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  1. I was listening to that while taking a shit and he didnt. I was already doing it. I want my money back
  2. Just post links all over the forum. It's the correct procedure and allows people to find songs easily
  3. Or axl used a lyric generator. Think about it. We already know he's lazy as shit
  4. I can't stop listening. Took a while to decipher these though. If you think I got anything wrong then please let me know. Faster than the devil Terrifying my own conscience Enraged and like a demon She's half woman and half ghost Mistress of yourself I'm pulling your pork Twisting your hip and smashing your girls Blinded by me, you can't see the wood stork Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you furl Mistress Mistress Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you furl Mistress Mistress 666 is the number of the my own conscience. A hungry soul nestled
  5. Eye on you sounds like Jackson 5
  6. Nah it's gold, Scom, jungle, nightrain and silkworms. All classics
  7. Best of the bunch so far. JEEZ. To think this classic piece sat in a vault for 20 years. I wish ask had been allowed to release what he liked in 2000 or 99. The two tonight ok I the quality of the CD songs that leaked from that era completely vindicate him
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