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  1. I_Are_ess

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    As a fan who has enjoyed on many levels the years of guns n roses not releasing albums I sure can't wait for them to not release this one
  2. I_Are_ess

    Living The Dream

    It's not high brow art but that frat boy thing miles has going on might help it sell tbh. I know I bought a copy only because I'm basic as fuck
  3. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Such a bullshit way to behave. Does give us a chance to share bootlegs underground like we used to trade cassettes back in the day
  4. I_Are_ess

    Living The Dream

    Well this has leaked. It gave me HIV
  5. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Fuckers man
  6. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Was it management or warchild?
  7. I_Are_ess

    Chinese Democracy Sales, DEFINATIVE

    3 million is terrible by major artiststandards. Especially considering the cost. Yet I'd give my left nut to sell 3 million of any record I've played on.
  8. 🤣 I actually likey. Must be the only gnr fan in the world to do so. From a marketing perspective it shows the band as it is now that we buy tickets to see. If they had used the original art. As they have for many years. We'd all be saying lol at Frank, Melissa, dizzy, fortus. For people who have not been in the band for 20+ years being used instead of them.
  9. I_Are_ess

    Stay of execution

    Listenable new gnr record
  10. I_Are_ess

    Stay of execution

    The last gnr album was Chinese democracy. A very delayed and overly expensive record. A joke at the time was that the album would come out when China actually has democracy. There was a trade mark in 2010 for stay of execution. Something many death row prisoners never see. I wonder if there is a theme here with album names based upon supposedly things that have a very small probability of happening. In honour of this I suggest we play a game. Where suggest oxymoronic album titles. Like: rocking horse shit Straight curves Sexy old age pensioner. Go!
  11. I_Are_ess

    Winds of Winter or Chinese Democracy II

    Cd 2 will be released as the soundtrack for the book
  12. I_Are_ess

    The General (Evader version)

    It don't really matter...
  13. I_Are_ess

    The General (Evader version)

    Can I haz link?
  14. I_Are_ess

    The General (Evader version)

    Can I get a Penis Monster?
  15. I_Are_ess

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    The album art has been officially released. http://i.redd.it/wpbyckjeyxc11.jpg