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  1. deelowbrown

    Should Adler's Appetite cover this song?

    I'd vote for Adler covering the "Uncle Fucka" song from the Southpark Movie. After all, there is a line in the song about giving handjobs for crack....perfect for that loser.
  2. It's harder to live with a lookalike you (Ashba) then to live with your fucked up teeth.....
  3. deelowbrown

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    His confederate flag tat is a beauty...........
  4. deelowbrown

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    I dunno Mags, in my eyes it's just swapping one cuck in a top hat for another....
  5. deelowbrown

    Who wins a street fight?

    A Mick Mars vs. Steven Adler junkie fight on the undercard would seal the PPV buy for me.
  6. deelowbrown

    Coming to America 2...

    Richard Pryor is the greatest there will ever be. "That Nigger's Crazy" is one of the best comedy albums of all time. Whino dealing with Dracula is a comedy bit at its finest. Harlem Nights is an underrated movie that they were all in, including the great Mr. Foxx.
  7. deelowbrown

    Who will win the GRAMMY for Best Box Set?

    Yeah, but did any of those other motherfuckers include tattoos?
  8. This might be the greatest gimmick ever. Fucking spectacular!
  9. deelowbrown

    RHCP (fans only)

    Been listening to RHCP a lot lately. Here's my humble top 10 Soul to squeeze Dosed Snow By The Way Californication My Friends Zephyr Song Under the Bridge Can't Stop Behind the Sun BTW Chad Smith = Will Ferrell
  10. deelowbrown

    Axl Rose guest appearance/new song debut on Looney Tunes

    Hey - you just have to do what you do to do what we do
  11. deelowbrown

    Slash saved GnR

    Yes we were/are friends. I left truth when it became clear that the direction of the site was changing. I'd never claim to be an insider, but I probably have been exposed to more than most over the years. I have some good friends that have allowed me to experience some pretty cool things in the GNR world since 1988. Doesn't make me a better fan or give me much more insider info, but I do usually hear a fuller account of things, and sometimes get a head's up sooner than some.
  12. deelowbrown

    Slash saved GnR

    according to the recent article in Billboard, all was going to be released in 2016.....then the reunion happened and every mouth-breather and his fat wife came out to sing along to scom and pc....... My quarrel is not with Mr estranged in Japan, or anyone that posts here for that matter.
  13. deelowbrown

    Slash saved GnR

    I dunno, I hung out with Matthew McConaughey at a Vegas show, Lenny Kravitz at an NYC show during the "Nu guns" (stupid term, btw) era ,guess that is where the elitist thoughts come from. 1,500- 2,500 seat venues allow for more expensive tickets and less riff raff *shrug*. What I see now are fucktards that think November Rain and Paradise City are their chance to shine in a sing along. Fuck that. I guess if you think t-shirts everywhere are good for a brand, whatever. It's kinda like this: Just because McDonald's sells a billion burgers, doesn't mean that the quality of the burgers are any good. While viewing threads over at the gina, I saw where people were more excited that there was a reunion over everything being released in 2016. I hope that every single one of those stupid fucks gets a viscous type of cancer and dies a miserable death while their families suffer for it. Fuck them.
  14. deelowbrown

    Slash saved GnR

    Give me a residency fanbase over the reunion crowds all day every day. Less caterwauling cunts, fewer stuck in the 80's mullets, and overall a far more enjoyable experience. Call me a GNR elitist, but I couldn't care less about the majority of people who wanted a reunion or went to a NITL show. If that is what salsh saved, fuck him and motherfuck anyone who supports him.
  15. deelowbrown

    What is the most useless government agency?

    FCC or TSA, but every fucking one of them could be reduced and it really wouldn't matter one bit in most people's lives.