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  1. I know that Mac Daddy is terrible but it has to become a Christmas number one. It’s Springtime for Hitler. It’s fantastic!
  2. “To have a couple of hits and then come up with this and wonder if it’s all over” not my words, the words of my friend who has only heard them on the radio and in the pub (I just played him Mac Daddy which I had to switch off and then state of grace) he said state of grace “the riff is good but the singing is terrible” and he (my friend) can play piano. Amongst my friends, none of whom like GNR the way I do, MAC Daddy is becoming a classic
  3. Hi Guys id like to play this mafia game also
  4. Ironfin


    Hey Hotdogman, I’m having a quarter pounder with cheese! It tastes good!
  5. You guys still on the internet talking about GNR leaks? It’s been 20 years already! Mac Daddy or Death!
  6. I really liked one you did with Prostitute (I think) and velvet revolver. Used to listen on YouTube it’s not been there for ages where might if find it?
  7. Ironfin


    These Brazilians are chopping down the rainforest to sustain their god Mac Daddy. Once they’ve removed the forest they farm millions of cows. These farting cows are destroying our ozone layer.
  8. Ironfin


    I’m boycotting Mac Daddy and not buying any of his records till he becomes a veggie. Him and those fucking Brazilians are chopping down all the rain forests and eating all the cows till there is none left.
  9. Ironfin


    That’s fantastic
  10. Ironfin


    Hey Hotdog man I had a pizza tonight with some pepperoni. I ate a lot but Jesus I come on the forum and see your name and I’m triggered!!!!!
  11. And now I think it’s time they get him off stage and we let him enjoy his retirement.
  12. The thing that got me was when he started wearing the top hat. Was he asked to do it? Also Fortus striking resemblance (hair n clothes) to GNR chief song writer Izzy. Were they both asked to do this? Either way they just making a living and I’m glad they got the Mac Daddy back on stage.
  13. 👍 never trust someone who’s doesn’t drink
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