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  1. Happy anniversary JB, raising a glass to you and the forum.
  2. I was explaining the GNR Covid T shirt bullshit to my girlfriend. She asked why I was pissed. I told her it’s because I want to hear what they got to say in the music. She said ‘but they are old men why can’t you just let them retire?’ I explained that they can’t retire because they’ve released one album in 30 fucking years and I’ve invested to much time in this nonsense. She said ‘it’s time to let it go’. you got something to say, think about it, articulate it, melodize it and release it.
  3. This might be where Nando got inspiration for the T Shirt. I hope that any money this makes is donated to the Corona effort. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-52554123/worst-song-possible-plays-as-trump-tours-mask-plant
  4. Going by previous cash grabs I think this book will cost on release $49.99 or $99 with a GNR logo’d baby corona mask bundle.
  5. Is this for real???!!! I hope so! The hunters become the hunted! GNR/Brazilians are trolling us to fuck! I take my hat off
  6. Axl Rose is so fat that Richard Fortus can’t use his nose as a sundial.
  7. Axl is so fat that his lungs have been been squashed to the size of two grapes.
  8. Mexican cattle farmers will be rubbing their hands today. As soon as the concert was announced they began breeding extra cows in preparation.
  9. This is going to be a bonanza for the Mexican fast food industry.
  10. Axl is so fat he can do a Mexican wave all by himself.
  11. Ironfin


    In reality McDiddy would say, ‘this isn’t Bugger King or McDonalds’ you don’t get a choice, you’re getting marinated by a non binary multi binary punk and subsequently eaten. You’re not hearing shit. Not even the sound of Brazilians spraying my shit over their cabbages.
  12. Ironfin


    To be fair, once he’s eaten you, your going to be a very small part that’s inside of him. On the plus side Brazilians use his shit as fertiliser.
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