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  1. Damn it @EstrangedTWAT we need a link to that new episode
  2. Yes this is an upcoming product, and yes it is expected to sell well. I love me my trading cards, but I am passing on this one....lol http://www.blowoutcards.com/non-sports/2020-topps-women-of-star-wars-hobby-box.html 2020 Topps Women of Star Wars Hobby Box This Product Is Scheduled To Release On 03/25/20 Configuration: 7 packs per box. 8 cards per box. Introducing Topps Women of Star Wars trading cards! The first trading card release to celebrate the iconic and important women in the Star Wars galaxy, this set features an eclectic mix of all-female characters from heroes to villains (and even a little scum). Look for 100 base cards & 4 different insert sets to collect. 1 autograph per box and 2 sketch cards per case guaranteed!
  3. I am using that Mandalorian line on people at work the rest of the week....
  4. So I thought that was awesome for a 36 minute tv show....Is this a weekly thing? @EstrangedTWAT you now have one important job ahead of you......
  5. Thank you brother, I will watch tonight. You are now committed to getting us every episode!
  6. It was a great game. I bet the over in the Dallas/Minnesota game tomorrow night. NFL gets tougher to bet for me as the season goes on.
  7. It's ok young one...I'll help you with wagering if need be. I am just one state south of you
  8. Jesus shut the fuck up. You slobbered on rick's cock on discord one too many times...go back to mygina and take your shit posting with you
  9. I think Minnesota will give Penn State a game tomorrow. SO many good college games this weekend, after last weekend being garbage.
  10. Why stop there though? Why not those receiving government assistance? Those pre-disposed to alcoholism? Hell, it could be endless.......
  11. Our song lyrics have been great, but what if we used the man's words himself? I am no audio wizard, but what if we did a mash-up of lyrics to make a new song? Similar to the general, we could call it the Colonel as an ode to Axl's likely love of fried chicken. Anyways just on AFD alone we have these nuggets: the price you'll pay you can taste it get's worse here every day you better not take it from me It's so easy you fall down I'm bored loaded like a freight train eat that's one for you, two for me It's nothing new to me You can always find a place to go break down the doors they won't touch me I lose my head I close my eyes I've got something I've been building up inside sometimes it's harder to leave Now I get up around whenever the little got more and more buy me something to eat Are you blind oats this song is true It's a feelin' than I know an ounce of I been lookin' for a Always hungry for something I might be too much I've had everything All I ever wanted
  12. guess I needed another piece of cake gave up on eating key lime pie cuz it gave me the quakes so i found it though Beta hid it away maybe this Duncan Hines mix will take my hunger away vegans and dieters - that's right! just get out of my way don't want to eat none of your healthy shit today don't need no lettuce or blanched kale for a snack just want my moist lemon cake you vegan fags can all lick my sack
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