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  1. They can carry this on for eternity, but can we please sprinkle in more tits and ass pics? Makes the back and forth more enjoyable
  2. If OKC buys out CP3's contract and he ends up a Laker, I am going to be pissed
  3. Insert dentistry joke here....
  4. Miami is rumored to be a spot, along with Minnesota......Apparently Wiggins dead-ass contract may be in play
  5. And there goes Russ to Houston...... I do not think CP3 plays a game in OKC, I assume they trade him before the season
  6. OK, since there is now an afro-centric festival that is charging people of different colors different admittance fees, could GNR charge Brazilians double? If so, would they still show up? What about charging fat boomer moms triple, so I don't have to hear the caterwauling cunts sing?
  7. The problem with trading Russ is .. Where He gonna go? New York Toronto Miami Milwaukee Minnesota Houston (If C Paul can get moved) Very few teams have the space, assets, and/or patience for Russ.
  8. I think OKC did all right given the circumstances. Rumor has it they tried dumping off Westbook's contract to Toronto along with George, but the Raptors didn't have the draft picks/players to make a deal happen. Toronto will not make the eastern conference playoffs next year........ Philly Boston Milwaukee Indiana Brooklyn Atlanta Miami Orlando
  9. In all I've done and seen in my life, the #kiddragqueen is something I guess I never conceived as possible......
  10. This new shit show won't really be complete until Duff sings tenderness at the festivals.
  11. Dig deeper......think about these loser fucks trying to ration just how much water they rub on themselves before they go to work rubbing one out. But hey, its capitalism baby
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