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  1. Litti

    The Garden

    One of the Great songs
  2. Why would anyone buy any of that. I got the 4 CD's for free
  3. Jarmo calls himself an idiot, idiot
  4. Litti

    Obese Axl

    easy, just strip down to bikeshorts
  5. I Picked Shackler, Better, If the World, Catcher, Sorry Not necessary for the "music" but the feel and attitude Mostly what I feel like listening
  6. Litti

    Obese Axl

    After reading all the stories and getting to know the band over the years, I always had that impression that Axl had the most guts. *Please clap...
  7. Leaks beat ChinDem one thousand to zero
  8. Brazil is a poor country, they got to play with that in mind. More Merch !!
  9. Maybe more old songs with Alt. lyrics could be in order?
  10. I like this. Ron has a great voice.
  11. Ok, I'll come clean. Here's my info: Axl is NOT in shape, he took a U turn when going past Taco Bell
  12. I got info about Axl as well. But I can't talk about it.
  13. I'm confused. Why would they make some sorta deal to pay Limp Dick Rick bunch of money for him not to leak anything if there's countless others who supposedly have the cd's as well? Don't make any sense. They can just as easily leak the songs and so they wasted money paying off Rick.
  14. dont know but its 37 hours one way from flo to CA
  15. If only it would have been Leakin' James Comey who purchased the CD's
  16. Duff and Axl are so misguided. #Sad
  17. All they do is remake and revisit old stuff. Back to drugs soon?
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