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  1. Why the fuck does he put the helmet back on towards the end? Only to have to take it off again as he still can’t play wearing it!
  2. It keeps falling on his head, I love the 2nd fall where it spins! It was worth having Bumble in the band for this moment alone!!!
  3. Thanks for posting this video, I’m in hysterics!!!
  4. Thanks JB. I love this place.
  5. Listen to the pigeons of metal it’s so easy instead.
  6. You’re Dad has a good sense of humour. I like it.
  7. I’ve not heard the instrumentals. Hard school, He sounds like a shagging fox on The Blues. It’s terrible. And IFTW is even worse. Never listened to the instrumentals.
  8. They should have split up and reformed when he was ready.
  9. Man FNM Angel Dust! What an album! You don’t like that one? It’s not aged! Give it another go
  10. Thank god there was nu-metal on CD. Nirvana, FNM, GNR and the other bands mentioned above were all totally different. The only similarity is that it was guitar based.
  11. Fuck it I’m going to listen to it tonight, in it’s entirety, and appreciate it as the masterpiece it is. Thank god I’ve got headphones so I can properly hear all the layers. I used to do that with Appetite. Listen to just the drums or just guitars or vocals etc. My god I swear even now I can hear stuff on Appetite that I never noticed before.
  12. Prostitute is one of my favourite songs. Chinese Democracy, TWAT and Better are brilliant. A couple of other good ones. So yeah Im wrong about 3 good songs. It’s just that some of it is unlistenable because of the vocals. Particularly ITW and the blues.
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