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  1. No sir, that is the one and only Maureen.......craziest GNR bitch in a sea of crazy GNR bitches Maureen Catherine Anhalt (@AnhaltMaureen) | Twitter For the record, I've been amazed over the last 20+ years at the GNR females online. The ones that actually post and contribute in the forums or even Discord are some of the finest people in the world. The ones that are insta/FB/twitter only are some of the scariest people in the world
  2. 18 years till the box set with that unreleased jam "Atlas Shrugged"......... CAN'T WAIT
  3. Best thing for me was enjoying a live stream of Pig Hag with some of my gnfnr pals
  4. I am curious to how they sell, but no lie pre-sale starts tomorrow on nightrain
  5. craziest part of the story? Pre sale starts in less than 24 hours......
  6. All 4 were, but I would go 4-1-3-2 if I was ranking them. I still am in debt to Emo Annie for helping me with tickets to 2 of those shows............. there, I said it
  7. I just watched Rio RQ again......Jesus Christ, Bucket at the end (5:00) is so good. In the Axl's mistakes Hall of Fame, losing Bucket has got to be the top one for me,
  8. I'm pretty sure I saw NR live at Alpine Valley both nights... could be wrong, memory goes as you get older
  9. 2001 Rio also has Nightrain Bucket and the end of OMG = gold
  10. I read some shit somewhere last night suggesting that this Mando episode could maybe explain Snoke's creation via cloning. Not sure I buy it.
  11. Did we get more dates? I fully expect a Dubai or Abu Dhabi show
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