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  1. I_Are_ess

    Just fucking lol. Pt. 2

    Fuck me 13 grand for a les Paul. Slash would have to suck my cock as well for that asking price.
  2. I_Are_ess

    www.gunsnrosesportugal.com/forum shuted down

    Still think the song should be circulated. Even of gnr do it themselves ?
  3. I_Are_ess

    www.gunsnrosesportugal.com/forum shuted down

    Same boat. I too wouldlikwntonsee it more widely circulated
  4. Con somebody change me from a "young gun" to November rain singers" on my profile please
  5. http://metro.co.uk/2018/09/26/guns-n-roses-slash-confirms-new-album-is-on-the-way-after-25-years-axl-has-a-ton-he-recorded-already-7980571/amp/ Guns N’ Roses have got a brand new album on the way, following their successful world tour. The November Rain singers have confirmed their first new album for 25 years is ‘in good shape’, as Slash is ‘writing all the time’. The guitarist has reportedly been having such a blast on their Not In This Lifetime world tour that he has been ‘inspired’ to work on new songs. Count. Us. In. ‘We want to do something. We’ve been on the road this entire time, we have another leg coming up in November in Asia, then we’re going to start looking at what the next step is going to be,’ he told Revolver magazine. Speaking about why he decided to start writing again, the music legend, real name Saul Hudson, revealed it was down to the fans ‘I was reminded of the significance the band and the records have had for people. That is almost a surreal kind of feeling,’ he continued. ‘After being away from it for so long, and going out and having the enthusiasm and love that people have shown the band, it’s very humbling. And he revealed the band, made up of himself Duff McKagan, Axl Rose, Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus, have a ‘healthy’ relationship now, following their reunion. ‘There was really great camaraderie from the get go since we got back together. It’s been really healthy.’ Fans might not have to wait too long for the album, as Slash previously revealed Axl has a bunch of songs he has already recorded. ‘I think we’re going to go well on into the future,’ he explained in a previous chat. ‘I mean, Axl’s got a ton of shit that he recorded already, so we’re going to get in there and just start getting into that thing, and then if we do a record and then do a tour, I could see that cycle going on endlessly.’ He also lashed out at critics for releasing a Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction boxset, to celebrate the 30-year anniversary for their debut album. Followers were left fuming as the memorabilia came with a $999 (£759) price tag, meaning many were priced out. ‘A lot of people were complaining about the price of it, but there’s so much stuff in there,’ he previously told the publication. ‘And the box itself is this wood thing that’s hand-done in leather. ‘You can get all the material in a less grandiose package. It’s really cool. For me personally, it was cathartic to get that stuff out there.’ Well, now there’s a new album on the way, that’s one more thing to add to the box…
  6. I_Are_ess

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    As a fan who has enjoyed on many levels the years of guns n roses not releasing albums I sure can't wait for them to not release this one
  7. I_Are_ess

    Living The Dream

    It's not high brow art but that frat boy thing miles has going on might help it sell tbh. I know I bought a copy only because I'm basic as fuck
  8. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Such a bullshit way to behave. Does give us a chance to share bootlegs underground like we used to trade cassettes back in the day
  9. I_Are_ess

    Living The Dream

    Well this has leaked. It gave me HIV
  10. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Fuckers man
  11. I_Are_ess

    Please don't post music

    Was it management or warchild?
  12. I_Are_ess

    Chinese Democracy Sales, DEFINATIVE

    3 million is terrible by major artiststandards. Especially considering the cost. Yet I'd give my left nut to sell 3 million of any record I've played on.
  13. ? I actually likey. Must be the only gnr fan in the world to do so. From a marketing perspective it shows the band as it is now that we buy tickets to see. If they had used the original art. As they have for many years. We'd all be saying lol at Frank, Melissa, dizzy, fortus. For people who have not been in the band for 20+ years being used instead of them.