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  1. It really is interesting that damn near every new virus is coming from China......Almost makes you think they are man-made. If it were just piss-poor hygiene, you'd think more diseases would be found in Africa, or even from the extended Lebeis clan
  2. I love me some PJ, was an original Ten Club member, got to see their 10th Anniversary show at MGM in 2000, was at the show at soldier field in 1995 (Even Flow, dedicated to Wesley Willis that night, was unreal) ..... I have my bona fides That said, they have sucked for me over the last two albums, and from what I have heard so far this one appears to be the same.
  3. Lollapalooza is all well and good, but this thread was in regards to music on live tv....trick here is that I do not believe the made for tv highlight show on Fox is going to be live as it is going to be televised a day later than the actual show. Silver lining in this is I hope cameras are all trained on bald wig wearing slash if helium-Mickey says "I thought you could be more of a maaaaannnn" at Lollapalooza. That @ManetsBR would then be an all-time moment in GNR lore.
  4. Jesus, watching people try so hard to think/justify/hope/project that they are getting new music........ It's like watching a fat crippled woman trying to reach orgasm.... It's even sadder over at the gina. Those pathetic fucks are kings of tryhard
  5. If they'd just call it the non-country music hall of fame, all is good
  6. Frankly boys, it depends on the video title or the preview screen for me. @Bill Brasky has posted some "cake" videos that I would click on irregardless of length or lack of description........
  7. I'm gonna call my shot and say we get a medley of WTTJ, NR and PC. Scripted, safe, and network friendly, edited to make it seem like that was somehow the sequence. This will be as packaged and generic as it can be.
  8. maroon A term of derision often uttered by Bugs Bunny when referring to an interaction with a dopey adversary. It is a mispronunciation of the word "Moron" "What a Maroon!" "Will ya get a load of this maroon" Informal origin: 1940s Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  9. Well, if it should ever happen, it might as well be a double album....... covers I'd suggest: Disc #1 "Fat Dance" - Red Hot Chili Peppers "Fat" - Violent Femmes (Perfect choice) "The Fat Man's Hop" - Fats Domino "Fat Man" - Nazareth (Another perfect choice) "Big Fat Money" - Van Halen "Fat Jack" - Steppenwolf "Fat Gut" - Robin Trower "Eat Some More" - Alice Cooper "The Fat Angel" - Donovan "Fat Person Man" - Jimmy Buffet "Fat Lenny" - Ween "Fat Boys" - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Cheeseburger in Paradise" - Jimmy Buffet Disc #2 "We Are Hungry Men" - David Bowie "Hey Fat Man" - Fats Domino "Fat Cat" - Bootsy Collins (Buckethead could guest here?) "Hey Fat Boy" - Ween "Hungry Daze" - Deep Purple "Stay Hungry" - Twisted Sister "Gettin' Hungry" - Beach Boys "Hungry" - Eric Clapton "Fat Man" - Jethro Tull "Eat at Home" - Paul McCartney "I think I'm going bald" - Rush "You can't fool that fat man" - Randy Newman "If French Fries were fat free" - Alan Jackson "Fat Boy Requiem" - Meat Puppets
  10. well @Facekicker ...... you should read the wikipedia of said actress (formerly actor), Josie (once known as J.J) Torah. Going to be playing the role of a cheerleader on the new show as well.
  11. I'd argue he has roughly 150 million or so excuses given the money grab over the last 3 years. I have a plan though, and I have shared this intervention with @Bill Brasky........... It will take a team of us, and some training and crackerjack timing
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