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  1. Your pathetic @bacardimayne
  2. Now you want me to be civil with you. nope. Go Fuck Your self
  3. Don’t know what your talking about but clearly you are all triggered
  4. You ain’t town or the town would’ve have already won now its a popularity contest
  5. Once again nothing saying I’m not Town just emotion
  6. Might as well change your avatar this is just sad
  7. So fuck the town because you have feelings ! where is the true Magisme
  8. @Major Mayhem the town deserves to win switch your vote
  9. emotional vote ive always thought of you as a man of logic until now
  10. @magisme not using your brain going by your emotions how sjw of you
  11. Please see how all of Bacardimayne votes are mafia or indy
  12. @magisme see my post above yours Major is full of shit
  13. @Major Mayhem you lying fuck Altered beast was the one with investigation powers See the post above once again mafia is trying to prevent the town from winning
  14. I’m retarded why in the fuck would mafia have investigative powers ! Why would they need them ?