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  1. someone needs to set that explosion to fat axl belting out LALD at just the right time
  2. These motherfuckers need to mask up
  3. That's just the Chicago Blackhawks fucking with you
  4. dat enchilada recipe tho'.................
  5. Axl Rose is so fat that when the UYI boxset comes out, Get in the Ring will be edited to say "And in this corner, weighing in at 850 pounds... Axl Rose"
  6. This version of thunderstruck is so good, and its the reason why I won't spend a fucking nickle on anything gnr related........if they don't care as a group, why should I?
  7. Nope, he'll complain because a physical product is not environmentally friendly
  8. the kid gives ashba a run for his money on intros....
  9. No, just once. They are efficient, and not a chance in hell they would waste the lead on a second shot.
  10. Fuck it, Melissa needs equal pay as well............Time's up bitches
  11. ohh......they've got some cousins that make Fernando seem like prince fucking charming
  12. Wichita Lineman Seeker Black Hole Sun Liquor & Whores Attitude So Fine I don't Care about you Eye on you Think About you You could be mine You Ain't the first You're crazy Look at your game girl Cornshucker - Melissa dances out front to this KOHD (20 minute version with second part - "Gimmie some more reggae") Encore Man in the Meadow Parkland/Shotgun Blues - real banger here, Axl comes out right at the end of Parkland with guns blazing OIAM
  13. The Seattle Kraken is a bad ass name for a team
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