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  1. deelowbrown

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    guess the reunion was a financial success for all......
  2. deelowbrown

    NBA 2017-2018

    Twolves will continue to be shit until they fire their coach. He might have been right for the NBA in maybe 1992 or so, but his style is not what is working now.
  3. deelowbrown

    If Axl's house burns down, will he write a song?

    I think a better cover would be "Burning Down the House"....would be fucking epic cuz the original is dope live
  4. deelowbrown

    Most memorable concerts YOU MISSED

    I was supposed to go see Nirvana on October 22, 1993 at the Palmer Auditorium..... Decided I'd rather go out with some broad and left my buddies hanging. That is really the only concert I regret not going to.
  5. deelowbrown

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    she's a cornshucker, a real buttfucker........
  6. deelowbrown

    Happy Birthday Scott

    I'm glad you are dead you failfuck junkie
  7. deelowbrown


    Having seen every iteration of this band since 1988, I am of the opinion that 2001-2002 was the pinnacle musically.
  8. For me, The Black Crowes "Shake your money maker" got overlooked a long time ago. I listen to this thing non-stop and think as far as debut records go, it stands up to anything.
  9. deelowbrown

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    Time went by and it became a joke
  10. deelowbrown

    Christmas Album Confirmed via Billboard

    For those old enough to remember the Velvet Rope website, and all of its innate GNR insight.......Fuck Mike Love
  11. deelowbrown

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    If Tahiti offered me a free place to stay, food and some money, i'd start swimming tomorrow.
  12. deelowbrown

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    dumb motherfucker liked my post.......was trying to tell him to fuck off
  13. deelowbrown

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    Since you asked nicely, I'll try 1. My World 2. Scraped 3. So Fine 4. Shadow of Your Love 5. New Rose 6. Down on the farm 7. You ain't the first 8. Move to the City 9. KOHD 10. SCOM Classics, each and every one of them. Us true insiders will tell you anything if you ask politely.
  14. You would have to pay me at least $200 to waste an hour looking at izzy or adler.......
  15. deelowbrown

    Universal Monsters - Maze Music by Salsh

    Attempt being the "key" word here............