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  1. I am one of "those people" that think Tarantino can do no wrong. I have high hopes for this........
  2. Oh, I know pretty good what is out there, I'm just surprised that some of the things have perceived value going forward. I imagine when the next release happens, some of the things being kept won't be worth so much. To your point though, it isn't money that motivates some of these people, it's having more things that are unreleased. Makes it hard to barter, for sure
  3. I could write a book on my efforts to unearth what has seemingly been buried. It's amazing to me that leaks have dried up, when I would think those who have them could care less about such things now that it has been so long.
  4. Yes, I've seen GNR 53 times, going back to the summer of 1988. I've talked other places about highlight shows, but opening nights of the UYI tour in Alpine Valley are right up there. There are days I question whether the time and treasure are/were worth it, but lord do I have some experiences.
  5. saw them 2 weeks later in Minneapolis, came out late as fuck, played till 2:00 or just past.....Had school in roughly 6 hours leaving from the venue, it was a 5 hour drive in a snow storm home. Thanks mom for calling me in sick! Seriously though, that was maybe where the roller coaster hit its peak and you could see the big downhill dip coming. I had seen them roughly 10 times by then, and that was as good as it got up and until the HOB show.
  6. Per Wikipedia... In China it is roughly "Old Mr.Wang had some land" In Danish it is "Jens Hansen had a farm" In Finnish it is "Grandpa Piippola had a house" And perhaps tying this whole sad fucking thing together, the Italian version translates to Uncle Tobias in the old farm - Yup, that cocksucker Tobias is everywhere, from Miser's fucking Oh My God thread to this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_MacDonald_Had_a_Farm
  7. How baked were these cats? I love this version live, with the flipped verses and different lyrics. P.S. no chance in hell this would get recorded nowadays.
  8. Fuck I don't know... Jesus never said "Gimmie some reggae", and he sure as all fuck never said "gimmie more reggae" when talking of heaven's door
  9. All kinds of articles about salsh and MJ hanging out. Pretty sure ol' salsh played more than once live as a guest with him too.
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