn't really decide until I stumbled on this little tidbit: The Not in This Lifetime Tour is projected to gross nearly half a billion dollars. That's insane. Why record a new album if you can clear that kind of cash with 30 year old material?! Dates: Apr 1, 2016 – Nov 29, 2018 Box office: $480.9 million USD (125 shows)
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