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  1. Yes but was she part of the others? I recall someone saying something about her being part of them
  2. Was Melissa Reese part of the recently leaked Brain remixes (Shackler's, TIL, ITW, Blood In The Water)?
  3. Does anyone have the little song Axl sings live that goes something like "Oklahoma where the winds come sweeping by the fields"?
  4. I have: Crack The Sky(?) (CD?) Vicious Game(?) (UYI?) Stormbringer(?) (1983?) You Saw It Comin'(?) (CD?) Shackler's Revenge Remix(?) If The World Remix(?) This I love Remix Estranged 1999 Silkworms & OMG stereo Regular studio versions of OMG & Silkworms Going Down Stereo Regular studio version of Going Down Sentimental Movie Live GNR Live at The Roxy 80's soundboard Las Vegas 2001 full show Chinese democracy 2003 Demo This I Love 2003 Demo The Blues 2001 Demo TWAT 2001 Demo Rocket Queen Puerto Rico 2010 (?) = Unsure if legit I am willing to trade these for other demos
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