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  1. I will comply after GN'r puts out proshot dvds of the shows. You first Axl
  2. Does anyone here have that 5.1 Bluray discs that came with the AFD boxset. If so it would be nice to get more of those stripped down versions of the songs like that Nightrain that's out there. Just the Bass, Drum and Axl for all tracks. Got it.
  3. I am yes. Axl had some difficulties singing that song
  4. How can Rick do this. Claims to be the biggest fan and he dares to disrespect Axl's wishes?? It doesnt add up
  5. Least Axl played good games
  6. They can do each others eye liners
  7. I did notice that Axl sounds louder than on the album. (just a quick scan on few tracks)
  8. What is different with these tracks? anti quiet? not quiet? they have sound?
  9. so all the previous leaks were from these disc's so we all hale lot of duplicates
  10. Don't know why tho. Maybe cuz it's 7th track and somehow similar
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