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  1. I like being a total member
  2. Its gonna be a monkey paw situation. We get a new gnr album but every track is like myworld
  3. Basically . It's like shit weight lifting for hipster morons
  4. I have seen videos of this. It's fucking amazing
  5. It's a shit thread. The shit posting is fun though =p
  6. Recently been playing through original donkey Kong country. Superfun.
  7. The brexit means brexit of album statements there ladies and gents
  8. I wonder how much of that made it to the final record. There was that interview with the studio engineer who said what made it to CD was nothing like he remembered. I bet theres a few lost albums there probably with the potential to be uyi or afd. There are 200 days in 4800 hours. And 47 Fridays left in 2019
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