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  1. Frankly boys, it depends on the video title or the preview screen for me. @Bill Brasky has posted some "cake" videos that I would click on irregardless of length or lack of description........
  2. I'm gonna call my shot and say we get a medley of WTTJ, NR and PC. Scripted, safe, and network friendly, edited to make it seem like that was somehow the sequence. This will be as packaged and generic as it can be.
  3. maroon A term of derision often uttered by Bugs Bunny when referring to an interaction with a dopey adversary. It is a mispronunciation of the word "Moron" "What a Maroon!" "Will ya get a load of this maroon" Informal origin: 1940s Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  4. Well, if it should ever happen, it might as well be a double album....... covers I'd suggest: Disc #1 "Fat Dance" - Red Hot Chili Peppers "Fat" - Violent Femmes (Perfect choice) "The Fat Man's Hop" - Fats Domino "Fat Man" - Nazareth (Another perfect choice) "Big Fat Money" - Van Halen "Fat Jack" - Steppenwolf "Fat Gut" - Robin Trower "Eat Some More" - Alice Cooper "The Fat Angel" - Donovan "Fat Person Man" - Jimmy Buffet "Fat Lenny" - Ween "Fat Boys" - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Cheeseburger in Paradise" - Jimmy Buffet Disc #2 "We Are Hungry Men" - David Bowie "Hey Fat Man" - Fats Domino "Fat Cat" - Bootsy Collins (Buckethead could guest here?) "Hey Fat Boy" - Ween "Hungry Daze" - Deep Purple "Stay Hungry" - Twisted Sister "Gettin' Hungry" - Beach Boys "Hungry" - Eric Clapton "Fat Man" - Jethro Tull "Eat at Home" - Paul McCartney "I think I'm going bald" - Rush "You can't fool that fat man" - Randy Newman "If French Fries were fat free" - Alan Jackson "Fat Boy Requiem" - Meat Puppets
  5. well @Facekicker ...... you should read the wikipedia of said actress (formerly actor), Josie (once known as J.J) Torah. Going to be playing the role of a cheerleader on the new show as well.
  6. I'd argue he has roughly 150 million or so excuses given the money grab over the last 3 years. I have a plan though, and I have shared this intervention with @Bill Brasky........... It will take a team of us, and some training and crackerjack timing
  7. NBC's streaming service is going to be called "Peacock".............. They are going to spend a ton of cash on the NFL in the next two years, I imagine they will be fine.
  8. "The reboot will have John Michael Higgins (Great News) as Bayside High’s new principal, while Josie Totah (Champions) will break new ground as Lexi. The comedy will bow on NBCUniversal’s forthcoming streaming service, set to launch in April." I give you "Lexi" -
  9. Normally, we here at gunsnfnroses.com require proof regarding any audacious claims made in a post......
  10. Stranger Things - Season 1
  11. Well, that's one thing you will likely not have to worry about. Here are the odds as of this morning: Baltimore 2-1 (+200) San Fran 3-1 (+300) Kansas City 3-1 (+300) Green Bay 8-1 (+800) Seattle 15-1 (+1500) Minnesota 14-1 (+1400) Tennessee 30-1 (+3000) Houston 40-1 (+4000) I'll make a very small wager on both Houston and Tennessee at those odds, sometime around lunch today. The odds to win each divisional title are a joke with no value offered. I love that sports wagering became legal in my state........
  12. Having reviewed http://majorleagueeating.com/contests/ There appears to be two upcoming events....... 1. The Inaugural Blue Runner Foods World Red Beans And Rice Eating Championship At The Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots 2. The Western Days Festival World Tamale Eating Championship Presented By Market Street However, it is intimated that there will be additional contests this summer, so our hero has ample opportunity
  13. Rick on Eddie Trunk is just golden.... go on with your badself Rick, the "Macdaddy song" line to Trunk was perfect
  14. some inspiration in these dark and trying times....... http://quotefancy.com/axl-rose-quotes
  15. Oh, I disagree.....there is plenty to taste in this thread
  16. Play almost the completely same setlist all spring and summer, threaten to release new music, and put out something stupid like a gnr grill set around labor day (Fuck you nando if you steal this idea)
  17. Fall 2020 http://www.theverge.com/2019/12/27/21039546/mandalorian-season-2-renew-premiere-date-fall-2020-baby-yoda
  18. Better than at least 5 of the 9 movies...... They have fucking nailed the pace of each episode
  19. Can one of you fine gents help this boomer out with a link?
  20. Brad Pitt at Spahn ranch was awesome acting, and such a fucking creepy vibe too. Between Pitt, Leonardo, and the little girl, just amazing acting all around
  21. Why are we posting warchild's picture here? Fuck that stuttering hillbilly
  22. I imagine that with that nose she is in the bottom position of the 69
  23. It was better than I thought it would be...2 chicks kiss, Lando motherfuckin' Calrissian trying to mack on a young babe at the end, and ewoks....................... All we needed was Jar Jar and this masterpiece would have ended as it should have
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