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  1. Anyone wonder how big the umm.... ol' barn door is?
  2. Nando showing his penis size again........
  3. Atlas Perhaps SOG Hardschool KOHD Silkworms
  4. Andre, have you seen the motherfucker?
  5. Shout out to my man Bill B..........yeah
  6. Guess he just has 1 ticket to paradise now.......... Always loved the song "Gimmie some water"
  7. In my Uncle Si voice...... Hey Jack - Never look back, don;t look behind you
  8. Apparently Ms. Duff posted a picture of her and S.Seymour.......as the story goes beta unfriended her. I guess other ppl commented on twitter or what not. Don't follow closely, just catching bits n pieces. It's funny
  9. Nah - The big news out there is the Beta/Duff wife drama apparently.......fucking comedy
  10. There's no option for "Stick to your guns" or "Ride cowboy Ride"? FFS
  11. Just tell me that someone harvested Raganr's tears? That shit could come in handy someday
  12. I hear something like "You've all tried to contact Fernando twice, he's too busy dealing with ICE" but I could just have a shittier version and/or bad headphones
  13. Jesus shut the fuck up........I told you when you said this before you were full of 100% bullshit......do I have to tell you twice? Go away child, the grown ups are talking
  14. The mother goose pickers version, bluegrass style, is the best version
  15. Yeah, that's a wooden dick in the ass coming your way
  16. I guess the jokes are now fucking writing themselves.............
  17. I will never doubt @magisme ever again.........fucking containment area was 10000000% balls on
  18. Based on the above, the song could be about both then, no?
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