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  1. Am currently listening to a band now called Rose Funeral....reminds me of death metal...The album is called: Gates of Punishment....is an excellent album...
  2. All I know is I wanted Hilary Clinton to be president, but, obviously I did not get my wish...I dislike Trump very much....8-[[
  3. Maybe Axl needs to invest in some shampoo and wash his hair...hair looks better when it is clean...
  4. Yup, I love Jim Morrison!! The Doors were an awesome band....Why??
  5. I tell you what hurts is piercings...I am hoping some time soon that I can get more, want one in my nose and like 3 more in my right ear...I can handle the pain okay, I let Wal-Mart pierce me usually...Anyhow...=-o
  6. Today it has been maple sugar oatmeal...not very exciting!!
  7. Sort of--My uncle met the actor Dudley Moore when he lived in California + Goldie Hawn babysat my mother's cousins when they were kids....Is kind of related to the topic, I guess....
  8. Question: you all ever heard of a band called Earthless?? I just discovered them on Nuclear Blast---I should be getting it in the mail by the end of the week, so, this will be what I will be jamming too...not listening to much today...=(
  9. The Doors--Their Strange Days album is groovy...8-]]
  10. I am looking forward to getting my perfume in the mail today....been looking for it all last week...also looking forward to my birthday..
  11. All I know is pot is not legal in Georgia....My brother says tons of people would go as far as Colorado to buy it cause it is legal there, my brother used to live there, so, he knows...Anyhow, I am on the fence about it becoming legal all over...I think if it is a small child that is sick should be able to use it, make it a restricted thing of course...anyhow...8-]]
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