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  1. Litti

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    He should do that on the next gig.
  2. Because without that, what else we got?
  3. Nothing wrong with that song, Axl sings the truth.
  4. Litti

    A dentist please

    Even though Salsh was not involved with CD this is how it would have turned out Chinese Dentures Colgate's Revenge Betthe Plaque of Dreams Eat the World There was a Grin Agape In The Rye Scraped Rembrandt N' The Binaca Drooly G.N.T. Madagumcar Gums I Love Brushtitute
  5. Litti

    A dentist please

    Best thread yet. Welcome to the Dentist It's So aching Nightbrush Out to get Dentures Mr.Browntooth Paradise Smile My ToothFairy Think About Floss Sweet Tooth O' Mine You're Toothless Anything Goes Dental Queen Toothless Life Nice Teeth Move to the Dentist Mama Denture Toothtience Used to Have Teeth You're Toothless One In a Mouth Right Next Door To Dentist Teeth N' Bones Bite And Let Chew Don't Cry (if you lose a tooth) Perfect Occlusion You Ain't The First Bad Breath Back Off Dentist Double Chewin Jive November Grin The Garden Garden of Teeth Don't Damn Me Bad Filling Dead Tooth Coma Tooth War 14 Teeth Yestersmile Knockin' On Dentist Door Get In the Dentist Denture Blues ToothDown Pretty Brush Up Locomotive (The Perils Of Oral Hygiene Decadence) So Rotten Estranged You Could Be Toothless Don't Cry (still no teeth) My Mouth Since I Don't Have Teeth New Filling Down on the Sink Human teeth Raw Gum Ain't Dentures Fun Buick Makane (Big Dumb Filling) Tooth Of the Dog Attitude Black Gum You Can't Put Your Teeth Around A Memory I Don't Care About Oral Health I apologize in advance if my absolutely necessary post was too long or if I tooth it too, I mean took tit too far, but it was worth it. Ps. had fun writing it edit. Made some changed, anyone have ideas for the few remaining?
  6. I was just trying to note how far they have fallen
  7. Ac Dc formula works for axl voice, does anyone know how old/ new this is
  8. He brought Estranged to life
  9. Yep, you know what gives it away? the fact that it's on TOUR dates page
  10. Litti

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    I can't believe they're actually taking down fan filmed u tube videos. What a bunch of nob heads
  11. Litti


    This is actually good news, no more Axl straining her flowery voice on brutal Gn'R songs. More covers is actually a welcome change.