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  1. remember the rope-a-dope convo we had?
  2. an album? I thought this thread was regarding a living (gerbil?) sex toy for him...
  3. Seems he tried to take black history month too seriously
  4. Oh you know damn well Thelma shaves that taco religiously....
  5. ANDDDDDD....There is now a bumbefoot comic book coming. Seriously wtf
  6. He needs to tell Daphne to turn around because he has a use for her.....if we don't get that special moment, it's a let down, right?
  7. By far, and I mean light years, she is the greatest poster over at the gina'...her translations are fucking gold
  8. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Fan Vote So Far: Fela Kuti, 159726 Votes Tina Turner, 144034 Foo Fighters, 107122 Iron Maiden, 95899 Carole King, 89033 The Go-Go's, 85799 Rage Against the Machine, 63334 Dionne Warwick, 63002 Todd Rundgren, 60181 Chaka Khan, 60082 Devo, 59460
  9. Some more free advice for you nando...Do this Although for fucks sake don't let some of the crew do this..it'd be a fucking daycare @Bill brasky
  10. If true, this would have been fun for all....consider the source, although the book comes out Tuesday. "Ghislaine Maxwell admitted Jeffrey Epstein DID have tapes of Trump and the Clintons after she was tricked by 60 Minutes producer in 2016 - 'but refused to help locate them because she wanted Hillary to win'" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9270769/Ghislaine-Maxwell-admitted-Jeffrey-Epstein-DID-tapes-Donald-Trump-Clintons-2016.html
  11. Tropic Thunder Fright Night (1985)
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