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  1. Well @Dr. Strangelove Might I suggest a look around here http://github.com/Mydract/Discord-Server-Destroyer
  2. Didn't that Retard (emphasis) try to talk shit to you about having your own server? Jesus he is fail
  3. apparently Levi getting fired was another Rick lie... the other douche bag has the gall to ask him if he has listened to more music while Rick is freaking out..... See what happens when is trying to run things?
  4. So Mojo got Levi fired.....and now Rick and Kevin have sold out people like Tim to the fanbase....... Simple question.... Is there a fraud lawsuit out there for the "investors"? Also, since this cum guzzler Kevin is involved, in the deception, could he be an accessory to any sort of conspiracy or fraud? ... just asking for a friend (
  5. Or get a banner that says "Fernando Leaks"....Screen shot that at the show
  6. Atlas Perhaps SOG Hardschool KOHD Silkworms
  7. Shout out to my man Bill B..........yeah
  8. Guess he just has 1 ticket to paradise now.......... Always loved the song "Gimmie some water"
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