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  1. Very well said! Birdman had knowledge of the hard drive but when the shit hit the fan Tommy backed out. Whats left that we don't have yet??? 400 Village cds that Tommy does have. I asked Tommy about HDD and he told me its real but Birdman does not have it.
  2. Levi does have more than i got. Some Izzy cd which i heard he sold. Also a Sympathy for the devil disk. Robert Bird does claim to have more vocal tracks.
  3. Original buyer far from innocent. Sold to Levi for over 20k cash. Robert Bird made over 30K unreported to the IRS. After hearing the podcast in Jan.. I contacted the IRS and informed them that Robert Bird received a huge amount of cash Over 30K that hasn't been reported. Robert as well bragged about possibly making a sell somewhere in Texas. Robert also claims I bought a thumb drive that came from the storage locker. Later today that will be determined a lie. I didn't pretend to give anything back... I got the over night delivery paper work when I sent all the shit robert gave me back to Doug
  4. Is there anyone that actually has atlas, General full, or checkmate ?
  5. The leaked version is compressed only 1.4gb. The direct from vhs rip is over 10gb
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