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  1. Litti

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Who's the homeless guy's she's leaning on
  2. Izzy uses all his strength to write the most boring songs as possible so he wouldn't be called up to perform on a big stage again.
  3. Litti

    Please don't post music

    Sounds better than the Mickey these days, the Duck
  4. Litti

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    Almost choked on me food when I saw that new Album cover
  5. Litti

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    Because if you look at Axl's track record and add those leaked songs, it all sounds promising. It will be better than 90% of music out there these days.
  6. Litti

    New album coming?

  7. Litti

    New album coming?

    So why put something like that up there at all
  8. Litti

    New album coming?

    Excuse me for my ignorance but what is that running clock above? Is there really new album coming or is it just a running joke.
  9. Litti

    Urgent! Rose versus West

    So sad that Axl has become a SJW, but that's what you got to do if you want to survive in music business. Or else the PC police will come and label you a racist. #MAGA
  10. Litti

    AFD 5.1 Stems Leaks Discussion Thread

    What's wrong with my browser settings, I don't see the player to listen to it
  11. Everyone could see this coming given how anti-Trump Axl, Fortus and Del James are. They need to bow to the left now and do what they say. Afraid of being called racist did this.
  12. Litti

    House of Blues 2001

    Would be cool to hear from who ever got the Axl's mic at the end of the show, Axl said : "Who ever caught the mic, let him keep it"
  13. Yea that became clear right after I posted that apologies for the dumb post. Would be great to hear the original.
  14. Yes, but that became too obvious when I listened some more. LOL
  15. Adler is right, I just listened to both versions and Drumming sound different. I would also argue that the vocals are different too. When you listen the part where Axl sings : " Now I'm reckless, gonna have some Fun " you can hear clear difference. In the old recording he sings the word "reckless" faster and in the new he extends the "Fun". There's more, those just an example.