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  1. As soon as I read ‘MacDadd Suing” I thought to myself I need to up my game. Let’s make it happen.
  2. It’s almost worth getting that printed on a t shirt n going to see fatty.
  3. Ironfin


    The end of Once Upon A time is one of the funniest things I’ve watched for in a long time. What a film. Agree with your after thoughts n it’s already happening.
  4. By 2021 MacDaddy will be able to host a full 20,000 seater concert, backing band with Tracy Roberta n Teddy, 3 non entity endless nameless keyboard players and a punk non gender as fuck genderless fuck on his own body acting as the venue without ever having left his bed. TB are having him measured for a floor plan as I type. Geraldine Fest.
  5. If everyone alive jumps up n down at the same time then apparently the earth changes orbit or some other science bollocks. What the fuck will happen if MaDaddy attempts to jump up n down again during the rocky break bit of Better? Rhetorical question - we’ll be collectively fucked as planet earth exits the solar system no doubt heading towards a super massive black cunt.
  6. Ironfin


    My burd took me to see it. I wasn’t happy as it meant I’d have to read. Anyway, glad she did, amazing film. Swap the poor Korean family with a Brazilian one, and the rich tech geek with a fat karaoke singer n bobs yer fucking uncle.
  7. I came across this interesting news story from a local paper in Malibu. - It was around 6am when the call came in from Malibu said Fire Marshall Rick Donefor, “I didn’t understand a word of what the caller was saying, it sounded like someone had taught a pigeon to talk, so I traced the call to an address in Malibu. When we arrived it was the weirdest thing, there were 200 panicked and malnourished Brazilians running around this massive garden. They were moving thousands of toy trucks and hundreds of bags of lard into taliban style pick up trucks. I thought if the wildfires light the lard bags we’re done for. I heard what sounded like a wheezing Minnie Mouse and then I could not believe what I saw, around 15 Brazilians wearing nanny costumes were trying to carry this massively obese old lady down the driveway but they couldn’t fit her in the back of the pick up truck. At this point I radio’d for backup. I took one look at the old lady and I thought man she’s super combustible, if her fat ass catches fire this thing will spread to Canada. 30 minutes later the most powerful aerial crane in the world arrived and we managed to attach the old lady to its winch. As the old lady rose off the ground she kept shrieking “crazy” and “jungle” again and again. Soon the fat helium induced banshee was swinging across the sky and these crazy Brazilians were holding on to the helicopter winch rails. As the chopper headed towards the ocean, Brazilians were falling from the sky as they lost their grip. It was like a fucking horror movie but with a happy ending. Around 30 minutes later the old lady seemed happy as she was dropped into the ocean and immediately started communicating with whales.
  8. They’d make a shitload by turning his fat into soap or cooking oil. I’d buy the oil as it would already be burger flavoured.
  9. Exactly cause the whole point of making and releasing music is to make money. Fuck these cunts. I do hope they release Mac daddy though.
  10. I’ve had messages and calls asking about this concert, shall we go see it, as I am the biggest GNR fan they know. No fucking chance. People that tell you what you can say and what you can’t say well they can fuck off. Specifically GNR. Removing One in a million? You should never have wrote it in the first place but removing it is far worse. And woke mcgagen, Jesus Christ, appetite for destruction is a premonition of what you now saying about Seattle. It’s made you millions and you couldn’t fucking wait for it. Now it’s here. Share some of the millions you making from ‘ripping off the kids’ with the homeless fuckers in Seattle. The way we treat woman now a days, back off bitch, you’re nothing but a cunt now. Kurt Cobain was 30 years ago and you never got on the boat. Slash, I hope to see again in small venues for that beautiful guitar playing. Axl, if that fat fuck promises to play Mac Daddy then I’ll spend 1k on a ticket.
  11. This is my first mafia. Is it like role play where I have to post Vietnam shit? It do I stick to the regular Axl Rose is so fat he has his own gravity sort of shit
  12. Peace n live is all am saying. Is the reason Axl never toured Africa cause they worried he’d cause more famine
  13. Vote for strangelove or you going to wake up with horses head in you fucking bed
  14. WTF I ain’t no cappacino sipping Itai grease ball. You’re fucking mafia. He who blames it laid it.
  15. I need Agent Orange fast. Where is the ammo store.
  16. Me looking for some long time lovin. Sucky Sucky
  17. I know that Mac Daddy is terrible but it has to become a Christmas number one. It’s Springtime for Hitler. It’s fantastic!
  18. “To have a couple of hits and then come up with this and wonder if it’s all over” not my words, the words of my friend who has only heard them on the radio and in the pub (I just played him Mac Daddy which I had to switch off and then state of grace) he said state of grace “the riff is good but the singing is terrible” and he (my friend) can play piano. Amongst my friends, none of whom like GNR the way I do, MAC Daddy is becoming a classic
  19. Hi Guys id like to play this mafia game also
  20. Ironfin


    Hey Hotdogman, I’m having a quarter pounder with cheese! It tastes good!
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