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  1. @auad Beneath the remains is the only album of theirs I've owned.......have a hard time listening to them for any sustained amount of time.
  2. All of your opinions are fine, but I'll wait till our savior Duff weighs in....
  3. you forgot my two other staples, pornhub and mmajunkie, but I agree
  4. Ok, one more stab at it. I think you could argue that Move to the city is 2nd person narration, of course that was written by Del and Chirs and Izzy?
  5. Back to the first person discussion, is Dust n' Bones the only song that doesn't have an "I" or "me"?
  6. Tenderness......It's what we need
  7. Fortunate Son is a great tune, motherfuck anyone that says otherwise
  8. "His hunger never fades"....."Always hungry for somethin' that I haven't had yet" "Though it may not be wise, I'd still have to try" - to avoid the supersize We should mash up lyrics and make a Denny's tribute
  9. I enjoy me some CCR. I'd include Skynyrd in that category as well. Only band I know of that uses the words "She gator" in a song.
  10. Please kind sir, I'd love to hear this.
  11. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about such matters.........I honestly cannot tell for certain
  12. I once watched a football game with Mr. James.........fuck his New York Giants. He and Dizzy are big fantasy football guys too
  13. I have literally spent the last two days of my life listening to Jim Cornette's podcasts on youtube. Always liked the man, sweet Jesus is he entertaining. I suggest you start with Vince Russo.
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