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    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    I’d love to hear these 4 songs. Please can someone hook me up. Thanks
  2. Ironfin

    Help name Axl's new rasp

    I really like it. Axl did a similar thing on one part of the Don’t Damn Me demo.
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=/VTIgY6mmvxI
  4. I had this as the B Side to Its So Easy. Production wise it’s sounding good. Don’t have a record player now so can’t compare to see if there are added vocals. Am sure the drums are the same. Didn’t listen to it much back then, as it’s not upto anything on Appetite or Lies. I hope they have worked on the sound as much on the rest of the demos we’ve all heard on YouTube.
  5. Ironfin

    what are you eating

    Hello, I had just had some toast