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  1. Happy birthday Brian Jones

  2. the elekrtikal gatar was the downfall of Brian Jones.
  3. There are few things in life better than the first shit in the morning after the morning coffee.
  4. Don't even talk about Pfizer I bought in on Pfizer on December last year. It surely was going to go up, right? It never stopped going down. I lost hundreds of dollars on that shit stock. Fuck them.
  5. yeah I'm not buying an iPhone again either. It's hard to find shit not made by slaves/china
  6. I was going to buy a Xiaomi to replace my old Iphone. Not anymore. I'm boycotting china.
  7. I'm not an imposter or latino. I'm some hoarder from Los Angeles, CA. Are dermathologists considered doctors?
  8. I did task 2. Maybe you'll have to open your eyes a little bit more the next time, you damn CCP agent.
  9. Why is nobody talking about this? http://www.state.gov/fact-sheet-activity-at-the-wuhan-institute-of-virology/
  10. I had no idea GNR played Shotgun Blues and covered "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" live on tour.
  11. Miser hasn't done his task Offical Vote: @Wilco / Red
  12. Miser playing mafia? Did I just hear the Great Screech a-coming? I’m in! I’ll be Black.
  13. Apparently Mike Pence has just unfollowed Trump on twitter lol
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