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  1. deelowbrown

    Living The Dream

    I'll admit to not even trying to listen.....I just knew it would be shit
  2. deelowbrown

    Salsh is doing a Reddit AMA on 9/20

    Gunner, you have one fucking job to do...........just one @GUNNER
  3. deelowbrown

    Living The Dream

    Hey, you just have to do what you do to do what we do
  4. deelowbrown

    Stradlin and Adler are losing their place ...

    my *only* problem with that design is that it is not accurate. Way too many teeth in slash's mouth.
  5. deelowbrown

    Living The Dream

    It's part of the dream
  6. deelowbrown

    Living The Dream

    Poor fuckers at the rib fests are gonna revolt over that setlist. Hide the eyes when the hot sauce starts flying. Seriously, fuck anyone who pays to see this pathetic debacle.
  7. deelowbrown

    The most memorable concert

    Opening nights of the UYI tour @ Alpine Valley, the HOB show in 2001, seeing the Pearl Jam 10th Anniversary show at the MGM in Vegas .....those are my top 3 without giving it a ton of thought.
  8. deelowbrown

    Best Advice You've Ever Received

    Never trust a fart
  9. deelowbrown

    I don't understand why handicap people get to park closer.

    Where I live, we have some insane bullshit called "super hero" parking, for military, cops and first responders....since that shit is not by law and only a "rule" made by merchants, I park in that shit every chance I get.
  10. deelowbrown

    Stay of execution

    Intelligent mygina poster
  11. deelowbrown

    The General (Evader version)

    song symbolizes my feelings on GNR right now.... "My hopes my dreams have died now I rest my hate in the rumors" -infuckingdeed
  12. deelowbrown

    Salsh is optimistic about a new GNR album

    but you could bring him a toothbrush?
  13. deelowbrown

    Slash on Jimmy Kimmel

    It sure as all hell won't take him very long.....
  14. deelowbrown

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Perhaps I'll volunteer a different tact. You act as though you are enlightening us, but many of us called out this money grab moons ago. It's not as though we are uninformed, its just that a (silent?) majority of us don't care. Over the last 20 (!) years of this game online, I see very little public support for tram Brazil. I sadly do see that gleam in the eyes when ol' Fernando throws a crumb in the general direction. So my point in this. If you are going to strut through the doors with guns blazing, shoot to kill. Stop with the trite, come with the noise. The sing-along might mean something. Richie being in Brooklyn ain't the droids you're looking for........ Your move "FromHell", give us something meaningful or fade away