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  1. Duff and Axl are so misguided. #Sad
  2. All they do is remake and revisit old stuff. Back to drugs soon?
  3. I found couple torrents that has those mixes but there were no seeders, bummmer
  4. Copyrighted material should be shared here and everywhere, nobody cares really. What about those copyrighted photos people share, it's the same thing
  5. Yes but not in the way you think. Trump is pulling the strings but deep state tries to hamper and stop him.
  6. I fast forwarded two times randomly clicking and all I heard was "..and, umm..." "...and.. umm..."
  7. I will never go see them live again until Axl squeezes himself back in to those bikeshorts
  8. Nice n' cool music video, much better dolphins than those in Estranged
  9. Well Axl, Fortus, Del James and others have been very anti Trump and now that Trump have been exonerated from "russian collusion" how will they react.
  10. So how will Axl & Fortus handle this excellent news, given that they are and have for a long time been suffering from TDS?
  11. this would be much better if he didnt try to mimic Axl's voice and just sang with his own voice
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